Quorum details 430,000 sq ft at Bredbury Gateway

The developer has amended its application for an £80m industrial development in Stockport, with intentions to bring forward two of the expected 25 units before the rest of the development in response to “market conditions.”

The first unit is set to be 270,000 sq ft, and the second will be 135,000 sq ft. The remaining 25,000 sq ft is for adjoining office accommodation.

A hybrid planning application is set to be discussed at Stockport Council’s committee in April. Subject to approval, the other units would be brought forward in further planning applications.

The developer initially submitted this scheme as a full outline application in September.

The project would total 1.2m sq ft and is designed by AEW Architects. Unit sizes will range from 10,000 sq ft to 500,000 sq ft. The 76-acre site, which sits next to the existing Bredbury Industrial Estate, is allocated for employment use under the emerging Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

On the amends, a representative of Quorum said: “The outline planning application for Bredbury Gateway has been amended to include detailed plans for two units, with the remainder of the scheme remaining in outline.

“The two units submitted in detail will provide 430,000 sq ft of commercial and industrial floorspace, including office accommodation, the widening and realignment of Bredbury Parkway, and the relocation of its junction with Ashton Road, along with the provision of other associated infrastructure.

“The decision to amend the application has been made in response to market conditions for the industrial sector, which has seen a high level of occupier interest in the plans for Bredbury Gateway. By submitting detailed plans for two units, the process of converting market interest into confirmed occupiers will be fast-tracked and help to provide some certainty around the site.”

Lichfields, Vectos, Ascerta, e3p, JLL, Lexington Communications, and Wardell Armstrong make up the professional team.

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By making this a piecemeal application, then it makes even more sense to utilise the existing EMPTY and available units on site rather than new build !

By Tony Whiteside

The estate extension is not required as many units are empty across the road. Ashton rd can not take anymore traffic through Denton it is busy enough. Instead of completely distroying Denton with conjestion and the greenbelt of the Tame valley alter the access to the motorway so large vehicle can use the Bredbury exit instead of Denton.
I totally appose this extention. Destruction of a much needed greenspace, noise / light pollution, more conjestion and fumes. If Stockport want this sort of de elopme t buuld it in a place that can be serviced by rail and road that they look after not by using roads in anotber borough!!!!!

By Karen rowbotham

We do not need anymore industrial units on Bredbury Parkway. There are units on there still empty and have been for years . As for the traffic congestion it will be terrible ,the A6017 cannot cope with any more traffic . And a lot of the traffic will be HGV . The impact on the tame valley will be devistating the wildlife and the open space . As for clean air it will just cause more pollution . At the end of the day the people who build this dont have to live around here. When it has been built .

By Helen wright

As a commuter to Stockport from Denton every day this is mine and everyone else’s worst nightmare. Denton is gridlocked every morning and a 15 – 20 minute journey can take over an hour. This area is already lacking in greenspace plus the pollution and noise will be unbearable. Go and do this somewhere else we don’t want it!!

By Leigh Colleton

Well it will bring work for people but then it takes away our green land cant have it both ways

By Jean merron

Typical developer investment, not interest in brownfield sites or the community profit driven only and why not


This space is desperately needed

By Anonymous

This should not be permitted – this is pushing the overall plan through via a back door – approve two buildings, and it will remove any barriers to further expansion. There is no access to this site that does not come through residential areas, due to the lo railway bridge at Bredbury. This is only going to lead to even greater congestion on the road through Denton, which is already going to have an influx of additional traffic due to the hundreds of new residential properties being built in Denton.

By Andy

The current owners of the land want to drop their heads with shame. At the moment this is mostly farmland albeit shit cause of the way its ran and looked after (they haven’t got a clue) but this could be a wonderful farm in the right hands #shameonthem

By Deborah Nolan

Not before a Hazel Grove/M60 bypass surely?

By Jim Reeder

It amazes me how Manchester Authority promote their visions of clean air .. seems it’s by moving more pollution and congestion elsewhere.. this plan is not going to be beneficial to all the surrounding areas across Tameside and Stockport which are already struggling to accommodate traffic .use the available brown belt and save our air !! I don’t think anyone’s opinion matters at all .. if they want it they get it with dollar in back pocket ?

