Lidl Chorlton Mauldeth Road West pLidl

The supermarket would have a 14,000 sq ft sales area plus car parking. Credit: via Lidl

Lidl unveils vision for Chorlton store  

The discount retailer plans to build a 22,000 sq ft supermarket on the Mauldeth Road West plot it bought in June.

Lidl acquired the plot on the junction with Nell Lane in Chorlton from PJD Holdings for £4m. The plot is currently occupied by the 27,000 sq ft Lowry House office building that is part of the Chorlton High School complex to the north.

To the west, the site is bound by Hough End Hall and Mauldeth House. The existing access to the site is from Nell Lane.

Under the plans, the new supermarket would have a 14,000 internal sales area featuring facilities such as Lidl’s in-store bakery and customer toilets, as well as 88 car parking spaces including space for electric car charging and appropriate cycle parking provision, according to Lidl. The store will feature “a contemporary building design that will benefit the surrounding area”, it said.

The proposed store will be Lidl’s first in Chorlton. The closest branch to this area currently is on Chester Road in Old Trafford.

Members of the public are being invited to comment on the draft plans through a consultation document live until Friday 30 September, ahead of the submission of plans to the local council.

Lidl GB’s regional head of property Nick Harvey said: “We are excited at the prospect of bringing a new store on Mauldeth Road West and hope that as many people as possible can participate in this public consultation. We look forward to sharing our plans and look forward to receiving feedback from residents.”

The new store forms part of Lidl’s ongoing £1.3bn investment across the country made this year and last.

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Modern Chorlton, not the nice middle class suburb it once was

By Cal

Yet another Lidl that could have a residential block above.

By Martin Cranmer

What the hell is this? Just another one of Lidl’s copy and paste jobs. This should absolutely get thrown out for the same reasons the one in Salford was rejected. Not good enough for the site. This site is crying out for a mixed use development.

Not good enough.

By Anonymous

This is bad for our area. Nell Lane is a busy road anyway. This will increase traffic and decrease quality of life for residents and their children. I am 100% against this and will not shop there.

By Sarah H

Wrong place for this. The site is between a tram stop and a park, near three schools on a busy junction with a neighbouring residential area already having a LTN planned. It should be housing all day long and LIDL going into the centre of Chorlton. Hope it gets thrown out.

By harpisord

I think Lidl is a good idea but I think it would be better if there was no parking associated with it, more like the city centre ones. I don’t want increased traffic and pollution, particularly so close to the school. Thanks.

By Kim MacLeod

Space is such a premium in Chorlton. For such a prime location (busy corner, tram lines, bus routes), this should be a multi-storey building with many more uses. Not an out of town box you’d see in Warrington.

By Low Density

Why so many comments asking for multi-storey in Chorlton? What a dreadful idea, which would dilute the suburban nature of the town.
Yes, it’s a basic Lidl shop, but it’s much more aesthetically pleasing than what’s there now, and it opens up the visibility of Hough End Hall itself.
I’m from Chorlton, but there are so many others from the area that really need to get over themselves.

By Anon

Apartments above this would be a much more efficient use of space in this sustainable location close to 2 tram stops

By George

Access will be appalling off nell lane, surely it would be better to have direct access from mauldeth road because of this and ensuring the safety of the kids in the school next door

By Rachel Stone

Good use of an otherwise dead space.
We also need an antidote to Morrisons as there are no other large supermarkets in the area.
M&S, Co-op and Tesco have only small shops with a very limited range on offer. Co-op has a larger shop but they are too expensive.
There are the odd pop-up shops selling bakery style bread at £4.25 (prob. more now) a loaf but these are only good for curiosity value.
Hopefully Lidl’s will have a successful planning application.

By John9159

I support it, but only if they invest in cycling provision over maximising car parking.

By Superhans

This could be so much better if it didn’t have 80 car parking spaces and was more optimised for the local people rather than the people who will drive here. There’s enough traffic already, with 3 high schools in short distance and another slightly further away, plus a primary school. It needs to be built around cycling and walking, not driving. It’s also right between 2 tram stops. If it was a mixed-use development, that’d be even better, look at the M&S Food Hall on Barlow Moor Road. It looks nice without being too tall and too imposing, at least in my opinion. If the Lidl had about 20-25 parking spaces like this one and was instead focused around walking or cycling, it would fit so much better within the community. We don’t want to become a car haven and a pedestrian hell, prioritise the person, not the car.

