Ballott Box General Election Polling Station

Mayoral debate | Rebuilding the regions for all 

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With mayoral elections looming in May, candidates of various political stripes hope to break Labour’s hold over the Manchester and Liverpool city regions, but whether less experienced contenders can break the current monopolies remains to be seen. 

Decarbonising Panel One

Decarbonising the North West | The route to net zero

Local authorities and national Government alike are united in their ambitious talk of becoming carbon neutral within a few short years. How is the reality shaping up, a Place North West event asked.

North Manchester General Hospital Plans In Oct 2020

Healthcare + Senior Living | Time for change  

Property professionals discussed what needs to change to make health centres and senior living developments fit for the future, amid the twin challenges of an ageing population and the ongoing health crisis. 


VIDEO | Cheshire East showcases Crewe vision

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Dan Whelan

The council has published a video outlining the extent of its £180m plan to regenerate the town centre, including proposals for an HS2 hub station, the £48m Royal Arcade leisure development and an art history research hub opposite the town hall.