Eccles Shopping Centre Salford CC p.Salford City Council

Salford bought the shopping centre in 2022. Credit: via Salford City Council

Salford acquires Eccles Shopping Centre for major regeneration scheme 

The city council has bought the 200,000 sq ft retail asset from Columbia Threadneedle for £4.15m, paving the way for the wholesale redevelopment of the town centre. 

“It’s time to accept some hard truths, that the centre as it stands now isn’t working for the town or the community,” said Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett. 

“It’s now time to show Eccles the love and support it badly needs.” 

Salford City Council’s acquisition of Eccles Shopping Centre, located off Church Street, follows a consultation earlier this year, during which residents were asked what the future of the town should look like.  

Dennett said: “We’ve listened to the needs of the community and by taking ownership of the shopping centre, we can work alongside the local community, stakeholders and a developer partner to bring this shared vision to life.  

“A vision to re-purpose the area and create a modern mixed-use development with civic spaces that complement the historic parts of the town centre.” 

More than 600 residents took part in the initial public consultation around the future vision for Eccles, which will comprise a mixed-use scheme featuring homes. 

It highlighted views from residents, stakeholders, and community groups for the need for drastic change, a fundamental transformation and the redevelopment of the town centre, according to the council. 

Future consultation led by Salford City Council will begin in the coming months with a programme of engagement, consultation and local events.  

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Eccles is soon to become the new Alty, watch the space!

By Verticality

Please can they buy the Salford Shopping Centre as well and regenerate that whole area?

By Bye Precinct

Eccles shopping centre is a dump. This is sorely needed. It needs an approach similar to Urmston.

By Elephant

Eccles on the up and up. I hope they provide a considered response

By Anonymous

Eccles needs a grand vision. Such a lot of potential, 8 mins on the train into the city centre. Tram stop and media city nearby and so underdeveloped….yet.

By Anonymous

Eccles the next boom spot in GM, it’s happening

By Bob

About time never been the same since the outdoor market closed

By Anonymous

I went to the centre a couple if weeks ago there is absolutely nothing to encourage anyone to shop there anymore the whole centre looked desolate

By Jan

Fantastic news for our community. Hopefully Eccles will be back on the map in the future.

By Christine Leach

I hope this is the good news Eccles needs. It’s been sadly neglected for far too long.

By JReygan

Eccles historic buildings need tlc and the long history of the town recognised as a unique feature. Eccles has so much potential to become a very attractive little town.

By Sue Vaughan

brilliant news lets get eccles hoe it used to be a lovely community nicd shops chilled place

By ray

Well, redevelopment of eccles has been promised for years. Eccles had the best infrastructure of many of the suburbs yet gets ignored time and time again. A special town with historic roots that is constantly ignored and brushed under the carpet. Lets hope the purchase from threadneedle is to progress with some real much needed redevelopment and not simply a land purchase to flatten all the locals businesses and livelihoods destroying the community with affordable homes?

By Anonymous

Salford preceint should be next it’s not fit for purpose no decent shop for woman or man an nothing for children

By Anonymous

Really hope something can be done to improve the train service to/from Manchester to make Eccles a more desirable location to live and visit. 1 train an hour when you’re only 1 stop from the city centre is nonsensical

By Joe

Please buy swinton precinct and save it from being a nest of charity shops

By Paul

The back of the precinct where the old toilets are is a disgusting eyesore and a disgrace. I am ashamed to say that it is my local.

By Anonymous

Well done the Council. Eccles needs this. Just make sure the construction jobs go to Salford people and the communities needs are at the heart of the redevelopment. A green area would be nice.

By David

Long, long overdue and I am so glad that it is now being realised that Eccles can become a thriving shopping, meeting place to support the local community and attract other nearby residents.
The history of Eccles should be showcased as part of this regeneration. Perhaps a large bronze Eccles Cake in the middle of the town to remind people this is Thee Eccles.
Well done!

By gary Jones

Can they do Swinton, too? It seems to have stopped being modernised part-way through.

By Swinton People

Please provide a visible police presence when reconstructed forpeace of mind and safety

By Anonymous

Hope the Liverpool road corridor leading into Eccles is also being considered for serious improvement. Fingers crossed!