By Anonymous

Much needed

By Raschid

Traffic at that junction is pretty awful..a discount store close to Neil Lane Estate would be useful for people living there but would it deter yet more people from going into chorlton village centre..that big empty carpark by the precinct could be a multiuser sports leisure and retail space


Very excited about new store and bringing new jobs to area brilliant tank you


Brilliant. Just what we need a supermarket that is good value.

By Sue

Can’t wait for this to come, so handy. Do my shopping before picking my kids up.

By Ronny singh

Brilliant news,great position can’t wait .just hope the parking is longer than 90mins I’m disabled and take a while to shop and get around the large stores,if so I’ll be coming to lidl

By Mrs vincen

I hope this will bring jobs to the local area

By Mr vincen

Excellent,I can pop on tram to Lidl if I don’t want to use car,perfect location,better than the eyesore that is there now,should I hope create jobs in the area,great news. All I can say is chorlton is a dump, definitely not what it was even 5 years ago,filthy place,every Lidl helps,pardon the pun.

By Mrs white

The supermarket is welcome but the extra traffic in an already busy area is a concern.

By Libby Dee

I hope goes ahead as in the picture , no ugly tower block and the design mean hough end hall is a lot more visible, personally I’m looking forward to the Lidl being built in the design show above and hope it goes ahead

By Chris wright

Great idea

By Anonymous

Think this is fantastic idear .Great supermarket on our door step will be great for parents dropping the children off at school as well they can do shopping at same time

By Allan Smith

Public consultation? What a joke that’ll be. It’ll all be pretty much set in stone, Lidl buildings are templates, no room for change. It is what it is!! But maybe they could include a bike hub? Or community growing space ?

By Dan

This site is crying out for high density medium rise housing, this area could be a lovely little community focused node. Tram stop nearby, restaurants across the road, edge of a park, schools nearby! We should aspire for better.

By Daniel

Maybe the time is coming when we require Lidl and Aldi to have mixed use sites. Sounds like people welcome the amenity, but not not necessarily the form.

By Rich X

Yes please. Great value and great prices!

By Patsy

Very happy to hear that’s going be new lidl store in chorlton we are in need of store like that as the prices is going mad and hopefully lidl will keep the prices reasonable

By Lamitina

Lidl would be ideal in Chorlton!

By Weronika

Definitely support this. This would be perfect in this area. Superb place. Can’t wait, hope it goes through

By Theo

Too many snobs in Chorlton nowadays.
I can’t wait for this. Affordable, local shopping and of course we need sufficient parking it comes with the territory. It’ll be built so get used to it.

By Meghan Markle

Im happy for this to happen

By Sohnia singh

Sooo soo so excited for this always wanted a lidl or aldi next to me

By Anonymous

Absolutely brilliant, will be handy for everyone within walking distance! Great news Especially for the bakery! Bring on the Lidl 👏

By A

I hope that Lidl will respect the environs of Hough End Hall which is part of Chorlton’s historical heritage. These environs have been treated horribly in the past and here is an opportunity to restore some sense of place to this fine old building full of history. Conserving the fine tree in the front of the Hall, enhancing the entrance to the Hall from Nell Lane, having information about the history in the car park, not having the backside of the new development facing the Hall. Other ideas too.

By Hugh

When will building work start ?

By Roseanne

Good way to destroy Chorlton town centre . This is a housing site . Put the lidl on the old shopping centre

By Ian hall

Well done Lidl for developing the area. It’s certainly a mess at the moment. Affordable shopping. The application was reviewed because of safety concerns?? The council cares absolutely nothing for safety or else Chorlton Park School would not have a tram stop directly outside it! The stop could not have been put in a worse place.

By Phil Howarth

Those of us who don’t drive need this store urgently. Do you have a date for opening?

By Margaret Donald

This has to be the best news, this will be a god send to hundreds of people, for chorlton residents and surrounding areas. I’ve always said we needed another supermarket, I live walking distance from what will be my new grocery shopping centre,
I look forward to watching the build and to be one of the first in store when it’s completed.
Thank you Lidl x

By Carol Sparkes

We are glad and waiting for the opening day.

By Hakima

Cannot wait for this! Couldn’t be in a better location for me… obviously comes with challenges for the highways design elements in trying to create a safe crossing for disobedient school kids who just run out into the middle of the road anyway. But at least food will be much more affordable than the very expensive Morrisons, something that the more privileged Chorltonians in the comments don’t appreciate.

By Bazz

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