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Rochdale Council earmarked the site for the Places for Everyone housing masterplan. Credit: via Cavendish

Bloor Homes plots Littleborough housing

A public consultation for the 315-home project near Hollingworth Lake has been launched by the housebuilder.

The 47-acre site has been allocated in Greater Manchester’s Places for Everyone plan for the delivery of new homes, having been put forward by Rochdale for that purpose.

Currently comprised of farmland, the site off Hollingworth Road represents an opportunity to deliver much-needed new homes and support for the local visitor economy, Bloor said.

The firm added that designs for the scheme follow a landscape-led approach, with a new central park and a tree-lined green corridor linking Rochdale Canal to Hollingworth Lake, for walkers and cyclists as well as a circular footpath network.

The design incorporates sustainable drainage systems, sized to accommodate increased flows from potential future climate change, while electric vehicle charging points will be incorporated throughout the neighbourhood.

Plans also include a children’s play area and land designated for a new primary school as part of the Places for Everyone allocation to be situated on the existing Hollingworth Lake visitor car park accessed off Hollingworth Road.

bloor littleborough CGI p cavendish

A green corridor is key to the plan. Credit: via Cavendish

Alongside the vision for new homes, linked plans to extend the visitor car park at Hollingworth Lake Country Park are also proposed. The extended parking area will provide an extra 140 car parking spaces and space for coach parking set within a woodland setting, as well as a wildflower meadow and picnic area.

You can access the consultation at until midnight on Tuesday 11 June.

James Clark, regional managing director for Bloor Homes, said; “We are delighted to be bringing forward these detailed proposals for new homes in Littleborough. We have given great consideration to ensure we can sensitively deliver the new homes that Rochdale Council earmarked the site for during the Places for Everyone process and we look forward to hearing what the community has to say.”

Clark added that Bloor is committed to providing new affordable homes as part of the new neighbourhood, paving the way for first-time buyers.

On the part of the project dealing with the popular country park, he said: “As part of our plans we are proposing to move the existing car park at Hollingworth Road to an expanded provision at Hollingworth Lake Country Park. The extra spaces will weave into the landscape incorporating new native tree planting and a wildflower meadow. The extended car park would provide 140 parking spaces and spaces for coaches – on loose or self-binding gravel.

“Relocating the visitor car park allows us to unlock the land for a new primary school, as demanded by the Places for Everyone allocation.

“We are pleased to be bringing this forward for consultation and look forward to receiving the feedback of local residents.”

Stantec is the project’s planner.

bloor littleborough CGI p cavendish

Consultation runs until 11 June. Credit: via Cavendish

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A chance to comment before the Littleborough NIMBYs pile in. Exactly the sort of thing Rochdale needs, high quality development next to great amenities, and a 20 minute rail journey to Manchester Victoria. What’s not to like.

By Rich X

So Bloor will have to buy another farmer’s field to ensure they comply with the Biodiversity Net Gain requirements. And so it goes.

By Anonymous

Not what is needed in the area. Country park being ruined by infrastructure to deal with increased numbers of residents, more traffic and school will make this worse. Residents already have to deal with huge traffic problems..there will be no hollingworth lake left soon if this continues..travesty for the wildlife!

By Anon

We are told that farmland is needed to reduce climate change from imported foods, yet Rochdale Council supports building on farmland. Rochdale council’s own figures show that the roads and other infrastructure in the area are already well beyond capacity, yet their answer is to continue to pass the building of more and more housing. When incidents happen on the M62 the area becomes totally gridlocked for hours on end and RBC continue to block the development of a small supermarket in the area due to the need to provide relief for the M62 when this happens, yet 100s of new houses are fine? I also question the choice to build a primary school or anything else under an earth dam. Was nothing learnt from the incident at Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire?

By Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous – this is a story about a public consultation. No one has approved the application yet (an application hasn’t even been submitted). You can submit your feedback for official consideration by accessing the online consultation linked to in the story above.

    By Julia Hatmaker

UNWANTED homes on an already busy road
Ruining our country side
Ruining our Lake
Find an alternative site instead of using our farmland

By Alison Sherwin

Now I am all for new housing and all that it brings in terms of jobs etc etc. However building more homes in Littleborough and around the lake area is madness the lake tourism will be compromised plus WHERE are the road building schemes the only access to the motorway is via kiln lane a wholly inadequate road for the levels of traffic now let alone when the 2 new estates currently being built go live. This council couldn’t play a rational game of sims it’s just madness

By Urban concern

I object to this very strongly, its going to ruin the area, I live on Highlands and it makes me not want to live there anymore if this goes ahead.

