Plans in for 1,100 homes at Penwortham

Taylor Wimpey and Homes England have submitted plans for 1,100 homes on agricultural land in Lancashire that has been allocated for development for two decades.

The scheme, known as The Lanes, is a residential-led mixed use scheme comprising a mix of accommodation offers as well as 27,000 sq ft of retail space.

It will include one-, two-, three, four- and five-bedroom homes featuring a mix of semi-detached and detached properties and apartments.

Situated to the west of Penwortham Way, the 53-acre site will also include 35 acres of green space and parks, as well as a primary school.

The development will be split into five zones, Bee Lane East, Bee Lane West, The Heart of the Lanes, The Urban Edge and The Penwortham Edge.

Jordan Gresham, strategic land regional director for Taylor Wimpey, said: “This site in Penwortham has been earmarked for a major development for almost two decades and will play a key role in the exciting plans for the Central Lancashire City Deal.

“The Lanes will go some way towards delivering the 7,000  homes required by the council across South Ribble from now up until the end of 2026.”

Nicola Elsworth, North West head of planning and enabling at Homes England, added: “Our collaboration with Taylor Wimpey has enabled us to put forward an ambitious planning application that will help create the new neighbourhoods people in South Ribble need.”

5plus is the architect, Avison Young is planner and Xanthe Quayle is landscape architect.

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Great Scott! Isn’t that the housing estate from Back To The Future?

I love how the idyllic render shows people walking and cycling, as if the only mode of transport here won’t be massive Range Rovers driving over the speed limit and parking on pavements.

Funny how Taylor Wimpey recognise walkers and cyclists as something desirable for their renders, but fail to actually provide the infrastructure that would make these modes of transport possible.

By Anonymous

Won’t look anything like the render -be graffiti everywhere -fences broken -stuff dumped everywhere! Time to get real folks!

By Neil Caunce


Not sure those type of images will get the development through planning, no matter how artistic the graffiti is.

By L

Ha Anonymous, you beat me to ti!

Also I’m guessing the reason it hasn’t been developed for 20 years despite being allocated all that time is flood risk, given its in the Ribble floodplain. If so where’s the detail of the mitigation in this scheme? I can see some sort of pond/sump in this render, but let’s hear about it – it’s good it could become a national exemplar

By MancLad

Can’t work out why we need so many houses here in the North West… thought families were getting smaller…or am I missing something?

By Teech

It’s so good you can hardly see the houses in the artist’s impression. Furthermore, if that’s supposed to be a shared, unsegregated footway/cycleway then it is of woefully inadequate width.

By the light of the moon

Were is all the traffic going to go. You cant move around Penwortham Lostockhall now

By Paul Ferguson

How can we cope. How much more air pollution will this bring with all the xtra vehicles.
These are green belt.
Go and spend the xtra money to clean up brown belt sites(there are loads of them ).
Greedy business people wanting to quickly line their pockets never mind d the atrocious building standards of the company they want to do it

By Fed up

The roads are congested already, without all these proposed houses. Dentists and doctors are full.
The land is constantly flooding, no good for building houses on! Where are all these people coming from to buy these houses? Surely there are enough houses up for sale already in the area.
I really hope they don’t get planning permission, as the fields back onto my rear garden, and it’s so beautiful and relaxing for my depression, to look out at the nature and open fields.

By Sharon Heatley

The new Penwortham bypass on to Liverpool Rd has just managed to get traffic moving a little. All these new houses will wipe out any gains for road users.with Penwortham becoming gridlocked again in no time. There is no pleasure living in Penwortham anymore it’s just another busy faceless metropolis.

By Mekky tappen

This is hilarious.
One of the two main access points is very a single lane bridge over the West Coast Mainline!
Lostock Hall is virtually gridlocked now, I cant see how the area will cope with the extra traffic and especially with planned developments at Cureden and Moss Side Test Track in Leyland.
Big rethink of highways in South Ribble needed.

By Katie

Not if locals have their say! This development will destroy a beautiful green area rich in wildlife. The houses are not needed, not wanted and not welcome! Roads in the area are already an absolute nightmare with high levels of air pollution. There is no infrastructure, dentists, Drs, hospitals, schools to support it! No doubt the advertising blurb will boast good motorway links – so good in fact if there is any kind of accident/hold up you’ll find the motorway on your doorstep! Go and develop a brownfield site somewhere and stop destroying our countryside!


Wow the “brown belt” comment from Fed up, that’s a new one!
This is not a green belt site, it is allocated for development in the adopted Local Plan.

By green belt police

. Our bungalow I will now be surrounded with house that take away our privacy. Looking straight in to our bedrooms,kitchen and garden. With more cars polluting the area. This is not what TW promise when we went to the last meeting. Very disappointed,no one listen to our concerns.

