A transport hub with links to the Leigh Guided Busway are part of Peel L&P's plans in Wigan. Credit: via Peel L&P

Peel submits £155m Wigan neighbourhood plans

Situated on 156 acres north of Mosley Common, the developer’s proposed masterplan includes three new parks, a transport hub, and sports and play facility alongside 1,050 homes.

Peel L&P has submitted two planning applications for the Tyldesley project: an outline planning application for the wider masterplan and another with details for the first phase. This phase, to be known as Twire, will be delivered by Peel’s homebuilder arm Northstone.

The Tyldseley site is registered for residential development in Places for Everyone, the Greater Manchester spatial framework that is currently undergoing examination by inspectors appointed by the secretary of state.

Both of Peel’s submitted applications carry on with the proposals in the masterplan that Wigan Council approved in September. Of the 1,050 homes proposed, a quarter will be designated as affordable.

The masterplan also calls for a transport hub, which Peel will deliver through a partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester. This hub will improve active travel by providing access to the Leigh Guided Busway and other commute routes.

A green corridor also factors into the plans, alongside sports and play facilities and three new parks: Mosley Woods, Mosley Mosslands, and Honksford Meadows.

Northstone Phase Twire Mosley Common CGI Peel LP p Peel LP

Northstone worked with Hope Architects on the design of the Twire homes. Credit: via Peel L&P

As detailed Twire application, Northstone would build 202 homes, including one that is specially designed to meet accessibility needs. The homes will have energy-saving features, according to Northstone. A green walking network will connect the neighbourhood and help increase biodiversity.

Hope Architects designed the Northstone plans, while Pegasus led on landscape and REFA on drainage.

In regards to the wider masterplan, Turley is the planning consultant and JTP is the masterplan designer. WSP is the flooding and drainage expert. BMD is in charge of landscape and TTHC is leading on transport. TEP is the ecology consultant.

Mosley Common plans Peel LP p Peel LP

Masterplanner and architect JTP designed the scheme for Peel L&P. Credit: Peel L&P

The submission of the plans follows two rounds of consultation, with the most recent completing in November last year.

Annabel Baker, Peel’s associate director of development planning, said: “We are extremely thankful for all those who took the time to share their views and we are delighted to share our finalised plans with Wigan Council and the community.

“The key focus of the proposals has been to create a connected community, with modern housing, improved transport links, and vibrant parklands for everyone to enjoy,” she continued.

“The first phase will be developed by Northstone, featuring the highest quality design and meeting the highest standards of environmental sustainability. We look forward to the applications being considered by Wigan Council and continuing to engage with the community.”

Neither application had been validated on the Wigan Council planning portal at the time of publication.

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“A transport hub, which Peel will deliver through a partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester.” Just like PLP delivered the rail link at Port Salford?


So what about Doctor’s, Dentists, School places being provided in an already over subscribed area with the amount of new houses that have been built in this area in the last 5 years.

By Harry Stottle

Lovely CGI. Ghost houses, and a flock of birds.

By Bill Oddie

Consultation??? So they have yet again ignored local peoples views on traffic (which is really bad now), reduced services happening in the bus route services offered now, lack of public services such as schools, drs, dentists (which are all full now).
An extra stop on the over crowded bus route does not constitue increased public transport or increased access to it.
Tyldesley traffic is at a stand still during ‘rush’ hours and at many other times of the day and getting on the East Lancs road can take upto 40 mins from Tyldesley and getting to the motorway over an hour.


Scheme is not high density enough. Waste of available land. We should be building small-scale (4/5 storeys) apartment blocks around the Guided Busway stop in particular. We have a crippling housing crisis in this country with the majority of young people likely never able to afford to buy their own place, with rents claiming over 50% of their income, and yet developers and planners are reluctant to build the number of homes we actually need just because local NIMBYs complain about “traffic problems”.

By Anonymous

STOP BUILDING! Anyone who has ever been to Mosley Common will know how congested it’s been for years – all these new builds bring thrown up will only make it worse! We need better highway infrastructure, more schools, more doctors and more dentists to accommodate all these new residents. You’re making our lives a misery

By Shannon

for transport hub, read bus stop. The wider transport and traffic impacts of proposals around the Wigan and Salford LA boundaries never seem to take account of the cumulative impact of those sites being developed.

By sceptic

Mosley Common Road is already at over capacity as is the junction with A580 due to new housing already built. This will make it far worse

By Phil

The developers should also be required to build the infrastructure needed to accommodate the increased number of people living in the area. They make plenty of profit they have land banked this area since the 1980s so they should be made to create main roads schools gp and dental surgeries ie the things that an increase in the number of habitants will need to access. Particularly roads

By Lindsey Clarke

There needs to be rail & trams built into this (if they aren’t) or else it’s a none starter. The roads cannot take anymore. Secondly consider who they award building contracts to. The current array of quality housebuilders in the area are anything but ‘quality’

By Anonymous

Pointless objecting people, it is happening! The most frustrating thing is why Tyldseley, like Leigh, is part of Wigan? Get rid I say!

By Big Hard Lad

Consultation don’t make me laugh!
The traffic in this area is at a standstill as it is. I hate to think whete all these extra cars are going to go.

By Bob

Why has this area been subjected to multiple housing developments in the past 5 years? The landscape, greenery and wildlife have already effected, whilst the already overloaded local infrastructure has not been improved to meet the increased demand from residents of the area. To say that there will be a ‘green walking network’ is a ridiculous, when there is already public right of way over the land that local wildlife is free to use.

By P, Holdings

What about a school, there is a need for schools to meet needs of growing population. Every major housing project must include school and doctors

By Anonymous

No mention being built on Green Belt land !


North of Mosley Common? It’s Tyldesley – Mosley Common is a mere suburb of Tyldesley, as is Astley. Oh, and don’t be believing the paltry number of 16,000 residents living in Tyldesley – there are in fact around 40,000 – the numbers are skewed for political purposes.

So, yet more loss of wildlife habitats, but never mind because Peel will compensate this with “three new parks” and a “green walking network” that will “help increase biodiversity” – yeah, after already ripping up the current biodiversity.

The area floods regularly and the traffic situation in Tyldesley and the surrounding area will become worse still but never mind – they will install those all important “transport links” to that white elephant deity that is the Guided Busway – the biggest waste of tax payers money there ever was, that requires continual maintenance and which is simply a blueprint for tarmacing the whole thing and widening as a shortcut to Leigh.

The local Labour Party have a lot to answer for – they have ruined a once beautiful town and ripped the heart out of it, stolen our Public Library amongst other things, besides approving (eventually) every development that has ever been submitted to their planning department.

By Carol Quayle

Complain all you like. It’s going to happen no matter how many object. Convert the Busway into a tram to provide much needed capacity, I’ve stopped using it as I can never get on it since they reduced the frequency.

By Jar

Mosley Common Road is already an absolute nightmare for traffic, more houses will only make this worse. Leave our green spaces alone and satisfy your greed somewhere else. Fed up Mosley Common Resident.

By Daniel Gore

Mosley common is already at a standstill with traffic. We can’t find a dentist or see a doctor so how will this be improved with all the extra houses being built on our green belt land?? How many schools, gp surgeries or dentists are you building? Or what about new roads to get us to the motorway in a morning to lessen the congestion?? No, I thought not!

By Fed Up

I am yet to find a single housing development across Wigan & Bolton that hasn’t been aggressively objected against by local residents. I have no idea where you want young people to live. Ridiculous. Additionally, when they do put plans forward for a road extension or bypass, this also gets rejected by locals. Cannot win. Very selfish views.

By Anonymous

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