By Anonymous

Closing the market tore the heart out of the community. Landmarks should be celebrated and emphasised. The retail giants put profit before the community.
Green spaces with places to meet and dine, cinema, as once was in Eccles and Monton.
We still have some of the features that appeal to the public unlike Swinton which is soulless concrete monolith, which the 60s planners should have been put in the stocks for creating. Planners need to be sympathetic and conscious of what it is that apoeals to people and will make them want to spend time in Eccles and not the Trafford Centre. It will take a talented team of planners. For them to be considered other than the Swinton planners, they must make continue to consult the residents.

By Lesley Switzer

Brilliant gesture for Ecless .

It’s been time since this place needed a lift and more shops and trade in the centre 😊

By Arim Ishtiaq

More apartments for overseas visitors and students! This dubious shower need to be scrutinised having bought the AJ Bell Stadium without public consultation whilst Eccles has a crumbling Victorian infrastructure, pot holed roads, a ludicrous bus station, 1890’s housing and an out of touch council and Mayor.

By Anonymous

Brilliant news, Eccles needs to be the warm vibrant village it once was. Looking forward to seeing this happen

By Bridget Delve

This needs to be redesigned with flats or apartments that have a coffee shop or healthier takeaways.

By Marc

You need some decent shops it’s a mess at the moment

By Anonymous

I was born in eccles , it was a busy town centre once upon a time as I was growing up , then the market went , the rents on the shops went up , & to add insult to injury the council decided to put pay & disply everywhere in eccles , we need modern shops at reasonable rents and modern & free parking

By Paula morrison

Shame they don’t do the same with Swinton Shopping Centre it needs a massive change it’s all charity shops and bakeries.

By Anonymous

Eccles is in such a prime position but the precinct is depressing except for the art gallery which is a ray of hope.
We have wonderful historic buildings which need to be featured pin the new plan.
An attractive mix of interesting shops and places for the community to use please

By Elaine Hayton

Acc imagine tourist come here and walk through Eccles, it’s acc disgraceful how it is and no one hasn’t put any effort and work into it but yet can go Salford area and do it all up making it looks good with the quays etc.

By Anonymous

The council need to start by getting a handle on the amount of litter and drinking in the town centre.

By Colin

About time been waiting since 1973.

By Eccles Liberation front. AKA Elf.

It needs knocking down and re building. It needs to attract young professionals to regenerate the area!!

By Becca

This is great news the centre was dieing with no interesting shops

By Michael Roe

Town Centres nowadays need to look different from the 80s. Pedestrianised areas don’t work longterm anymore. You need vehicular access. No one enjoys parking their cars and walking. Otherwise town centres wouldn’t have been in decline

By Popular

Glad something is going to be done with it. Let’s have some good architecture and elegant public space.

By James Rayner

18 000 m² of space which has needed modernising for a good while. It’s good to know that the Council plans to regenerate it.


With West one now flying maybe it’s time to close and demolish the place and build apartments and office space there is only wilko on that side of the road anyway

By Wburr4869

Need to do salford shopping city 😩 used to be a great place to shop it now offers nothing for the ppl of salford

By Anonymous

Please keep the charity shops!

By Anonymous

Long awaited. I’m in walking distance and never use it apart from the restaurants near the train station.I was part of the consultation and hope the residents do get a day in what will bring them back.Please no more units let to tacky cheap shops or fast food. Closing a few of the pubs too and lots of lighting round the church. This has been long over due and I hope it supports the great little business that are an asset,draws in the right people to the area and is a great space for residents and their families

By Resident

Needs to be a place where people want to shop, stay and eat and sit and have a coffee. Hate going shopping there now. Its dirty its a place where you get what you need and get out

By Anonymous

Please buy Salford shopping centre and regenerate that area. The precinct is terribly rundown and depressing.

By Anonymous

Other than Aldi and Morrisons, (which both do well), any shopping in ‘Eccles’ is now mostly carried out at West One; which is only a few hundred yards away. West One has replaced ‘Eccles.’ Even ‘developed’ I can’t see Eccles Town Centre being able to compete with West One for shopping. Isn’t (non-foodstuffs, that is) ‘shopping’ all increasingly going online anyway? And are not ‘shops’ being made redundant? Houses/apartments could work but old-style ‘shops’ ? The “20th Century Shopping Life Style is sadly long gone! The ‘new’ Eccles covered market has proved an embarrassing waste of money. It’s pointless pining for what is passed. Retail has moved on.

By Anonymous

Its Markets that will attract shoppers look at Bury. Coach loads turn out for their market bring one back to Eccles and you will bring back people

By Anonymous

Salford Labour blowing taxes on a virtually empty shopping centre , and a Stadium in the same week with loans of 10’s millions owed back to the tax payer , wellcome to the socialist storybook

By Milk float

It’s a pity they can’t do the same for Pendleton!

