Church Street Tower In Eccles, Arelsco Ventures And Silverlane Developments, P Planning Documents

Jeffrey Bell Architects, Booth King and Ridge are the designers of the tower. Credit: via planning documents

Topping out for Eccles £42.5m Church Street Place

The build-to-rent joint venture between Arlesco Ventures and Silverlane Developments has reached its highest point midway through the project.

A 23-storey tower is a key part of the scheme being built by BCEGI, and made possible with funding through lending specialist Zorin Finance. Naismith are the project monitors.

Demolition has taken place to clear the way for a tower comprising 272 one-, two-, and three-bedroom rental apartments.

The development also includes 7,300 sq ft of ground floor commercial space and a mix of three-, and five-story buildings, alongside the 23-storey tower.

There will be 19 car parking spaces and 168 bicycle spaces created with the development.

Steve Carnes, managing director of Silverlane Developments, said: “Today’s topping out ceremony signifies a crucial moment in the project’s timeline, showcasing the collaborative efforts of the development team, as we witness the structure reach its highest point, we anticipate the positive impact Church Street Place will have on Eccles and its community.”

BCEGI’s lead director, Dongwen Yu, said: “Topping out is a significant milestone for any construction project; however, this event holds particular importance for the wider regeneration of Eccles town centre.

Church Street Place, Eccles, BCEGI, P, Tangerine Event Photography, Field Strategic Communications

Church Street Place in Eccles has topped out. Credit: Tangerine Event Photography / Field Strategic Communications

John Crompton, associate director of project monitoring at Naismiths, said: “Having been involved since the pre-construction phase when the funding facility was being agreed, it’s fantastic to see the plans brought to fruition.

“Working alongside both the developers and BCEGI for the first time, and furthering our existing relationship with Zorin Finance, has been a seamless experience. It’s fantastic to have supported all involved in reaching this phase of such an important project for the area. “

Andrew Scotting, partner at Zorin Finance said: “‘We are delighted with the progress of the development to date which is down to the capability and professionalism of the contractor BCEGI and the development management team at Silver Lane.”

The project team also includes Jeffrey Bell Architects, Urban Green, Booth King, Ridge, Hydrock, Curtins, Iceni Projects and Hann Tucker Associates.

To view the plans, search for reference number 22/79181/DISCON on Salford City Council’s planning portal.

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272 Apartments and only 19 parking spaces is this a joke ? How the hell did this get past planning !!! Ridiculous

By Anonymous

272 spaces to rent, 19 car parking places, no investment in nursery places, school places or medical services 🤔 I’ll wager the people who are benefiting don’t live around eccles or the local area

By Anonymous

19 car parking spaces for 272 apartments 😂. I’m guessing none of the developers or planners have seen the congestion already in and around Eccles town centre. Of course they haven’t, they all live in the Cheshire countryside!

By Anonymous

Absolutely out of character for the area , & there’s no parking for the people who live in eccles already , eccles will end up looking like Manchester, all towers the next bigger than the last one, instead of the village it is , the council & developers would not get away with this in monton or worsley!! Salford Council, shame on you

By Eccles born

Anon 8:45pm – I’d have thought that by commenting on a property news website, you’d have an idea about how 106 payments are how the council gets money from developers to contribute towards the areas you identify, in most cases it’s not for the developer to address those matters.

19 car parking spaces is sufficient when you consider one of Eccles largest selling points is its proximity to sustainable travel networks (trains/trams/bus etc) all within a few minutes walk. Not everyone wants or needs a car, and guess what, there’s a massive car park next door to this that people can buy a season pass for if they’re so inclined.

By Anonymous

Ok, I know it’s the same excitable person making the same comment several times but please try to do some research before wasting your thumbs away. When they build the second one on the old Vauxhall dealership a couple of hundred yards away you’ll be down to the stumps.

By Eccles flyer

19 parking spaces for so many flats?!

By Yvonne Ratcliffe

You have to laugh when people try and convince you that Eccles is a village.
It’s one of the most well connected towns in Greater Manchester. It has tonnes of potential, surrounding by some highly desirable places to live and yet is completely run down.
Whether you like this development is particular is up to you but there’s absolutely no denying that the place is ripe for regeneration. There’s some fantastic buildings and all they need is a good clean.

By Anonymous

@anonymous 10:32, are you suggesting that to combat the pre-existing congestion, the planning authority should encourage additional car parking and therefore usage on this site?

By Anonymous

Absolutely pathetic excuses for only 19 parking spaces. I’m supprised they haven’t put a stable under for camels and donkeys to make visitors feel at home.

By Anonymous

It’s a joke. 19 car parking spaces for 270+ flats. No shops around apart from Morrisons and Aldi. No descent pubs around. No other facilities around either. Been a ghost town for the past 20 years because of no investment puy onto the town.

