Benefits of a diverse & inclusive workforce


Previously, women and real estate were very much worlds apart. What once was (and still is to an extent) a very white, male-led industry, is now starting to evolve away from the stereotype.

I recently attended the Women in Real Estate conference, hosted by Greystar, where some incredible female panellists delivered talks and gave an insight into their personal journeys, reflecting on the many accomplishments that they had achieved throughout their careers.

I felt particularly inspired by Penny Hughes, chairwoman of Riverstone, who broke records when she became the president of Coca Cola at just 32 years old. Listening to her experiences made me feel that anything is possible. I left the event feeling a real sense of ambition and determination to be a successful woman working in a male-dominated industry.

More and more businesses are aspiring for a more diverse workforce. Below I list some of the benefits for your business. It is worth noting that whilst this conference was targeted at gender, these benefits also apply to diversity in general, be it race, religion, disability, etc.


As many of the speakers pointed out, working with people from different backgrounds and different walks of life sparks creativity and new ideas.

The younger generations need stimulation and change, which is why businesses who aren’t moving with the times are lagging behind. Hiring employees with different experiences and qualifications to the norm could be the best thing you do for your business.


Innovation goes hand in hand with creativity. The more creative you are, the more innovative ideas come to the playing field. A solid product or service is great, however, lack of creativity and innovation will undoubtedly hinder the business’ longevity within the market.

Employee retention

Another panellist, Victoria Broad, group sales operations director at David Phillips, also highlighted that whilst having a diverse workforce is important, inclusion is equally important – if not more important.

Everyone should feel welcome and valued within their organization which will ultimately improve employee retention.

More topically, the event also made me realise how lucky I am to live in a country where I have access to a great education, and I have opportunities for a successful career – women in some other countries are not so fortunate. Whilst I do not think we are fully there yet; I do believe that gender equality in the UK is heading in the right direction and change for the better is taking place.

I am also lucky to work alongside some really strong women at ClearFibre, who I learn from every day.

Here is a list of charities to help support women around the world that aren’t as fortunate:

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