Charles House, MHE Investments, p Knight Frank

There is no guide price for Charles House, currently being marketed by Knight Frank. Credit: via Knight Frank

Eccles resi opportunity emerges as regeneration gathers pace 

Charles House is a 35,000 sq ft office building off Albert Street with potential to be developed into almost 300 apartments.

Knight Frank has been appointed by MHE Investments to find a buyer for the Eccles building.

The opportunity to acquire the site comes as the regeneration of the Salford town gathers pace. The city council acquired Eccles’ run-down shopping centre in 2022 and is working up plans to knock down most of it to pave the way for the comprehensive overhaul of the town centre.

Meanwhile, Eccles early mover Silverlane has recently topped out Church Street Place, a 23-storey resi tower, and has plans for the 25-storey One Albert Street in the pipeline. Together, Silverlane’s two Eccles developments would deliver 528 homes.

Charles House is located next to the One Albert Street site and could be converted into apartments via permitted development rights. Alternatively, it could be knocked down to make way for a new-build scheme, according to Knight Frank.

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Squeezing 300 units into a block that size, of the poor quality and lack of Council input that PDR allows would do nothing for wider regeneration of Eccles. Hopefully it can make way for a decent new-build.

By Anonymous

As long as these High rise are converted or new build… sensitively for the environment and Eccles future..We live in top 3 Rd floor Apartment at Eccles Fold…and can see all this unravelling before our eyes…on our long balcony. JP… and RG..

By Mr. John M. Parkinson

Big deal they ll all be too expensive for many people and will be snapped up straight away

By Rob

It’s ok providing apartments for people but we also need parking for there cars we only have to council car park John Williams St & St Mary’s Road car park and that’s it with all these new dwelling going up most will have a car please think about this….🤔🤔

By Ashley Dixon

Eccles is a Market town not a residential only town. Bit by bit you have destroyed all Eccles stands for the life has been sucked out, all landmarks from Eccles down to Peel Green demolished for rabbit hutch buildings. Eccles, Patricroft and Peel Green have lost allmor was known for. Peel Green decimated no local shops, oh yes a mini Asda! No butcher, bakers, gree grocers. Library taken away. Irlam has more than one then none until Eccles Library. A local Library is what me and mi ne grew up with here in Peel Green, meeting place forresidents to be able to enjoy books and walking to it. Eccles Library has much going on for all ages, just what Peel Green needs. Not on Brookhouse, where it use to be on Liverpool Rd. Day to day living invthese areas is poor quality no amenities at all.

By Joan Sullivan

Will there be nursery, primary and secondary school places available for the increase of children that will surely move in with their parents. Are there plans for more doctors and other medical facilities to cope with the increase in population, it is difficult enough now to get an appointment. The developers should make plans for improvement in the local infrastructure when plans are submitted but I suspect they won’t as these thing cost money not make it for them

By Anonymous

Not sure who you’re accusing of destroying all Eccles stands for, hope you’re not hoisting the blame of the fine folk of Place North West’s editorial team?

By Anonymous

Greater Manchester NHS waiting lists are the worst in the country now, yet they keep adding more people without investment

By Gilly

What a stupid time to sell the building, if it was me i’d be waiting until the works are happening on the town centre as would probably double in price by then…

By anon

The Metrolink hasn’t really made a difference to Eccles’ prospects. That is because there is no reason to go there, unless you live there. It needs to look at Prestwich as a guide, as to how to turn a grotty town centre around. There are people with spending power in that area but they all go to Worsley and Monton Green. It needs more than a facelift, it needs a whole new approach to the facilities on offer.

By Elephant

@Joan Sullivan. I totally agree with what your saying, however, the issue is only a very very small amount of people would use/need these services. Its not anybody’s fault that this has happened other than life is very different now than it used to be. Supermarkets have butchers, green grocers ect. Libraries are a thing of the past thanks to the internet. And before you say it i no not everyone has it but the majority do so again very few people will require these services. It’s very sad that eccles consists of greggs and card factory, even poundland has gone within weeks of opening, Partricroft is great if you need a haircut but apart from that there is nothing. The bigger picture is a community of young people and the creation of nice spaces for people to enjoy. I’m afraid the days of local town centres are gone as we remember them. Monton has done the same thing and look how that has thrived. Its a massive shame but there is nothing anyone can do to stop it…

By Rob Hotchkiss

Is it only me who struggles with the argument ‘because we don’t invest enough in the NHS we shouldn’t build anymore houses’ or the argument that buyers or developers of new property should always pay a tax to upgrade the road system when long standing communities in the same area have increased their own car ownership and usage over time without paying that tax.