By Kerry Johnson

Dear Jean Merron: You are the mystery developer’s wife and I claim my 10 pounds prize-money.

By james yates

Bill Bryson once wrote the best way to view Stockpot was from the guards van of a speeding train.

By Jenny

We need to get away from the loss of green space argument (there is an abundance locally; Haughton Dale and Reddish Vale to name two) and use traffic and air pollution arguments. As suggested by the commentators above, the traffic and air quality implications on Denton would be terrible. Its bad enough that we get the majority of current HGVs using Denton via Stockport Road to gain access to the M60 but this would just make matters worse with absolutely no solution proposed by the developer. I’m surprised that Tameside Council as a whole (not just the Denton South Councillors and Andrew Gwynne) haven’t been on Stockport Councils case considering it will impact Tameside significantly more than Stockport with all the benefits going to SMBC (Rates comes to mind…)

By Aevis

Use what is already in the area. Or are you getting grants to make it worth your while. The Children of Haughton Green and surrounding Areas deserve better than being sold up the creek without a canoe . Many families in this area cannot afford days out from the area let alone weeks holidays. By taken down woodlands you are depriving many of clean Air. How dare people who do not live in this area control the movement of heavy traffic going through from Bredbury through Crown Point. In the warmer weather you cannot breathe with the petrol and diesel fumes. This is a health Hazard for the future we already have problems getting G P Appointments and getting Hospital Appointments. This will become just a distribution Depot with robots doing the work on site .While the driving jobs will be done by outside the area Couriers for Firms from everywhere but Denton. Say NO

By Frances Mary Sheridan

I object to these plans, there are unused empty units on the current estate. Also large lorries would have to come through Denton increasing pollution in already heavily polluted areas. Valuable green space will be lost to the people of Denton and bredbury

By Elisabeth Buckley

This development is not needed. There are already empty industrial units on the existing Bredbury Industrial Estate that could be utilized. The proposed development will only add to polution and congestion in the area and will be yet another blot on the landscape. I oppose, what is, further unnecessary development in this area.

By John Wareing

There is absolutely no need to build on this land. As stated by other people on here, there are lots of units on the industrial estate which are standing empty. The extra traffic will make already choked-up roads even worse. The air quality is also dire near the roads. The green space which would be lost is irreplaceable.

By Anne Adshead

“Landowners drop their heads in shame”, what, for wanting to bring circa 2,000 jobs to the area, help finance much needed infrastructure (particularly highways) and encourage investment in to Stockport, which will help support local services etc. I can’t see anything to be ashamed of there?


Stockport Road towards Bredbury is gridlocked every day and if this gets approval, the situation will only get worse. We have limited green space as it is and need to protect what we have left.

By A Read

I don’t think it’s necessary. With all the environmental issues, we need to keep as many green spaces as possible.
Use what’s already there.

By Anonymous

I have lived in Bredbury for over fifty years and traffic has always been a problem this plan can only make matters worse. I wonder if any of the ‘professional team’ actually live in the area.

By Barbara Allman

It would make a.big blot on the land scape, a massive EYESORE.

By Tony Strickland

Absolutley not! I reside at the back of the River Tame and there is already a constant drone from the existing site, the traffic will be absolutley horrendous not to mention the added pollution! Bloody Fat Cat companies trying to get their fingers in every pie! Make use of the existing units/upgrade/demolish and re build if you must! Its things like this that make by blood boil and ashamed to be human!

Its a beautiful area with so much nature – LEAVE IT ALONE!

By Lisa Butler

Another beacon marker for the pilots coming into MA.

Pilots instruction’s “on final approach keep Bredbury to the left and you’ll be on line.