By Anonomous

Are people really so myopic that they can’t fathom living life without a car. Plenty do – and in a location with a train station, tram stop, and bus interchange I feel 19 spaces is more than appropriate. The majority of Eccles town centre is surface car parks (mostly empty) and there are several multi-storey car parks too. Providing 272 car parking spaces at a 1:1 ratio would be so expensive it would tip viability over the edge. The decision made is a sensible one

By Anonymous

This is not to improve the quality of life for the Eccles people ,just another nail in the coffin for the people of Eccles,another boring building to depress the community ,especially in a few years as it ages

By Anonymous

Oh trust me ..people..or should we say that bloke..are indeed that myopic. The sad part is that they probably don’t live around here and have no idea about the transport links or the investment going into Eccles. Sad too that the biggest plans are always torn down by the smallest minds. Not that it matters really, as long as the bigger brains contribute things will get done.

By Ole Stumpy

It’s a pity that Eccles shopping mall is dead

By Stephen

I was going to say the same thing regards amount of apartments and only 19 parking spots. I live in apartment in Eccles with 54 apartments. There’s more spaces here then will be there and it’s dog eat dog here to get even one of them. Even the 2 disabled stops they park in and on the grass in front. Not good when when your disabled yourself. So god help this when all finished. 😂

By Anonymous

There will be plenty of car parking spaces then what a joke

By Anonymous

This development is the ruin of Eccles, a walk up church street used to feel like being in a rural village with its sandstone church, now it’s like being in a sunless wind tunnel

By Anonymous

Everyone talking about parking lmao. City workers get tram and don’t need parking. This building will fill up and you will all benefit from the tax. Grow up and see the good things

By James

Other than more high rise monstrosity when benefits will there be to entice people back into eccles

By Michael Diskin

Everybody needs to stop crying about multi million pound investments coming to Eccles. It makes you look stupid, which let’s be honest most of you are.

By Lee

Eccles needs people wanting to live there and regeneration however schools and other services don’t have enough resources to cover these new people. Salford council have far more appeals than they were expecting for school places. Wonder what high school kids living around here will go too!

By Anonymous

Eccles has not been a village for 135 years. It was it’s own town until 1974, when salford stole it and ruined the town

By Tommy tucker

I quite like it , not sure if some people were expecting all glass like the shard. it will be good to get more residents into the centre of Eccles. in

By Louis

Is this some weird joke , 19 parking spaces from 272 apartments, and that’s without the commercial property, how did this get passed ? Absolutely ridiculous

By Mrs Jacqueline Farrell

How am I going to benefit from this building as a long time resident of eccles?

By Wardy

Plenty of parking spaces then , I don’t think so.

By Anonymous

The roads around Eccles are congested enough! Just because this build is near rail/tram stations, doesn’t mean people will use them, especially as the train to Mcr runs hourly most of the time and is cancelled a lot! Plus it’s expensive.
19 parking spaces isn’t enough, it’s just not practical. Also the surrounding town is extremely run down, we need investment in roads, pot holes and local businesses, not an eyesore.

By Anonymous

If the building has say a min of 1000 people living there, it’ll need more than 19 spaces just for disabled people! The public transport is dire, trains run hourly and trams take forever to get to Mcr.
We were promised new shops, bars etc, this offers 1 small shop.
I think the people of Eccles need to come together to demand a redesign.

By Steph

I’ve genuinely no idea what the complaints are here.
This is PRIVATE investment into an area that needs it. Complaints over a lack of infrastructure, shops, pot holes, schools etc are nothing to do with the developer!
An increase in residents and the corresponding council tax will no doubt help the council though.
Great investment into a well connected location. Look forward to seeing more much needed investment (hopefully) soon

By Baffled

Steph – demand a redesign? The article is about the building topping out. It’s already there – the chance for a redesign is long gone

By Anonymous

I demand a redesign 😂…oh you can’t make these comments up ! There’s a reason some people make things happen and others watch from the sidelines . As my old Grandad used to say…’sure it’s all about you isn’t it ?’. Progress in Eccles is err..progressing just like public transport, and Grandad was being sarcastic.

By Anonymous

The design reminds me of Manchester Crown Court. Shame it’s rental only but there are many asylum seekers in desperate need of homes.

By Anonymous

Baffled – this may be a private build but it’s just a huge money making project that’s council approved. Eccles doesn’t need more people rammed into the centre with no investment in shops, schools or the local town generally and yes, people struggle to park now – this is the problem. Eccles has been promised investment for years, it doesn’t happen. Eccles is a deprived area, more rental housing doesn’t help – the council have a lot to answer for by letting this through.

By Ed.

Eccles CBD needs a few more talls but with BETTER cladding!!

By Emet Ahava

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