Total Fitness closes in Edge Lane

The health and fitness chain has announced it has closed its club at Edge Lane in Liverpool.

Total Fitness said it has vacated the premises in part as a result of falling membership numbers, due largely to "the rundown nature of the Edge Lane regeneration area and the associated difficulties in trading".

Total Fitness added that running the club was no longer financially viable to the company.

A spokesperson for Total Fitness said: "We pursued numerous avenues to increase membership numbers at Edge Lane against a backdrop of rundown properties and demolition works. Unfortunately, none of these efforts were successful, which meant that the running of the club was no longer financially viable.

"Members of the Edge Lane club will not find themselves out of pocket in any way. All memberships will be transferable to any other branch of Total Fitness, with the nearest being at Sefton, Prenton and Warrington. Any members that have paid annually in advance for their memberships will be contacted directly by us and those that wish to arrange a full refund of any outstanding payments will be able to do so."

Total Fitness was leasing the property from landlord Fairhurst Properties.

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I’ve heard they are going bust anyway, the lancaster branch closed very quickly as well

By Geoff

It would have been nice to have been given some warning, it was a 30 minute round trip wasted

By Anonymous

what a joke total fitness treated there members like dirt the gym was full every day with loyal members they didnt even let us know the gym was shutting i will miss the gym and all the mates i had made over the years its always been money money money with total fitness and nothing about keeping the members who had been going there for years an years happy your showing them any loyality.

By gym goer

all those freidships lost thanks for that total fitness

By big j

what a joke that company r, no warning to its members or staff, hope the company goes under and bankrupts the people at the top and barclays administration loses out.

By Jim

There is a backstory to this:- 1. Total Fitness was set-up by Albert Gubay (best known for setting-up Kwik Save) who sold the company to the management backed by Legal & General but kept the property freeholds; 2. Mr Gubay owns vast swathes of the Edge Lane area and has been in a long-running dispute (now resolved) with Liverpool City Council over the redevelopment he wants to carry-out. There are some who suggest that the area was been allowed to run-down to exert pressure on the Council; and 3. Total Fitness has previously described its property cost base as being a key factor in its problems. Mr Gubay is currently taking Lancashire Cricket Club to the Court of Appeal to challenge their proposed redevelopment as this would prevent him from putting a supermarket on the White City scheme he owns. Mr Gubay was awarded a Papal knighthood. It is rumoured his litigation lawyer is on speed-dial.

By Mr Gumpy

Total Fitness is a Total Disgrace! There has been no information or notice of closure to its members. Members were only informed today that the the Edge Lane branch was closing with immediate effect as they tried to enter the gym!! Membership at Edge Lane is not falling, if anything it is going up. I have been a member for 12 years and never again!

By Ed

Edge ln was a sh** hole anyway, full of bad bell ends thinkin there on one!!

By Sean

When the new management team took over Total Fitness in Dec 2010, Edge LAne members were told that the branch would receive a significant portion of the global £5m investment. Since then, newish gym equipment were gradually replaced by out of date and damaged kit. Total Fitness more like total liars!

By Rick

This is not a rundown area. The gym was always busy. Yet TF decided to close down and not consult with members. Members found out when we turned up to use the facilities. Brilliant comunication skills…

By Ron

Fitness Factory in old swan is open

By Jon

They still cashed my cheque for my renewal fees of £350 this very morning (24th June). Just hoping they keep their promise and reimburse. Given the way this happened, they just shut up shop with no notifiaction even on the door,I have serious reservations. Big disappointment all around, I’m guessing the staff were equally ill informed and are now redundant – shameful show all around. Sad and mad.

By Anonymous

I think TF Altrincham is next given the redevelopment plans for that area of Altrincham. Be careful

By Gerry

I went to the gym yesterday afternoon (thursday) and found some security guys blocking the entrance. They just told me that it was closed for today. I thought there were some maintenance works. But I went back there just an hour ago and found the car park completly empty. Theere was no notice on the doors… There’s no communication with the members. I’m just gutted by this company. I will never ever use TF again.