By Irene

Not needed destroying green belt no proper inforstruce this is just a waste and a easy option to destroy countryside why dont you develop brown sites

By Stephen nestoruk

Where have all u people been? HS2 will bring enough Range Rover owners, towing their little boats from the home counties to Preston Dock Marina! So the flood plain won’t bother them!!

By Stephen S

As I asked at consultation they have provided space for school and shops but will not be building them. No crossings on Leyland rd from the village all the way to penwortham. If you think we need MORE new houses park your cars and walk down the new gas work estate to see how extensive the build is on the gas work estate.

By Sally

“New neighbourhoods people in south Ribble need”??? Right opposite an estate with thousands of houses (and they’re still being built) with an inadequate road that’s apparently not safe to open (that was built by the housing contractors). More/affordable housing is good but this is OVER DEVELOPMENT!
Old and young people, mainly, will suffer from the additional pollution – as someone else said, it won’t be all bikes and walking, the land rovers will be out in bulk. The land is a flood plain, there will be no facilities for the average 3 or 4 person families (Dr, Dentist etc)

By Anonymous

Leave the countryside as it is! We don’t need anymore houses!

By Prefer Rural!

Why are they taking walking areas and cycling paths away leave them alone then we can enjoy nice walks

By Alison brown

Not enough info structure to accommodate this plan , traffics bad enough you need more bridges over the river

By Greg

It does state what religion the school the school will uphold, the penwortham by pass was developed to take traffic away from leyland rd through lostock hall now we going back in time to conjest leyland rd due to planing department to have entry & exit back onto Leyland rd. From pickerings farm eastate & rat run of traffic through kingsfold.

By K black

On one hand, you have the Government saying we have to be carbon neutral world leaders and all have to scrap our cars for electric ones which most folk would need a mortgage to buy one then Then, on the other hand, you have greedy builders wanting to do away with the green belt that naturally reduces carbon Surely if this Carbon emergency is real then you wouldn’t dig up green fields and bulldozer accent hedges and trees down. All brownfield sites should be developt first

By webby

City Deal promised 20,000 jobs and 17,000 new houses – they’re throwing up the houses at breakneck speed – but where’s the Job??? I can’t see any new employment coming . It’s a con folks

By Graham

Great let’s build it on an already congested part of lower penwortham .that will be another 2000 or 3000! Cars and the pollution that goes with them !!

By Mike

How much are the apartments

By Alicia Hunt

South Ribble is full. Move on.

By Anon

Next you’ll be wondering why everywhere is flooding with all natural drainage being concreted over

By Parkinson

No body has thought about the infrastructure look st the new bypass to take the traffic off liverpool road, the bypass by the Booths to Preston still backs up, and if all the people on this new housing estate have one car you a looking at another 1,100 cars using the bypass. JUST shows the people who approve these plans haven’t got a clue but still take the overrated wages and don’t give a dam about anyone ,but I can see a rise in taxes to pay for this

By Vicks1

The landscape is fine just as it is-you can’t improve on nature. This development will destroy trees, hedgerows, fields, a natural environment. It already is a park. It doesn’t need to be turned into one.

By Anna Watson

Assume this has been shared on the local Penwortham nimby facebook page for the vitriol to be launched. Everyone accepts we have a shortage of housing stock here in the UK, i just dont want it on the field near me

By lovemcr

Just not wanted, not now NOT ever. Will increase everyone’s risk of dementia by 40%. No green space means no peace, tranquillity and poor lives for our children to grow up in. Stop the fat cats lining the friends and relatives pockets and say no to New build developments. It’s all lies. There remains 250’000 empty New builds in northwest alone, we DO NOT NEED MORE!!!

By Laura

I think Laura lives in some parallel universe where alien houses fry people’s brains… 250,000 corpses of these aliens line the streets of the North West as vacant houses. After all, who’d want to live in an exoskeleton?

By DrWho

Whilst I would prefer that the Lanes is never built, I accept that it will and I hope that wse learn from past mistakes.i.e A through road from the Cawsey to A583 with a feeder roasd into ther Lanes developement. Footpaths and cycle routes. All the estate should be built as a cul de sac to stop rat running which could be a huge problem top the locals .

By Melvyn Gardner

Nice picture. Until you realise there’s Taylor Wimpey boxes in the background.

By Anonymous

There is no room in the system as it is you can’t get into doctors dentist or schools the roads and drains can’t cope as it is it’s all about money not people these people don’t have to put up with the mess they leave behind they just move on to the next site and ruin more people’s just stop it south ribble and think of the residents for change instead of trying to score brownie points with the powers above.

By R Benson

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