Yet again a huge faceless corporation can expect to tear up our green spaces, add to our local traffic congestion problems and increase pollution to dangerous levels, all for profit. Flooding of the Tame Valley will surely follow as rainwater runs off the concrete rather than being absorbed into the soils. We are simply not learning lessons at local level. Global issues of climate change and protection of the environment start with US at local level. The government won’t follow unless we lead the way on these important issues

By Barbara Kaya

Objections to Quorum’s Bredbury Parkway Industrial Estate Extension Planning Application
• It is currently protected green belt which protects against the spread of urban sprawl and provides breathing space for all Stopfordians especially those resident in Bredbury, Brinnington and Woodley for whom it is within walking distance. The joint NHS and Stockport Council’s Green advice encourages people to “leave the car behind” and start walking http://acton2.direct.gov.uk.

• Construction and operation will adversely affect a particular species of the local wildlife as reported in Quorum’s own biodiversity investigations. To quote it will be of “Major Adverse Significance”. Though Quorum offers ‘mitigation’ it is hard to see what that can be other than offering it a car parking space. Neglect of the land and ponds whilst investigations and decisions are awaited means they are now “habitats that are of low to negligible ecological value” but “The loss of the hedgerows will be of Moderate Adverse significance”.

• Building on the Bredbury side of the Tame valley closer to the river will affect the wildlife conservation areas on the other side in Haughton Dale. It is a green heritage for our younger generation where young people can discover wildlife really exists near home and not just on distant nature watch programmes on television.

• Quorum developers now propose to erect two large buildings on any extension. But why not redevelop what is already available on the current industrial site where there are many unused and under-used units? And, if not there, on brown field sites elsewhere in the borough. Chancerygate, another industrial developer, who are already established in Stockport at S:Park have now acquired brown field sites from Allied Bakeries. Surely it is a better alternative to Quorum to consider what they are planning as long as it does not interfere with green belt

• Promises of more local jobs are likely overestimated and not guaranteed. People who are certainly not local already travel into Bredbury and Woodley for work from all directions and in some cases considerable distances.

• More development means more traffic congestion on our already overcrowded roads. Distribution centres need HGVs but the low railway bridge which cannot be raised nor the road beneath it lowered means much more heavy traffic through Crown Point, along the A6017 and/or through the Bredbury roundabout (Junction 25, M60) and the Crookilley Way by-pass. One of the top ten congestion spots in the UK is Junction 1 M60
https://marketingstockport.co.uk and this traffic jam backs up to Junction 25.
The two-lane winding road downhill from Allied Bakeries to Beight Bridge has already experienced many accidents.

• More traffic means more air pollution. The Greater Manchester Air Quality Action Plan 2016 -2021 notes “Heavy Goods Vehicles may lead to disproportionately high emissions” and standing vehicles in jams mean more emissions. Ashton Road already has illegally high levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air and so does Stockport Road in the rush hour https//www.manchester evening news.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-nws/greater-manchester-pollution-charging-zones-15319275 .

• Quorum promises to preserve “positive landscape features” and “views to the Peak District and countryside of Cheshire East” but how will the residents of Castle Hill, Lowick Green and their neighbours be able to view them over large distribution sheds built only 50’ from some of the nearer houses?

• The promise of more parking space for the nearby Sports Village is not necessarily a benefit because such unsupervised space in the evening and night-time could attract those who behave anti-socially to the disquiet of nearby residents. Anti-social behaviour is not unknown in nearby Woodley and Bredbury

Added to all of this, the latest planning data for Greater Manchester shows there’s an oversupply of land for new industrial development. As such, there’s absolutely no case for the land at Bredbury to be taken. I would urge everyone to submit an objection to the plans to Stockport Council.

By Diane Coffey

How does this fit into the drive towards lower emissions and net zero greenhouse emissions? Considering how close this development is to a major freight line why is train transport not being tied in? Given the lack of green belt in the area why do you feel you should be allowed to destroy yet more of it? The Denton/Bredbury area has some of the worst traffic in Tameside/Stockport, why is it considered feasible to add to this? The roundabouts off the motorway are almost always blocked.
This does not even touch upon the light, air and noise pollution for residents which will compound the environmental damage done in the Tame Valley.
Why not use the empty spaces close by? Typical ill-thought out, selfish project by business with no care for any local issues.