By Fabrice

Warrington, are they having a f****** laugh!?!

By Carl Cox

This is a disgrace i had been a member at Edge Lane for 3 years and i feel sorry for the staff and fellow members, the staff were very helpful and friendly just hope they find jobs soon. Total Fitness is a disgrace the owner should be ashamed of himself he has other plans thinking about money,money,money! greedy man that is already rich! we are told total lies membership was on the increase and the gym was always busy i had heard the rumors that it would be closing but didn’t believe it i hope the fucking owner goes bankrupt!

By Paul Riley

the reason why total fitness has closed on edge lane is because of its increase in membership charges, i and alot of my friends were members here but left about 5 months ago as they nearly double it membership rate, alot of people quit with the rise in rates, i spoke to the manager he said it was bought by barclays capital and it was there idea to double membership rates, anybody with any managerial sense would of seen this coming and its a shame because it was a good gym.

By davey

("Total Fitness more like total liars!… "comment by Rick | 24/06/2011 09:28:25) When I joined in March, I was coming from Total Fitness in Chester and I had to pay £25 fees instead of "£100" which was a complete lie! I complained to the boss. Then later I asked about the new equipment that was a lower quality and they replied " whe have ordered new equipement and are waiting for them. The current ones are only temporary". and I cannot believe they did not know before yesterday afternoon !

By ulysse

Nice one for the notice, hope this f*ckin? company goes straight down the sh1tter. No wonder they wouldn’t replace anythin, so long crooked dumbells and all the sound people i knew there! New gym required!

By Ste Payne

what a total shock, i knew the gym was going down the pan s to speak but id rather had a gym than no gym…. I went to prenton TF to train and the main member of staff told my that the landlord wanted a very much higher rate than was already agreed and would only grant the lease if done so…… until time ran out and pulled the plug! also I heard rumours that it was going to relocate but he said that it would never happen…. what a total loss of gym and many loyal members and many friends :(

By big guns

TOTAL DISCRACE- not fitness! What a discrace Total Fitness have been to their so called members and as their big bold statement says’ Your fitness comes first’ JOKE! Not to give any notice to young and old members alike shows their true colours and Total fitness members across Liverpool/Netherton should take note and find another gym as your only used until the owners decide from sitting around the table to pull the plug on you.Edge lane is being regenerated and would be a prime site for a gym but they can say what suits to simply close as they will when they decide to close another Total fitness gym! Joke of a Company.

By Chris Carus

We are sorry to hear the news that Total Fitness Edge lane has closed down suddenly. We would like to invite all their members to come along to Liverpool’s first 24-hour Gym at Liverpool One. £20 to join and £15.99 per month with no contract. You can join online at and select Liverpool or visit the club for a club tour. Liverpool ONE 39 Strand Street Liverpool L1 8LT Many Thanks, The Gym Group Liverpool

By Clair Fox

The management had no idea how to manage and showed contempt for its members by shutting without notice. I went to the swich Island gym today but it’s an extra 16 miles round trip so I won’t be doing that again. You’d have to be barmy to enter any new contract with Total Fitness after this fiasco. They are completely untrustworthy. The staff who are still employed should get out now before they go the same way as Edge Lane. A member of staff at Switch Island said they are owned by different people to Edge Lane. They are not. Get out now. You may be next and it won’t be long. You just won’t see it coming. Members should be looking for a new gym and not renewing membership when it becomes due. Watch this space to see how we get on trying to get our refunds.

By Big G

The managers have shown themselves to be unconcerned about staff and customers. And they are deceitful. They are blaming the Edge Lane closures on falling membership due to work going on in the area. Rubbish!! From most directions there is stll easy access to the gym. The true reason behind falling Membership is the ludicrously high increases in fees. My over 55 Membership last year was £265. I’ve just received my reminder that my Membership is due for renewal on 30 June at a cost of £350. That’s £85 a year or 32% increase. Luckily for me I was leaving it to the last minute to pay, so they were still trying to rip us off right to the end.

