Landmark Stanley Dock bridge reopens

Peel has completed the renovation of Liverpool's historic bascule bridge on Regent Road in the central docks and the bridge has reopened to traffic.

The 78-year-old bridge was closed for inspection and repair in May 2008 and subsequently condemned due to natural corrosion.

In addition to repairs and replacement of parts of the steel structure, the timber engine house on top of the bridge has been given a new natural slate roof and aluminium rainwater pipes making it a key feature of the overall design. The motorised equipment was retained inside the engine room and the bridge painted in its original colours.

Bascule is the French term for seesaw, referring to the counterweight balance once used to raise the bridge to allow boats to pass underneath.

Ian Pollitt, development investment surveyor at Peel, said: "We have worked very closely with a number of organisations to ensure that this historic asset remained in keeping with its heritage status and are pleased that it is now back in working order and can be used once again."

The bridge is the only surviving example of a rolling Bascule lifting bridge in Liverpool and is an integral feature of the Stanley Dock Conservation Area and the World Heritage designation. It is also an important link in the north south highway network.

Lindsey Ashworth, development director at Peel, said: "Peel takes very seriously the preservation of any historic elements within its ownership and this demonstrates our commitment to retaining such impressive engineering structures where practical to do so.

"Liverpool Waters, our proposed £5.5bn regeneration of the derelict parts of the docks has within its boundaries other historic assets that we also have plans to enhance and preserve, details of which will be revealed later this year through our planning application."

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the only problem with the reopening is that 1000’s of cars a day use the road because there are no traffic lights and no law. As they clear the mini island at the half tide they drive like maniacs in what is now a residential area.

By Susan