By Rich X

It’s great that Eccles is getting regenerated, but it’s not going to have an impact on the waiting list in Salford that currently has around 4000 people on it. Bringing more and more people to an area where it’s infrastructure is already buckling! Make all the extra homes for people already living here and not for folks wanting to cash in.

By Normski

Why are you building more homes. Eccles needs shops. Clothes, shoes and cafes shops.
Have you walked from one end to the other, because most places are closed, Eccles looks and feels like a ghost town

By Maria

Rich X, sadly you are not the only one who struggles to understand statistics

By Gilly

We do not need more apartments these will be bought and rented out at expensive rents. Eccles is a market town and we still need shops as nowhere else to go. Other areas have regenerated their town centres by modernising the high street and shopping centres with shops cafes and restaurants. They have gone from a derilict town centre to a thriving one and not a apartment in site. So why can Salford Council not do this as reading comments its what the people of Eccles wants. Morrisons might have a greengrocer and butcher but there is a difference from supermarket produce and a proper butcher and grocer. Not everybody has the money to go shopping at Trafford centre or can get there we need local shoe, clothes and cafes for locals to meet up not a concrete jungle that is just a eyesore

By Heather

It’s Salfords labour council that’s let Eccles town centre diccline not putting any money into it . Now all private apartments are going up the council have suddenly took an interest in it

By Mal

All the apartments that are to be built won’t be affordable for anyone local. Misery on the horizon for the people that built Eccles over the years. Poverty is on the way.

By Shane

These homes will not be affordable homes ! Nor social housing, its all about profit, & there isn’t enough parking space for people who live here now ! I was born here in eccles, but sadly I can say the old great eccles has been rubbed out like it never existed , it was once the hub of the community, with a great market , community cafés, & meeting rooms our own courts , the place was buzzing, now its seen as a cash cow for developer’s, with no sympathy for the heritage of eccles , shame on the council !

By Anonymous

There is nothing g to go into Eccles for except food shopping in Aldi or Morrisons which is too expensive. The place has been a ghost town for many years instead of being reinvested with money to make it a thriving town.

By Annon

What really killed Eccles was the M602 motorway slicing through the middle of it, and separating it from the wealthy Ellesmere Park/Monton areas to the north. Combined with the severe downgrading of Eccles station from a four platform interchange to a two-platform backwater and you have a compelling story of how to kill a town dead.

People saying “we need shops not apartments”. This scheme provides commercial units at ground level, and the way to attract more shops and restaurants/attractions to a town is to increase the number of people who actually live there, which increases footfall. Therefore this scheme is exactly what Eccles needs – I’d say it probably needs another 10. Ancoats, Salford, and many other parts of Manchester have shown the value of residential-led regeneration – now it’s Eccles’ turn to follow the same model, which has been proven to work.

By Anonymous

Eccles needs to move away from social housing anyway, there’s far too much


it is not neeed there is no parking each flat will need 2 car spaces

By thomas eric griffiths

Eccles hasn’t been a true Market town now for decades. It’s a suburb now only a few miles from the city centre, the Trafford Centre and The Quays. With Motorway connections, Tram stops and a train station how you can’t regenerate a place with all of that going for it is beyond me.

By Worsley flyer

The area where this is proposed has extremely high levels of traffic and pollution. The roads at the top of Peel Street are in an abysmal condition due to high traffic volumes and the fact that these roads provide access for HGVs to a nearby industrial estate. The infrastructure such as water supply pipes are Victorian and water pressure is often appalling or non existent. North West Water engineers informed me there are no plans to upgrade the ancient supply pipes. hardly provide residents of Peel Street and Russell Street already suffer the constant noise, pollution with queues of traffic at busy times. The already existing office blocks cause high winds and a constant wind chill for houses on Peel Street. This is bad news for families living nearby.

By Peel Street resident.

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