By Diana

Councils are obliged to hit government housing targets, even though they have little to no direct involvement in delivery.

All they can do is approve applications from private developers or landowners that have the potential to contribute to the delivery of those targets whilst not being adequately funded to improve infrastructure. What little improvements are funded is supposed to derived from pitiful s106 developer contributions. The whole system is a mess and it’s a mess of the government’s making. Councils are essentially stuck in the middle trying to satisfy multiple very loud, very impassioned, competing (and often conflicting) demands.

By Cookie Cutter

Will there be test drilling under the dam wall to check its 100% safe ,not long ago a dam wall broke in the UK,
This one is clay and wasn’t built to carry the weight of vehicles using it like now

By David Barrett

We are often told how green spaces, nature and countryside it good for our mental health and yet people who don’t live in this lovely area decide we will cover the green with buildings regardless of the effect it will have on the existing residents of the are. It’s wrong. This area has been hit by housing development after development and it is time we said enough is enough.

By Anonymous

The land you want to use as additional car parking is also greenbelt land and is currently used by United Utilities as a run off when the lake overflows.
As already pointed out on many occasions, the land you want to offer for a primary school is against the dam wall of the lake. I would be most concerned about affecting the integrity of the dam wall. It will also be subject to a lot of pollution from passing cars on two sides. Has this been taken into account. You must be aware of the significant damage this poses to young, developing brains.
I would also like to point out that prestigious homes are not the much needed homes that Littleborough needs. We are in need of affordable homes built on widely available brownfield land. As Rochdale has already built way in excess of any targets suggested, there is no need for greenbelt to be released for yet more houses, that quite frankly, Littleborough does not have the infrastructure to support.

By Tracy Furnell

For those complaining in the comments… the consultation is about the proposed design, layout, etc. As set out in the story, the 47 acre site is already allocated by housing. That was a decision made by Rochdale Council as part of the preparation of Places for Everyone – which is now adopted. If you wanted to prevent housing being built on the site, you should have engaged in the Places for Everyone consultation when the site was being proposed as a housing allocation.

Personally, I think this looks like a nice scheme, and I suspect it will sail through planning.

By Observant

Some of folks on this thread might want to check Natural England’s map of agricultural land in the NorthWest by quality. Most West Pennine farmland is rated poor or very poor, and that also implies it’s only farmed with significant public subsidy. Also thoughtful that many communities struggle with traffic, but few have a Manchester – Leeds rail line within walking distance. If you look towards the Smithy Bridge end of the Lake that took suburban housing in the 1930’s and post war too.

By Rich X

This is a great little scheme bringing much needed homes to a well connected commuter location.

Sadly, every development in the country is next to someone, that someone proudly states “we need houses JUST NOT HERE” every single time. The question is where…but the reality is that they do not care “just not here” they parrot.

By Rational Man

Will you be closing the path from heald lane to what is the car park now

By Anonymous

I will be opposing this application. The people of Littleborough/ Smithy Bridge DO NOT want this. Littleborough has been over developed already with greenbelt ruined and no thought to local wildlife hence poot deer knocked down by car on Smithy Bridge Road because they are running out of places to go. Its heartbreaking and cannot be allowed to go ahead

By Nicola Collins

Totally spoil a much needed beauty area.

By Anonymous

The population density in the UK is far too high

By Anonymous

God spare us from these NIMBYS. Most of these people whinging about developments aren’t even from these areas, they are come uppers. There was someone from Essex recently complaining about a restaurant development in Uppermill on Granada Reports. These places are not set in aspic. They are old mill towns which were once industrial and they are not showpiece villages in the Cotswolds but working communities and potential commuter towns for a booming Manchester.

By Elephant

Rochdale needs affordable homes and homes to rent, people formerly living in Rochdale now need to move out of the Borough to rent. This will not satisfy that critical demand. There are plenty of new large homes on the adjacent site at Akzo currently being built. In addition it will destroy an important wildlife corridor linking Hollingworth Lake and the canal, both important sites for wildlife, taking out important breeding areas for red listed birds such as Lapwing who still hang on at the lake. It will radically change the landscape character and have a detrimental impact on the South Pennines landscape and will be catastrophic for local traffic. Local people objected to this in 2016, and no one listened then. I am not a nimby, I live in Walsden.

