Adelphi Wharf April 2021
The scheme sits north of Chapel Street

Completion nears for 600-home Adelphi Wharf

Sarah Townsend

Developer Fortis Group Holdings is close to finishing the final phase of its £90m residential scheme in Salford, with residents expected to start moving in later this month.

Adelphi Wharf is Fortis’ third newbuild housing scheme in Salford, following the completion of the 53-unit Bridgewater Gate in 2017 and the 22-unit Bridgewater Point in 2019, both on Ordsall Lane. An additional two schemes are under development at present – Fortis Quay, planned to have 898 apartments, and Bridgewater Wharf with 376 apartments.

Comprising 602 apartments and townhouses, Adelphi Wharf is among the largest of Fortis’ projects. The scheme north of Chapel Street also includes rooftop gardens, a gym and a residents’ car park.

The second and third phases have included the delivery of 380 apartments in total, while the first phase of townhouses and apartments is already complete.

Adelphi Wharf’s main contractor is Beaumont Morgan and the architect is DMS Architecture. In 2018, Fortis secured a £20.7m loan from lender OakNorth Bank to help fund the development of the scheme. Completion was originally targeted for December 2019 but was delayed amid pandemic-related disruption last year.

Kieran Moore, director of Fortis Group Holdings, said: “The completion of Adelphi Wharf is an exciting moment for Fortis, being our largest residential scheme to date. We’re proud to be a prominent developer in the regeneration of Salford.”

Xenia Estates has been appointed as the block’s management company once the project is complete.

Adelphi Wharf April 2021 2



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Absolutely horrible. Zero interaction with the riverside, a couple of retail units would’ve helped. Colours are pretty jarring too.

By Aaron

Not nice.

By Anonymous


By Rich X

Those red brick walls look like graffiti heaven to the taggers?

By Just saying

Ugh, that colour combination is painful. How did that get through planning? Otherwise the scale, location and the fact there are generous balconies should make these really desirable – if only they’re finished and managed properly.

By Dependence

Absolute masterpiece!!!

By Gaz Morgan

Exceptionally hideous!

By John

What an absolute disgrace of a development. Looks cheap and will no doubt be pulled down again in a couple of decades.

By Steve

Bitten off way more than they can chew. Completion 18 months late is shocking and bear in mind even thought it’s a largish development, they started in 2015…..6 years ago!
They did lease one block to a production company though, which is where the reality show “The Circle” for Channel 4 and Netflix is filmed.

By Anonymous

The views out of these over the Meadow will be really good, shame we have to look at them from the outside

By Bradford

These are absolutely shocking.

I hope they are doing something about those support columns if it’s not finished yet? They look like temporary supports preventing a 90s-style cheap apartment block from falling into the river.

There is some very good stuff going on near to this and overall parts of Manchester and Salford look fantastic as of lately.

But if you mess prime locations up like this it will take a lifetime to fix. Honestly can’t get over how terrible these are, they’re an absolute eyesore from The Meadows.

By Anonymous

That yellow cladding looks awful. This development could have been so much better.

By Nick

The car parks around the corner on Trinity Street have more style and class than these.

They are meant to be opening up the river as part of the Crescent Masterplan as well. I hope they plant tonnes of trees so we don’t have to look at these monstrosities.

By Anonymous

What a great way to bring to life what would otherwise be derelict land, providing high quality accommodation for the people of Salford. Well done Fortis!!

By Zach wheatley

What a wasted opportunity!

By Anonymous

Those stilts are horrendous. They are hugely prominent, ginormous, smack in the face, cheap job. So many more creative options that wouldn’t have cost much more but instead it’s an obvious ‘sack that, what’s the cheapest/quickest option you’ve got? Yeah, leave the scaff up, whatevs, I’ve got my cash, I’m off, laters’

Going to look rancid once tagged. They’ll be using it for some post-apocalyptic filming before the decade is out.

By Dear Oh Dear

There is a car park behind these crying out for Townhouses and a London style square. I am not sure about these. They seem to have taken longer to build than the pyramids. They back onto a potentially beautiful park and river. This area could be the best place to live near the city centre with some imagination. Timekeepers Place is the best development ever in the central area and the Crescent is crying out for repopulating. Chapel street is the best entrance to Manchester in my view.

By Elephant

How do property developers and architects get it so wrong?

Bar every other visible fault with the development, the waterfront interaction is criminal.

As somebody else posted, in a few months those red brick walls will be full of graffiti and tagging.

By jrb

I don’t mind the top half of them, it’s the bottom where it all goes extremely wrong.

By Anonymous

Who is going to live in them?

By Liverpool romance

The fractional sale model at its finest! Think they should introduce a category in the NW residential awards. The race to the bottom category.

By Oscar

Fit in beautifully with the local area…


This is absolutely shocking……..I can only imagine that Fortis are trying to undermine confidence and quality in GM in the hope that investment might turn to Merseyside instead. Who on earth were the architects??

By Livid


No offence but given the location (opposite a park) it would have been better to leave the site empty.
Salford and Manchester don’t need stuff like this anymore. They need to start upping their game significantly or leave it until someone can deliver something decent.

By Anonymous