By Carole

I think this will be the future for most shopping precincts eventually. Mixed use and usually at a slightly higher density.


Regeneration or gentrification 🤔 ….

By Keri

As Patricroft Eccles resident this is the best news ever but keep us involved. Can’t say I remember being consulted but it’s brought a great result. Please make us a part of ongoing changes and developments , nit like these housing development spopping up everywhere and noone has anywhere to park causing massive issues for existing residents. I’ve been either working or recently living in this area since 1998 let’s bring Eccles into the 2020’s . Let Eccles be Salford’s Altrincham!! Looking forward to being further consulted

By Elizabeth Cameron

Why weren’t all residents in Eccles told about these consultations so that people who were interested about the re-development of Eccles be involved? How will people in Eccles know when these further consultations will be taking place?

By Judith Hollows

Salford council sold off the precinct 25 years ago and everyone at the time said it would be a disaster. 25 wasted years. It’s like they sold my bike 25 years ago then bought it back, with no wheels on it, and then expect me to be impressed 😂😂 nothing will change until they scrap parking charges.

By Anonymous

They need to consider tidying up Liverpool Road right through to Patricroft…..the whole area is an eyesore grotty place

By Vs

Well Salford Council have left the town centre to rot from the day that the M602 fully opened in the early 80’s. Hopefully this will progress quickly and I will see some beneficial change before I pop my clogs..

By Alf

This is fabulous news. Eccles used to be thriving and beautiful before M602 was built.
I recently visited Sale town centre which has been redeveloped. It looks amazing. Something along those lines would work in Eccles.

By Eccles born and bread

I’m crying laughing at the comments saying it’s the new altrincham 😂
I hope you’re right but I think that’s a bit too ambitious for humble little Eccles

By Anonymous

All good, but I’m sure it was loosing money, so why pay millions ?

By Mcbain Stephen

Interesting that some complain about lack of parking/vehicular access while others have rightly pointed out that since the introduction of the M602 the town centre has declined.
I pass through Eccles all the time and it still has vehicular access – how much vehicular access do you want?
The theory of cars creating a vibrant town centre is dead. Time to face reality if Eccles is to attract a younger demographic and breathe life back into it.

By Anonymous

Salford Precinct definitely needs tidying up, but as far as I’m aware it’s one of the best shopping precincts near to Manc city centre. There’s been tonnes of regeneration in the surrounding areas – hardly a disaster.

By Anonymous

Build on the success of Monton Road which cannot get any bigger. Lots of middle class families have moved in and are looking for something similar to Altrincham

By Anonymous

I lived in Monton when it was a village with a railway station, a thriving main street and busy little place. Eccles before the Precinct and M602 was a bustling busy market town initially ruined by a slum clearance scheme, the houses being replaced by multiple car parks. Last time I was there it looked like Beirut in the rainy season, soulless, grey, and ready for the bulldozers. Barton upon Orwell (its posh name) needs major investment, its the ideal location for a 15 minute town. Its way past time for its regeneration.

By Anonymous

Altrincham has the most expensive houses outside the South East. Comparing it with Eccles, is ridiculous.

By Elephant

Born and bred in Eccles cannot wait to see the gentrification of my home town . So overdue it’s got fabulous potential .

By Anonymous

With a train and tram stop minutes away both sides and town being 10 minutes away this should be a main place for people

By Anonymous

About time. Eccles has needed regeneration for decades now. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a booming town x

By Anonymous

I am so pleased that residents have been consulted. What percentage is 600 residents of the total number of residents?????

By Anonymous

Eccles now is not where you want to stay longer. Redevelopment is a hope but it is vital to see a sense of sustainability.

By Fat boy

I live in the flats in eccles Town centre for more than 25years it’s gone down hill, it needs regeneration.

By Big tell

Please ensure there are some benches for people to rest/sit and chat/meet people. The last owners had them all removed for no apparent reason! You now see people sitting on walls or anywhere else they can find – not good if you are disabled or have children to look after. We also need some proper shops – with affordable business rates!!

By Anonymous

I like many other pensioner’s use the precinct, daily. Many of us don’t drive so therefore rely on this being nearby. Meeting up with friends, chatting and also walking round ( daily excersise). West one where a lot of decent shops are, is hard to access if you don’t drive.

By Anonymous

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