Skyline And Waterfront At Night, Liverpool, Merseyside, England

Plans in for ‘world class’ visitor attraction at Royal Liver Building

A transformation of the Royal Liver Building featuring grade A office accommodation, a visitor attraction, gym, and restaurants could complete by the end of next year after the building’s owner Corestate Capital submitted plans for a comprehensive overhaul.

The visitor attraction is due to be designed, delivered, and operated by Heritage Great Britain working in partnership with Corestate; the as-yet-unnamed attraction will take up parts of the basement and ground floor, and will also be situated on the 10th, 14th, and 15th floors of the building.

Meanwhile, the office refurbishment will make suites of up to 43,000 sq ft over the ground, mezzanine, and first floors.

Corestate said this was aimed to move the building away from “big occupier accommodation” to open up the building for use by SMEs, creative, and digital businesses, but also “to deliver larger floorplates to accommodate blue chip, corporate occupiers”.

A gym is due to be installed which will be accessed by a new entrance from the Strand, while a restaurant is planned to be incorporated into the building fronting Pier Head.

Two atria will be opened up at ground floor level, with a ground floor café bar part of the submission alongside meeting facilities for the building’s occupiers.

The visitor attraction is set to open in early 2019, while the remaining projects will be delivered on a phased basis from the start of 2019 through to the third quarter of the year.

The building was purchased by Corestate, a Luxembourg-based international investor, for £48m after being put on the market for the first time in its history. Everton FC owner Farhad Moshiri was Corestate’s partner on the deal, with Barings providing a £29.7m facility to support the acquisition.

Everton FC is also now a tenant at the building, having relocated 160 employees, including its finance, people services, marketing, media and comms teams, to a 28,000 sq ft space on the seventh floor.

The professional team on the project features CBRE, which is acting as office agent, for asset services, and for building consultancy; Corstorphine + Wright as lead architect; Peter de Figueiredo as heritage advisor; and Curtins as structural and civil engineer.

Andrew Willoughby, property manager of the Liver Building said: “The key message that comes from the masterplan, is that not only have we listened to the market, but more importantly our occupiers. They were involved from the early stages in telling us what they wanted to see in the building which has driven this process.”

Neil Kirkham, director of the office agency team for CBRE in Liverpool, added: ““There’s an absolute drought of available office accommodation in Liverpool with diminished supply and little sign of new stock coming into market.  The delivery of a wide range of Grade A office accommodation with associated first class amenities demanded by today’s savvy occupiers, in the landmark Royal Liver Building, will go some way to meet current demand.”

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Will it be of a historic blue nature, I wonder?

By on the dock

Lovely view still makes me proud

By Gerry Pacemaker

Stunning .

By Jos'e

Why Gerry did you build it all? well done

By Pep

My City did, it is an iconic view, cherished by Liverpudlians all over the world and many, many visitors. This was the first and last sight millions of immigrants and emigrants who sailed from Liverpool saw. Not to mention the millions of soldiers and sailors who departed our great city in times of war and peace. It truly holds a special place in our hearts and minds.

By Gerry Pacemaker

Most Liverpudlians would have no clue what you’re talking about. Plus you can’t be proud of things you yourself took no part in at all, if you do that then to must also take responsibility for all of the bad things that happened too, of which there are many.

By Pep

That last comment from Pep makes no sense.Gerry is just saying that he is proud of Liverpool waterfront. I see nothing controversial in that.

By Elephant

@Pepe like any city Mr Negative

By Jos'e

Pep from Manc

By Ant

All societies have their tribal symbols, around which their people are supposed to align. The Manchester bee is another example, in particular the very recent attempt to popularise it, as a powerful and emotive brand.

I’ll admit, seeing the Liver birds from afar when walking through town is quite the sight. But the city’s waterfront overall isn’t all that in reality, especially at the moment, and with symbols you can be at risk of overstating things and believing your own hype.
World class is bandied around too often, in particular by councils that are barely bottom of the class, let alone anything more.

By Mike

It is special because when I and most of my contemporaries were young, the only place along the riverfront that we could access was the Pier Head, because of the dock walls and sheds blocking access to the general public. What some posters on here may not understand or appreciate is the immense pride we have in our city and this is the symbol that embodies all of it for most of it. It is an emotional attachment or kinship to our city. I must remember not to post when the school holidays are on it always attracts immature comments from certain quarters and thank you to the posters who have shown support, emotional intelligence is a very rare quality.

By Gerry Pacemaker

You can’t be proud of something you had absolutely no part in. Are you also proud to be English? Are you proud of every part of its history? Slavery, war and famine? I’m proud of my achievements and my children’s achievements but I will not take responsibility for this country’s history.

By Pep

Hopefully one day Liverpool will allow some skyscrapers to be built. We need a skyline.

By Shiyamala

Liverpool has a skyline one of the best in the UK, skyscrapers are in London and tall building are currently on site at present )

By Jos'e

Anyway….what about these plans for a world class visitor attraction at the liver building?

Hopefully this proposed visitor centre will be able to showcase the talents of Nerys Hughes, without whom most people would never of heard of the Liver Birds or the Liver Building in the first place.

By UnaPlanner

Could it be a certain football club memorabilia associated with the Liver Building?

By on the dock