By jonh paul

I will miss Edge Lane because now I’ll have to go at 6:30 am to Aintree for a 45 minute workwout before the peak traffic builds up at Switch Island. It hardly seems worth it! Gutted, I’ll miss some of the people too, what a shame they closed it and the way they treated all the members-disgusting! Time to find a new gym……..


There is the Training Station 2 by Botanic Park . They have a Strength and conditioning centre ajoining it. The class structures hard circuits with Battle ropes sledgehammers and Kettlebells. They also have seperate Kettlebell class’

By paul

The main gym in Wilmslow is in a bad state with machine out of order sauna broke cold showers,so if anyone is thinking of joining pay month.

By nick

I had been a member for over 10 years and in the last couple seen a considerable fall in standards. My renewal was due end of June and the cost had gone up by £100pa. I was not going to renew anyway so fortunate timing. Interesting that they closed the day before rents would have been due on 24th June – coincidence? I also wonder if they had received a payment to vacate in order to allow the redevelopment of the retail park which has been well advertised. Time will tell if the building gets demolished in the coming months.

By Martinr

Active Knowsley operate some of the best value fitness facilities in the area, with memberships from only £13.00 per month. Contact the Get Active Team on 0151 443 2200 for further details on Kirkby, Huyton, Halewood Leisure Centre’s. I feel confident we can offer you facilities to rival Total Fitness and to get you back on track with your healthy lifestyle

By Craig

Terrible news – particularly sorry for the poor staff who have suddenly found themselves without a workplace. Other people who work for the organisation must be worried and this news will surely affect customer confidence at the other clubs as well. Difficult times – I wish all the staff well

By zog

TFs statement is a discrace and a pathetic excuse, Liverpool TL has always been the poor relation in the group and they have always treated Liverpool members with contept fobbing us off with 2nd hand equipment etc. I agree with most of what others have commented; I stuck it for 11 years and was looking forward to the better facilities we had all been promised. Feel sorry for some staff though who now have lost their jobs.

By Jayboy

What an utter disgaceful way to do business, I was a member and the place was falling to bits but am glad in a way as I am now a member of a clean well maintained gym where people don’t abuse the equipment and replace weights once they have used them instead of throwing them on the floor. I feel sorry for the disabled people who used this gym and also the staff. Although TF are totally wrong in the manner they shut this establishment, the members also did not help by abusing the facilities.

By pinky

They done the same to the 3 Irish clubs, took members money no warning to 120 staff or all the tennants in the premises, 30,000 members between 3 sites, sandyford being the the second biggest club with wimslow bing the only club bigger, just chained the doors and staff and members turned up the next morning to chained doors, no notice or warning, blamed high rents from Gubay but at the creditors meeting Gubays solicitor claimed this was not the case that they never asked to meet with him. Grahame Hallworth who is now in controll has a lot to answer for. The clubs seem to be getting axed one by one. Its had a massave impact on peoples lives destroying peoples livelyhood and a huge devastating affect on the Irish fitness industry

By Irish

Yes Chester Total Fitness is in the same state of disrepair, and it can only be a matter of time before they close also. Fees went up massively on the promise of a refurb, but that hasn’t happened in the last 7 months – all that has happened is slowly deteriorating equipment. I agree with a previous comment that some (note SOME) of the members abuse the gym leading to stuff getting broken – TF managers have never had the balls to confront the abusers and kick them out. It is a shame as it has a lot going for it and I hope it doesn’t close.

By Robbie

Just to offer hope to all those promised reimbursement. After Letter and phone calls, and month waiting, TF have just refunded the outstanding £350 amount owed. Big relief all round. Hope everyone has similar experience. Now where to go ?

By Anonymous

The Newcastle Under Lyme gym was closed down last night, we used it in the day and nothing was said

By Anonymous