One City Road Concept
The One City Road site was one of three added to Manchester's First Street regeneration framework last month

Marshall details latest First Street proposal

Neil Tague

The developer has opened a digital consultation showing its emerging plan for One City Road in Manchester, a key site within the First Street development framework that is expected to offer 370,000 sq ft of office space.

Marshall CDP’s proposed scheme outlines two buildings of 11 and 14 storeys, which would both contain office space under a redevelopment of the gateway site that currently houses a 1980s office building. The scheme has been designed by Jon Matthews Architects.

The One City Road site itself was one of three sites that were added to Manchester City Council’s First Street development framework in July, together providing scope for more than 1m sq ft of commercial space, including an office tower at Little Peter Street.

The site, which Marshall owns, could be redeveloped to include an area of public realm connecting Little Peter Street and Tony Wilson Place, under the council’s plans. 

Marshall’s scheme has been designed within the guidance of the First Street framework. Planit-IE is the landscape architect and Deloitte Real Estate is leading on planning consultancy.

Simon Marshall, managing director of Marshall CDP, said: “Our proposals present an opportunity to deliver high-quality office accommodation in a sustainable, thriving and eclectic neighbourhood.

“We have selected a project team that understands the wider First Street [framework] and who has worked on the scheme previously. They understand the context of the One City Road site in relation to the wider scheme and our aim to create an attractive environment that complements the surrounding neighbours.”

He added: “We are presenting plans digitally and hope to gain some interesting insight and thoughts from the public. We welcome all suggestions and look forward to seeing the responses.”

The consultation is now line online and will remain accessible until Monday 31 August as the developer looks to gather feedback ahead of submitting a planning application.

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No need for more offices

By Dan

This new recession clearly isn’t happening in Manchester then!

By Anonymous

Why is Manchester sold as some kind if regional capital when there is other cities close by?

By L5 alive

Really nice design. Can’t wait to see that 80’s monstrosity demolished!

By Steve

L5…nobody is selling Manchester as a region capital. That is your perception.

By Anon

@L5 alive Because it is. It is the largest city in the North West. Liverpool, although great city doesn’t come close to the commercial space on offer in Manchester. It’s fallen behind in recent years and never really made an effort.

By Knows his stuff

Because it is L5.

Unfortunately for Liverpool, the gap is widening to Manchester, and it will continue to grow.

By jrb

@ Steve (12:26) Haha, each to their own, I’m a big fan of the current building

By Another Steve

@Dan, there is evidently a need for more offices because there is a shortage in Grade A office space. A business wouldn’t invest money in building office space unless they were sure there would be tenants as that just would be a viable way to run a business.
@Anonymous. Recessions are actually good times to build as construction planning & construction is usually measured in years. It is better to have the development competed at the end of the recession when demand suddenly increases. All of a sudden, your brand new, attractive building is just waiting for tenants at the beginning of a boom. Building during a boom actually runs the risk of it being completed at the beginning of a recession and then struggling to find tenants. Also if all construction worked stopped during the recession, it runs the risk or prolonging said recession. Not a good thing.


Haven’t Manchester City Council got the over-riding freehold on this? I see business rates £’s rolling in their eyes.

It takes a brave developer to be working up such schemes in current market, check take-up stats for Q2 2020, it’s down circa 300,000 sq. ft. against an ordinary quarter.

By ABC123

There is NOT a shortage of grade A office space, in fact there is already a huge oversupply

By Dan

Offices are soooo 2019. WFH is the future! we just need smaller collab spaces.

By Ormskirk

But it’s taller than my house and these are clearly not affordable offices and there’s no bike lane through the middle and….and other stuff I can’t think of right now..but when I do I’ll be back. Ooh…Sometimes I think it’s almost as if nobody listens to me….

By Not Dan

If there was such a huge oversupply….private developers wouldn’t be proposing more. Simples.

By Anon

Looks impressive but I like the existing building and will be sorry to see it go.

By Monty

@Ormskirk (Liverpudlian), WFH will eventually drive people nuts. Like it or not, Manchester is having a streak of success.

By Poynton guy

@ ABC – yes MCC have the Freehold and are leasing to Marshall CDP on a 125 year lease, which commenced in 1990.
Marshall’s purchased the leasehold in 2017 for £10 million

By Steve

No way is there an over supply – the company I work for has been looking for new offices for several years in Manchester in order to consolidate several sites. I think they have found something now, but the search for suitable offices was not easy.

By Manc Man

@Poynton Guy. Like it or not WFH will have a big place in the future and businesses will look to reduce overheads in line with this, why wouldn’t they? They will need offices for collab, but just not as big. It wont work for all industries, but businesses are already switching, Co-op being one of these for example.

By Ormskirk

“Disco Dildos to be Demolished” What a missed opportunity for a headline

By Bradford

And yet Ormskirk…here we are…continuing to see new proposals and spades in the ground on new offices. Don’t worry about us.

By Anon

@Ormskirk isn’t entirely wrong there, BP mooted just yesterday to be looking to reduce their property portfolio by around half with more flexible and at home working. Many of us are already doing it and my employer is being less then clear on any exact return to the office. Because I don’t need to… my work is being done without impact from home. Good there’s continued development but can’t blindly pretend somethings not coming down the line. There’s also the green aspect of not having everyone required to commute daily.

By Wigwam

That is the level of quality that you can demand in a successful city. Liverpool and Leeds can build as much mediocre student housing as they want. But no one would build something that good anywhere apart from the inner part of London. Don’t just go off this one image make an effort for a change, do some research and see how good this actually is

By Afan