The only way is up

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority has produced yet another interactive, open-source map. The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework highlights areas across Greater Manchester which could be potential development sites, including suggestions which have come from the public.

It has previously been mentioned that there is keenness for the city centre itself to expand upwards and for the development of a skyline which would bring in Manchester alongside many of the more famous cities around the world. Whilst a skyline may be an attractive proposition for many people in or around the city, it does not come without its own challenges.

When it comes to building standard housing in a town or suburb, there can be strong concern from nearby residents, most notably those who live immediately adjacent to a proposal site. The same applies to any large development in a city, where there can be a significant amount of residents directly opposite a new proposed scheme, each as close as the other. Whilst development is expected in city centres, we mustn’t forget the residents and communities around these sites and the need to handle them effectively. Failure to do so can result in a rough ride through the planning process where there should be nothing of the sort.

Following the most recent developments that have been announced, this is just the tip of the iceberg in relation to what is expected over the next few years. Good-quality consultation could, therefore, become all the more important as development in the city centre becomes ever denser.

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