By Ellen McInnes

I objected to the previous application and also object to this amendment. By changing the planning request part way through this process the developer has managed to have all the original objections disregarded. The general public have not been advised that they need to object AGAIN. I only found out on Facebook. You should include all previous objections as well.
These plans show lorry parking bays numbering 75 for unit 1 and 58 for unit 2. All these trucks will thunder through Denton’s already clogged roads to stockport’s new trading estate. The nearby low railway bridge means all construction traffic will also come through denton. There is no other way. Denton is a deprived area with low life expectancy (fact) and very poor air quality. You cannot seriously expect us to choke on the fumes from this unwanted development. There are more than enough empty units in bredbury and surrounding areas of stockport – the area is a joke locally as it keeps building without any firms to occupy units. Stockport is the car showroom and empty industrial unit capital of the country it appears
Another reason to object is clear and obvious, should these units ever be filled then the firms will merely have been monetized to move in – at the expense of the buildings and areas they previously occupied. Leaving behind ghettos of mouldering empty units.
Any staff employed there will also have come from the old units – these are not new jobs and will not benefit any denton residents, and possibly not even stockport residents depending on how far the relocation bribes extend.
The building of the estate will not be done by local firms and if you have been told it will then you have been lied to.. .they’ve already shown this is the way they work by lying about the one massive unit that was going to be built in the original plan being miraculously changed to 2 units now,plus scores of offices – this is a planning application by the back door and I am disgusted that you cannot see through it.
The fact that our poor air quality will be irreparably damaged further and that our immediate right to walk in the local greenbelt removed appears to mean absolutely nothing to planners in stockport. Your plans to build on every piece of greenery available is disgusting. (Even the number of new houses you want to build locally,on green belt land immediately surrounding this site is shocking,there’ll be nowhere for anyone to go to see wildlife without getting into a car)
You need to pay attention to the traffic demands of Denton. Whenever a stockport road is closed or an accident happens anywhere within 3 miles of the pyramid the whole of denton stops. It can take an hour to travel from here to the centre of stockport . You will be forcing that upon us day in day out for probably 3 years whilst the white elephant is built. I’m sorry to say this but your ignorance appears to know no bounds. You have to see how wrong this application is ?? Surely ?? Here’s a thought for you, imagine that the old,narrow bridge near the Arden Arms/water treatment works should break (or that rd be narrowed at any point) how will all your traffic get to that site ?? Maybe it should be narrowed to protect denton, or a toll set on your trucks for the protection of our areas roads, because stockport doesn’t care about the destruction of our roads does it ?

By Collette Gammond

We do not need more traffic coming through denton increasing to the pollution not only that getting rid of all the trees that help with the pollution and the wildlife we will lose

By Caroline Monaghan

Once its gone ! Its gone ! DONT let this happen to our countryside

By Lesley simpson

Slaughter our wildlife. Who cares? Slaughter our green fields. Who cares? Slaughter our clean air. Who cares? It’s all about money! Tell mr quorum to build it in Bracknell where he lives, he,’ll still have some countryside left! I care!!

By Christine mcmorrow

my mum lives on castle hill park, the owner has sold the land we don`t who to yet, she is worried sick she`l loose her home,

By anonymous

I object to this application on the grounds of using free space where brown sites should be used first. Also I object to the bringing forward of lesser units, making it look like a smaller application.

By Sandra Whitfield

Why do we need more units when so many stand empty? Why do we need more traffic in an already congested area? Why do we need more air pollution when the country on the whole is trying to reduce it? Why do we need to build on green belt land that can only reduce such pollution? Why do we need a council who will not listen to its residents? WE DONT, and we all need to fight our corner and stop this development.

By Thelma Lomas

If this land is used for development it is a one way ticket. We do not want or need this development. There are plenty of empty places to use for industry, but there are not plenty of places for nature and beauty left. We live here and love the tranquility of the valley and do not wish for that to be ruined.

By Christopher Dutton

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