More details have been released about a future joint venture to deliver Stockport 8. Credit: via Stockport MDC

Council outlines JV vision for £250m Stockport 8

Potential developer partners are being asked to weigh in on plans to create a smart neighbourhood in Stockport Town Centre West ahead of formally launching a procurement exercise later this month.

Stockport 8 is eight acres and comprises three sites in Stockport’s Station Quarter and Brinksway neighbourhoods. The proposed £250m development is set to have 1,200 new-build homes.

Stockport Council and Stockport Mayoral Development Corporation ultimately want to find a partner to form a 50:50 joint venture to not only deliver these homes but to help design and fund them.

CBRE is helping the council and MDC with the process, creating a preliminary market engagement brochure about the joint venture opportunity.

In that brochure, the council said that it would “remain open-minded and alternative ideas and proposals will be welcomed and fully considered”.

There is also a possibility for that partnership to extend to master developing the wider 130-acre Town Centre West area of Stockport. Under the council’s £500m vision for Town Centre West, the area would see the building of 3,500 homes and more than 1m sq ft of commercial space.

The council wants both Stockport 8 and the wider Town Centre West to be a walkable and smart neighbourhood, incorporating technology in a way that improves the lives of residents and workers. Stockport’s vision for the area is for any future development to increase employment and economic growth in the area, build sustainable structures, and enhance connectivity.

When the Stockport 8 joint venture opportunity goes to tender, the council and MDC will team up with Homes England to oversee the procurement exercise. Stockport estimates the process will take no more than one year.

Stockport Council and MDC describe the ideal investor partner as one who can:

  • Demonstrate long-term public-private partnership working approaches on major regeneration projects, a commitment to partnership and communication at all levels of the Joint Venture through all phases of the delivery of the Vision over the long term.
  • Exhibit strong social value credentials, demonstrating innovation and a commitment to delivering tangible and lasting positive social, economic, and environmental impact(s) for the neighbouring communities and wider region.
  • Provide a high-quality, experienced team with exemplary and transferable skills, which are considered capable of delivering the Vision.
  • Demonstrate creativity and a detailed understanding of how best to deliver the Vision.
  • Demonstrate they have the financial capacity and a credible, deliverable approach to funding the development and delivery of the Vision.

Read the tender documents

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Is this located south of Manchester airport runway?

By Barry

How about a 3 storey building with exterior, outlooking apartments and interior shops, bars, restaurants etc with open walkways?

I’ll be happy to help further.

By Nigel Preston

Why, look at the state of the near derilect presinct a few hundred yards away that needs sorting with a long term plan ASAP

By Anonymous

Can this be the same ‘Visionary’ council that lost money on Grand Central, destroyed trade in Higher Hillgate area with parking charges and killed off the market with double yellow lines, supported the building of the ridiculous triangle at Lancashire bridge and installed the hideous cycle lane on Lancashire hill?

By Anonymous

Need a lot more information about the infrastructure required to support all the additional households…..schools health nurseries employers etc. There is a sad track record around the UK where this hasn’t been done properly

By Martin sadler

Hellish! It looks like a Czechoslovakia worker complex.

By dave moran

Stockport has been ruined, all the history has been wiped out along with a lot of historic buildings…..

By Anonymous

Where are there any decent shops? Where are the car parks? Who is going to keep it litter free as most of central Stockport is a disgrace? Eg from Asda to Tesco. Why have another market we have one already which is cut off as now there is no free bus as is the library and station? Get the rest sorted before spending more which you are unable to look after.

By Anonymous

Yet another example of the council giving us what they think we want, how refreshing would it be if they actually asked us what we want instead of throwing millions of pounds into vanity projects that people don’t want,ie Ref Rock !

By Mr Leslie Martin Brehaut

I was born and bred in Stockport. I now live in Macclesfield due to personal reasons but I go back to Stockport frequently to shop and look around and be nostalgic, but so many shops have closed and it’s a sad place now in most areas of Stockport. Breaks my heart it really does. It needs a quick face lift to bring it back to an amazing town.

By Pauline Wyatt

Yet again Stockport is trying to be Manchester. Bring back Stockport.

By Realist

I can’t believe some of the comments below, this looks great, how anyone can criticise cycle lanes and the fantastic market place is beyond me, I’d like to see the river become a focal point, I used to go into Manchester every weekend, now I never leave Stockport for a night out.

By Paul D

An infratructural nightmare in prospect…….The town can’t cope when there’s a hold-up on the M60, How will it cope when there is more logistical chaos in the mix?

