Brooklyn Holdings plots 250 homes on Green Belt

The developer has lodged its intentions with Warrington Council to build on 27 acres east of Clay Lane in Burtonwood.

Plans have not been formally submitted, instead, a screening opinion was sent to the council. This document, written by environmental consultants Appletons, requests the council not require an environmental impact assessment.

The document outlines Brooklyn Holdings vision for the development at Ashton’s Farm. It will include up to 250 residential properties and six acres of space for biological offsetting.

Appletons wrote that Brooklyn Holdings should not have to submit an EIA because of a shortfall in housing in Warrington and the need for affordable housing.

“In terms of significance of impact, the environmental studies carried out to date suggest that this would be low and of a local nature only,” Appletons concluded.

Looking to learn more? The application’s reference number with Warrington Council is 2021/40242.

Ashton Farm In Burtonwood, Brooklyn Holdings, P Planning Documents

Development proposals for Ashton’s Farm in Burtonwood. Credit: via planning documents

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Rediculous this is greenbelt land ,250 homes means 500 people with a car each would cause havoc on clay lane which is over used now .Where would the schools come from for the kids plus doctors we dont have in the village or even a surgery ,once again I say ridiculous

By Will

I agree totally, the village does not have the infrastructure to accomodate this proposed building work.

By mick featherstone

Your proposals for the use of farm land on the outskirts of our village for housing are a joke.
There has been areas within the village that have been earmarked for housing for over the thirty years, and this isn’t one of them.
If housing was to be built, it needs to incorporate our schools into our village which it doesn’t at the moment.
Instead of a tightly knit village we would have sprawling housing stock creeping towards Warrington and loosing our village identity.
The proposal to bulldoze our identity and fields to fill developers pockets with money, & back handers to councillors to facilitate the process will not prevail as our community is strong and will not let this happen.

By Vinma

I’m not sure why an environmental impact that is seen as local in nature only is deemed low. People live here. The roads are already congested, the village has no access to doctors, there is only 1 shop and the schools are at capacity. This is not a viable location without significant investment in infrastructure first.

By Lynsey

What is wrong with you developers. Build on brown fields for goodness sake! We live in a village and want to keep it that way. There is no infrastructure to cope with this amount of houses cars and ppl…
We have no doctors. Dentist. Primary Schools are almost full to capacity no senior schools.
Road are already so busy for a village and there’s potaential to be adding another 500 plus more cars!
Build of brown field!!! We will end up with no countryside or wild life left.

By Sara

This land is not even included in the proposed local plan for development. This is green belt land with no special circumstances applicable to take it out of green belt. Burtonwood doesn’t have the local infrastructure for an additional 250 homes – no GP surgery, primary schools full, GSHS heavily oversubscribed, rush hour traffic queues at the end of all the roads out of the village – Jn 8, Winwick lights etc. 250 houses means between 250 send 500 additional cars adding to that traffic. No infrastructure, no more development!

By Nici Aldridge

How can this be agreed what about extra infrastructure what a ridiculous plan

By Shirley

Get them built there’s a near by

By John Gold

Need to sort infustructure 1st b4 think of building anything

By Ghatt

Get them built, there’s a pub near by cheap as chips

By Johnny Gold

The road on clay lane is busy and dangerous at times with speeding vehicles this will be right in front of my property in which I have Purchased this will greatly devalue my home there is only 1 shop in the village no room in the primary schools No doctors No high school it’s not a very good bus route it’s would not be viable to add 250 homes to some where that is run down as it is with no facilities for the people that live here already also that 250 more cars if not more cause a lot of families have more than one car onto a busy rd in which if there is a accident on the m62 comes through the village to get to other routes I am against this leave the wildlife alone

By Ann

I am totally against the proposed plans to build on green belt here in Burtonwood,have lived here for49 years and I love burtonwood,but it has been neglected by WBC for so long and now because of all their negligence and debt they want to try and recoup some money back,we have 1 store 1 post office come library no doctors surgery and the roads are a disgrace,I may sound selfish as I live in Hawkshead Road maybe I am,the field behind me always floods and last year the water came halfway up my garden but does anyone care no, my neighbours who I must say have mostly lived here as long if not longer than me and moved here because off our outlook at the back of us with the horses and wildlife plus not forgetting the bats that fly past every night so yes I am totally against more building work in Burtonwood especially houses

By Denise Dickenson

The contention I have with this is that it would almost double the size of a fairly small and closely knit village.

The reason property is of higher value in this village than surrounding areas is because (generally speaking) we are good at keeping the riff raff out (or in order). Vandals, thieves and lowlifes are met with very stern tellings off, ousted from our community, our Facebook group is alive with local Karen’s putting in the hefty verbal to maintain order.

Now, this development carelessly risks putting troves of miscreants right on our doorstep, en masse! It is essentially an invasion of our borders which I expect will be met with extreme hostility

By Lee Gee

Great stuff hopefully I’ll be able to buy one

By Kevin dixon

The people of Burtonwood do not want any building on green belt land. People in the village have looked on those green fields for a lifetime. Build on brown field sites. The government have it in their plan to save green field sites. We object to the building, the infrastructure is also not able to take any more houses.

By Tony cowley

Leave Burtonwood alone. this was a quiet village At one time ,I live in Hawhshead rd we look out over fields with horses in them, we don’t want to look at a housing estate leave it alone please

By Anonymous

This is a village not a city if they do build hopefully not will they build another school doctors etc

By Sbd

Houses have always got to be built but unfortunately they are never built proportionately for the level of wages in the area or at a sensible level of size, type & construction for locals. There will end up being a large plot with overpriced houses that nobody in the immediate vicinity can afford, thus encouraging more commuters & more traffic. I’d like to see rows of smaller first time buyer homes built for the next generation from within the area to get their foot on the ladder and still enjoy their youth without over stretching themselves.

By Brian Yeoman

If this was a reasonable request why would they request a forego of the environmental impact? Its abundantly clear what impact it will have on local environment by building on greenbelt land in a village. That cataclysmic element aside in a village with no doctors surgery, one grocery shop, very few amenities what is the strategy to combat an extra 250 homes?

By John Leather

There are critically endangered hedgehogs on those fields which are protected by law. How do you propose keeping them safe from harm?

By Debbie Unsworth

I don’t know where the information is coming from that the schools in Burtonwood are oversubscribed because they are not. This said I neither agree or disagree with houses being built on this land

By Anonymous

They will not be affordable houses for local people but will be aimed at the international market which is currently buying the majority of housing in the warrington area. The increase in traffic will be detrimental to the area and impact on the air quality of the surrounding area. There is no infrastructure in place no school places no doctors surgery.

By David seddon

Agree and all for investment in the area and housing. However, the village needs the correct infrastructure in place before proceeding. Take a look at the chaos a recent development has caused on Phipps Lane an accident waiting to happen. As others have remarked this is a village and green belt land is important to people within the village. Clay Lane is also already congested at busy times. I am sure there are areas which may be more preferable to serve you and the community.

By Diamond

Looking forward to welcoming the new young families to the village.

By Craig Stewart

Get them built quick, and get them built on the other 6 plots in the village, need them badly. It’s not just about the Nimbies

By Cyclops

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