By Penny Price

YIMBYism will be the downfall of this country, we used to be the green and pleasant land, now were the country of tiny homes and poor living standards

By Anonymous

God bless Elephant. Rochdale is an industrial town with highest share of green belt (63%) of any borough in GM, and under indexes in middle class housing as a result. It’s a place with more than its share of struggles (from which Littleborough tends to be nicely insulated) and needs more spending power, higher incomes and skills, and to take full advantage of its connections to Manchester to grow.

By Rich X

You can get a terraced house in Littleborough for £140k. How much are Bloor going to ask for their ‘affordable’ homes?

By Anonymous

So now we’ll have THREE housing estates all within a stones throw of each other and swamping Hollingworth Lake, and surrounding areas with traffic and people. Just imagine when it’s all heading for Milnrow of a morning, or any other time of day come to that. Will any of these tacky new builds be affordable housing ? Of course not, they’ll be sold for as much as they can possibly get. Stop this madness.

By Truthsayer

Appreciating that there is a shortage of houses I am very concerned about a third housing development site in Littleborough, particularly around Smithybridge and Hollingworth Lake. The roads are already grid locked in the borough, particularly at peak travel times and there is a shortage of doctors, dentists, high schools and public parking which these housing development sites upon completion will be adding too.

By Shaun Clancy

Not a development or proposal that is needed or wanted… If this goes ahead then that’s over 500 new houses that ate not affordable for the average person… The traffic for the area is already overwhelmed before any of the new developments are completed… The Road infrastructure is sub standard for the traffic we have now… Yet more Greenbelt and farmland being sold to accommodate financial greed… what’s needed is affordable housing where first time buyers can get on the housing ladder… These houses are not that… This is a country park not a building site or city centre.. we need High Schools not primary schools… WE DONT WANT THIS PROPOSAL TO BE ACCEPTED.. Keep our Country park green and build your houses elsewhere…

By Anonymous

All looks very nice but has anyone considered the extra traffic involved. It is one road in and out which cannot cope with any more cars. It’s already gridlocked on weekends. We definitely don’t need any more housing in this area!!!

By Carol

The roads you are talking about here are already gridlocked incorporating Smithy Bridge, Wildhouse Lane & Littleborough…..Yet another development is not going to help , the roads just cannot take the volumes of traffic…….

By Colin Betham

These houses going to take away more of the little green space left in Rochdale bringing more traffic to an already busy road causing more misery road users and only a limited bus service available for those who might wish or need to use it.

By Anonymous

No no no!
You are turning our Village into concrete city!
The roads in and out can’t handle what we have now
Go and build somewhere else
Far far away

By Smithy Bridge Resident

No this must not go ahead I live on wildhouse Lane and on a weekend already we cannot get anywhere we are gridlocked you will ruin the area please do NOT BUILD!!!

By Fiona matthews

Absolutely ridiculous! How many houses do we need on our beautiful green land?! How many houses are already in the process of being built/have been built since 2023?! With the recent new houses near the canal which have completely upturned the land and destroyed homes for the surrounding wildlife.

The roads simply cannot cope with all of these new homes as they are constantly backed up and busy. How will it be with an extra 315 homes and a new school?! It’s unbearable to even think about.

Plus, we already have primary schools in Littleborough – we can’t possibly need more! Perhaps a new secondary school or an SEN school but please not here!


By Eleanor Healer

I totally object against this!
Its ruining the countryside for one and ruining Hollingworth Lake!
The traffic in and around Littleborough is already a nightmare with only one way in and out!
The train line barriers on smithybridge road leading to the lake are constantly breaking so definitely not a good idea.

By .

Littleborough is far to busy now!!!

By Anonymous

If I was being generous to some of the comments on here, it highlights a gap in the understanding of the strategy behind Places for Everyone. Littleborough has congested roads, but also stand-out rail connections with the right investment in service (see GM Rail), and will have suffered from mediocre bus services (see Bee Network) in the past. These are people who have built very car-centric lifestyles, and quite reasonably assume there’s a lot more people like them coming to join their community. The point is they are going to need to make a lot more of their journeys by public transit, the alternative they advocate I.e. somewhere else, most likely won’t provide that, and indeed most Rochdale’s allocation of PfE housing is heavily linked to that rail corridor, it’s just that live in one of the ‘nice’ locations. I think this validates the PfE approach of 9 boroughs doing it together, super-painful, but it’s making difficult stuff like this happen. Those that opted out (Stockport we are looking at you) aren’t going to get leniency when there’s a new Labour government in Westminster.

