PLANNING | PRS towers at Liverpool Waters approved

Neighbouring private rented sector developments of 31 and 15 storeys at Princes Dock within Peel’s Liverpool Waters were approved by the city council yesterday.

Also on the agenda was the demolition of the Copperas Hill police station and its replacement by student accommodation, and a housing scheme on Peel land off Speke Hall Lane.


Hive-City Dock


Developer: Hive

Architect: Brock Carmichael

Floors: 31

Flats: 278

Scheme: Hive is Your Housing Group’s PRS brand. Lexington Tower, Moda Living’s 304-apartment 34 storey scheme designed by Falconer Chester Hall, has already secured consent on a neighbouring plot.

Plaza 1821

Plaza 1821 River

Developer: Peel

Architect: Hodder + Partners

Floors: 15

Flats: 104

Scheme: On completion, the £21m Plaza 1821, which is Peel’s first PRS project, will be bought by Regenda and managed by its subsidiary Redwing Living.

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Goodbye to UNESCO world heritage site!

By Shambles

…and hello to a better Liverpool!

By CitySpotter

What makes a better Liverpool? More places to live? Inside unremarkable buildings not even 40 floors high? If you’re going to lose WHS then at least make it for a good reason!

Where are the people who (might) live in these flats going to work? Manchester?

It’s just depressing. Buildings for the sake of buildings do not make a better city.

By Mike

You say Goodbye we say hello

By Fabfour

They won’t work in Manchester as there are already loads of unsightly rentals there too not sure who is going to live in them! But agree if you are going to lose such status a UNESCO then you should make it worth your while. Frightening thing is they never look like what they do in the images – so will probably look worse! I used to think that we were fortunate in Liverpool, compared to Manchester albeit an odd way that the credit crunch happened when it did and some places were given a stay of execution in Liverpool. I have seen so many great little places disappear in Manchester. Little pubs etc for absolute dross – but looks like we are off again.

By Bob Dawson

Onwards and upwards -fantastic

By Ken

Nice addition to our beautiful world class Waterfront

By Don

grey box

By It's a

How could you be happy that Liverpool could be losing WH status? Glass residential towers won’t make Liverpool relevant and interesting like a WH status does.

As Mike said, where are these exclusive few who will live in the towers going to being going to be working? Probably not Liverpool.

By Soya

These are for people to rent who cannot afford to buy or are living in poor quality accommodation.
If you are lucky enough to have your own house good for you, plenty of people in the real world are sharing or in not so good areas. Some of you on here dont realise how lucky uou are

By Renter

If UNESCO want to hold Liverpool to ransom, that is their deal. Why should Liverpool halt development and leave these areas to remain a dump? They wouldn’t say boo to London, for good reason to as they’d tell them where to go.

By Ryan

Agree with Ryan. Those lads and girls building those towers are not bothered about the WH status.They are more interested in feeding their families.Liverpool is not Stonehenge,it needs jobs and incomes for its citizens.

By Elephant

Renter – wait until you see the rental prices, if Manchester is anything to go by, they’ll be far in excess of the mortgage on an equivalent property.

By Jonty

I bought my first two flats during the recession, rents have increased significantly ever since, my first two have nearly paid for themselves, pure profit now. I have since invested in two more, the rent pays the mortgage, still a very good time to invest.

By Martin

People don’t go to Liverpool for UNESCO, they go to shop and get drunk.

By Lars

More boxes, anywhere architecture, none for sale for locals, no affordable housing and so on and so forth.

By Lars

@jonty, it is very difficult nowadays for a lot of people to qualify for a mortgage unfortunately.

By Renter

Lars, they’re hardly going to build council flats or two-up two-down council houses on the waterfront mate. Plenty of affordable housing in Liverpool.

By Ryan

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