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Two stands and other features are proposed for the ground

Architect reveals 10-year vision for Altrincham FC

Dan Whelan

Manchester-based studio Define has unveiled plans to transform the Robins’ Moss Lane ground over the next decade, including two new stands, as the club sets its sights on breaking into the football league. 

The plans include the refurbishment of parts of the existing stadium, which opened in 1910, including the sponsors’ lounge and the players’ and officials’ areas. 

A fan zone, the type of feature once only seen at the grounds of larger clubs but increasingly common at grounds across the spectrum, would be created “to strengthen the community atmosphere around the stadium”, according to the architect drawing up the proposals on behalf of the club. 

Some of the proposals are dependent on the club’s success and growing fanbase, Define added in a statement. “In time and with growing supporter numbers and success on the pitch, additional seating and new corporate facilities will be introduced.”  

Over the long term, the existing Popular Side and Moss Lane stands will be replaced, along with the construction of a contemporary roof, while safe-standing zones will be implemented at the Golf Road and Chequer’s End. 

Altrincham FC currently leases the ground from Trafford Council. The 10-year proposals were developed with the aid of special character profiles, created to reflect different spectators’ experiences.  

024 2000 Define Fan Profiles

The fan profiles used by Define

“The profiles have influenced the stadium’s redevelopment strategy and placemaking guidelines by responding to their individual needs,” Define said. 

The first phase of work – the refurbishment of the sponsors’ lounge and creation of the first fan zone – is due to begin in July and does not require planning consent, according to the architect. It is not yet known when and if planning applications are to be submitted for the longer term proposals. No applications have been submitted as yet. 

Gavin Watts, founder of Define Architects, said: “The way we watch the sport, and the financial and economic pressures football clubs face, are constantly evolving.

“Our intention is to transform the stadium into a 365-day destination by ensuring the architectural design compliments the implementation of new business opportunities for the football club.” 

Bill Waterson, director at Altrincham FC said: “Altrincham Football Club is on the way up. We pride ourselves on being at the heart of the community, and we want our ground to represent the best of the town of Altrincham. 

“Delivering on Define Architects’ vision will give us a ground that will be embedded in the heart of this vibrant community for many years to come.” 


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Interesting and nice roof design. Hopefully the proposal and especially the roof won’t end up value redesigned.

By Anonymous

Very cool.
Keep the prices reasonable and I’m sure the fan base will keep growing; there is an ever-growing population around there to fill it.

By Thumbs Up

Always a fantastic day out and looks like a great scheme. Great that the club intends to remain at its current location considering its potential land value. The walking distance from public transport and the pubs in the town are what make it a great day out, and good for the ongoing regeneration of the town too. ‘Safe Standing Zones’ would be excessive though. Surely traditional terraces (which are better) would be sufficient (like FC Utd, Salford City, AFC Fylde etc). Unless Alty are setting their sights on the Championship!

By Huey

A ground share with Sale Sharks might not be a bad idea. Friday night games with a few beers in Altrincham before the match would be awesome.

By Anon

Looks great, but highlights even more the shortsightedness of selling off the tiny parcel of land beside the ground for some squeezed in houses with tiny back gardens about 10 years ago. I doubt they’ll ever get a roof on that end of the ground as shown here.

By Mr T

If that roof is ever built there will be no funds for players, just the maintenance team to sort out all those gutters! It will be changed later down the track……

By Tired

You would do better spending your money on getting a better pitch

By Colin Berry

Come on the Alty lets be ambituos and get into the football league for the first time.We are the most successful non league team at beating league teams in the FA cup.18 i think most recently a 1- 0 win over league one team Barnsley.
I first saw alty in 1974 when they drew at Goodison Park 1-1 with Everton.My history teacher at Quarry Bank High School was playing for Alty aswell as another ex QBOB john owens who went on to play over 500 games for the club.
My dad and i went to the replay held at Old Trafford rather than Moss Lane to accommodate thousands of Evertonians.The crowd that night was 34 000.The blues won 3-0. Happy days and my history teacher was pleased since i got an A at A level happy days.My son now plays for Alty and is the second longest serving player having played since 2011.

By Colin Richman