By Rich X

Nobody in the area wants this. Leave our greenbelt alone

By Anonymous

Well I am all for new development in the right area. Right now it’s a total nightmare coming down lake bank just to get home in teatime traffic and even a weekend. This was once a beautiful area which is being totally ruined. Build somewhere else. Your ruining our countryside. Also try and park in the village at anytime of the day. You are lucky now. God help us if this goes a head.


Build a hospital , a high school or an underground link out of Littleborough before even considering building more houses . We just haven’t got the infrastructure.

By Marc Harrison

Wrecking a valuable jewel in the crown of Rochdale. Council greed shoots self in foot ..again. No one wants to visit a built up area with a wet bit..

By Anonymous

Rich appears to think public transport is the answer unfortunately the awful reliability of all forms means you end up driving and many places of employment aren’t on routes drinking IS NOT a choice for most.

By Anonymous

Whilst affordable homes are very much needed, thoughts must be given to the infrastructure. All of the surrounding roads are not capable of taking much more traffic, not sure that the existing GP services can accept the patients this build will create. Is another primary school necessary, surely it must be a high school as I believe lots of children within the Littleborough area have to attend high schools out of the immediate area. Lots of questions need to be asked.

By Anonymous

Wild House Lane is already horrendously busy at rush hour the queue is past the Bellavista , the traffic at the Red Lion pub also tails back up towards the Lake so what it will be like with this new development goodness only knows !!!
There are also houses being built on the old soccer village at the moment !
500 more houses at the lake and only one way in from the motorway surely this is a joke!!!

By Anon

The roads are already congested which ever way you travel to or from the proposed site, already houses are being built some 300 metres from this proposed site and, at Wildhouse/Birchinly at Milnrow.
Both of these locations are already too much for the areas roads and schools and doctors and dentists.
The area is NOW at SATURATION level..


By Philip Ashworth

It will bring more traffice to an area already busy. It is already difficult to get a high school place locally. The lake is a beautiful place and shouldn’t be over developed.

By Sarah

Not what the area needs, already can’t cope with traffic as it is, add another 1000 cars to that and it’ll be madness. Why not use all the empty buildings in Oldham and build that back up before ruining the villages?

By Anonymous

It’s great we are building more housing and building a primary school but what high school are these children in there family homes going to attend in already over populated schools there is one main one which is hollingworth high which should be schooling. Milnrow and newhey children but have an increase of children from out the district coming this will only add to the probelm.

By Katie Helliwell

Living in Littleborough my entire 40 years of life, I love this town (which used to be a village). Constantly building unaffordable homes, even though they’re all classified as “affordable”, just to appease those commuting to and from Manchester. Our village has been, and continues to be destroyed and stretched to its limits. Schools, doctors, dentists and roads all being impacted. Not to mention the impact on the local wildlife. Always private developments ruining what used to be a quiet, peaceful little village. Where’s the social housing? Why not extend council estates? That’s affordable housing!

By Laura

We should not be building on green fields. We are a rural community not a conurbation. We do not need any more housing producing extra traffic, Littleborough is already grid locked for several hours at both ends of the day

By James Butterworth

How are the roads going to cope with all the excess traffic, especially going through to the M62 at Milnrow? It’s already very busy at rush hour, with long tailbacks on Wildhouse Lane and Halifax Road is also jammed at rush hour.

By Anonymous

In peak periods, the lake car park is always full. By removing this, where is everybody going to park. Business will be negatively impacted by less people being able to come and visit. The proposal to move the car park towards the rugby club also wouldn’t work as there is only a single track road to get you there creating more traffic and a safety concern for the public.

By Joe

By adding a primary school, the already over crowded roads will take more of a toll. You simply wont be able to travel by car to get to work. This will then negatively impact the surrounding areas as there are only 2 roads that get you to the centre of Rochdale. This will have a knock on effect making the surrounding areas even busier as well.

By Joe

New houses will bring new cars. Let’s see:
Akzo site 126 houses
Bloor site 315 houses
Wildhouse Meadows 47 houses
Is it reasonable to suggest that each house would have one car?
End result – 488 new cars in the area.
I thought we were pretty much choked up with traffic already!

By 5heaps

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