By Nystagmic

I used to love Stockport, but have to go elsewhere to shop as there are no run around buses to take me around Im bad on my feet
I find it difficult to walk all the way through Mersey way

By Anonymous

As a neighbour once said to me: “What on earth would induce anyone to want to live in Stockport?” They have destroyed the attractive features of the town. Building the ghastly precinct over the Mersey was a huge mistake as better towns make the most of the banks of the rivers and other natural features. They destroyed the ancient market in contrast to Bury’s market. It’s not smart like Didsbury. Developers don’t care
They just want to make as much money as possible. They don’t think about what their life means to them. Of course it’s not green either. Who would vote Labour if Stockport is an an example of the resulting mess!

By Critic

It’s almost as if Stockport doesn’t deserve the investment based on some of the small-town comments. ‘Hideous cycle lane’ – how dramatic can you be.

By Anonymous

Hideous plan, the place is a ghost town, nothing will bring it back, the history and community has gone, the place is bereft. How will a cycle path, Bars and restaurants build all that back up again, it’s decent shops , clothes, supermarkets, healthy food , and a proper community the local people need not this ! Priorities are all wrong, the plans are all wrong, go back to the drawing board now before its too late !

By anonymous

Whoever designed the two high buildings has obscured the wide screen panoramic view of the viaduct.
LS Lowry would be aghast!

By Peter C

Looks good, this can only bring life and activity back the the centre of Stockport, supporting the town’s businesses and retail

Get it built

By Anonymous

Stockport is supposed to be a market town inside market only isn’t what you call a market. It used to thriving not any more, you can get a train or bus to Manchester and be in Bury market. Or go the other way to Ashton market. Stockport has been ruined by Stockport Council for years it used to be one of the best market centre was full of stalls and all the way up past the church. The town centre is a disgrace also all along Portwood. Now this Council is turning it full of apartments.

By A.B.J.

Stockport is now Sadport 😢 no shops Barr a few lots of litter there is no pride and the history we have is being destroyed I am all for change but only have to look at the hideous building that houses the cinema what Stockport could look at agree with previous comments sort out Stockport precinct first before looking further afield and let the people of Stockport vote not the very small collection of out of touch councillors

By Michelle

What is a ‘Czechoslovakian worker complex’? Does they look anything like a UK inner-city BTR tower block?

By James Yates

Not one mention of Social housing in the planned development, so called “affordable housing” is only affordable if you can save enough for a deposit. This plan is not to the benefit of the majority of Stockport residents and will probably attract people from outside the area e.g. Southern developers who will charge extortionate sums for the sale or lease of the properties.

By Anonymous

Stockport needs to sort out the town centre before brining town ‘quarters’ in to the stupidity

By Anonymous

I think the negativity is comical. The area where this is proposed is predominately run down and a variety of different used and under used space suffocated by old industrial units that bear no merit or have little purpose. It makes complete sense to utilise under developed space to provide housing, retail, education etc. Its a really good idea and will smarten up the core area of stockport. I am not saying I agree with all the stockport council schemes but we have to move forward and develop. I love seeing cranes in stockport which I haven’t seen in my lifetime and I was brought up 5 minutes away from the town centre. Its refreshing to see such a focus on stockport and investment is needed, but it does need a balance to reflect community also. One thing I can’t understand is why they keep that monstrosity of a car park on heaton Lane. That is prime development land yet the 1960’s car park that hardly gets used still stands today. My vote would be for stockport 8 and to open up and develop the car park on heaton Lane. Maybe more entertainment space or bring some education building closer to the centre perhaps?

By Make it so

Have you seen the tower blocks around Stockport,not very Cheshire..very Manc and I live in Wilmslow. Get over yourselves!!

By Pat

I literally can’t believe the amount of moaning about what appears to be a fairly conventional, well designed residential / mixed use development.

Do the detractors honestly think that the proposals are not a vast improvement on the current unsightly mix of industrial units and surface car parks? Some of the comments just read as shrill NIMBYism and can’t be taken seriously. Stockport is not a “market town”, it’s a large post-industrial town in one of the country’s major conurbations. Whatever the failings of the Merseyway redevelopment (and Rochdale is really demonstrating the merits of opening up the river) this is absolutely the sort of scale and type of modern town centre development the council should be pursuing.


to anyone blaming labour council for it demise, its lib dems that put all this into fruition not labour. lib dems have been destroying stockport for years.


Lol so many saying there isn’t any shops. Yeh you know why? You guys didn’t use them and they shut. The town high street as we knew is over people don’t use them anymore. Stop trying to flog a dead horse and move on. The new development will look better then most of the run down buildings that is there.
Also for years people cried for investment. Now they going to get it, they cry even more? What do you muppets want? Just leave it to go to ruins since it’s all you’ll end up with.

By Tc

Quantity over Quality – its all about finding the numbers and demonstrating that there is no need for Green Belt housing release in the Local Plan.

By UnaPlanner

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