Rochdale Station Gateway

Rochdale reveals railway station regeneration

The council will release a masterplan in the New Year for the area around the town’s railway station with the potential to provide thousands of homes and commercial space.

WSP and Broadway Malyan have been appointed to work up the Station Gateway masterplan, featuring major housing developments along with improved public realm and connectivity to the town centre.

Among the key features of the masterplan are the potential for commercial development around the station; “significant expansion” of existing park-and-ride facilities at Miall Street; removing traffic from the front of the station to create a public square; and improvements to the train station.

There are also plans to improve pedestrian and cycle links between the station, the town centre, Milkstone, and Deeplish.

The move is being delivered by Rochdale Council in partnership with the Greater Manchester Station Alliance, which is made up of Network Rail, Northern Rail, the GMCA, Transport for Greater Manchester, and LCR.

Feasibility studies are now under way and a masterplan is expected to be published in early 2020.

The plans form part of the council’s wider vision to bring forward thousands of homes in the town centre, including at the Central Retail Park, the canal corridor, and Drake Street.

Rochdale’s masterplan will also take place alongside work to transform the Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum, which will reopen in summer 2020 after a lottery-funded renovation.

Cllr John Blundell, cabinet member for regeneration at Rochdale Borough Council, said: “The redevelopment of brownfield sites around major transport hubs is a key part of our regeneration strategy because people want to be close to key amenities and facilities.

“Rochdale station gateway is a prime location for housing because recent improvements to the North West rail network make the area around stations an increasingly attractive option for people looking for a home.

“The completion of the Ordsall Chord railway line also connects Rochdale commuters to places like London, via the national rail network, and raises the prospect of a direct rail link between Rochdale and Manchester Airport for the first time.

“The formation of this partnership will enable us to accelerate these plans and we’ll be bringing firm proposals forward next year.”

Adam Wisher, head of Manchester for developer LCR, said: “Our partnership with Rochdale Borough Council is a product of Greater Manchester’s forward-thinking approach to maximising the economic benefits offered by investment in its key transport hubs.

“As well as boosting connectivity and providing an enhanced experience for passengers, our work is helping to unlock regeneration and create new community assets that will deliver homes, jobs and public value for the region, starting in Rochdale town centre.”

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All sounds and looks brilliant,but how and who are going to pay for it. How many expensive trips will this mean for Council leader AJB and the CEO to far away places care of the contractors ?

By Colin Ridgway

Leave our station as it is. We don’t want to lose the character of it like they did to Manchester Victoria..

By Anonymous

The station desperately needs to connect with the town centre, this project will be a piece of that puzzle.

By Bradford

And Middleton town centre is left to rot while more money is lavishly spent on Rochdale

By Richard Towers

@anon – character? It was voted the worst station in the uk ahead of the refurb.

By Anonymous

Would rather better show the plans on a website and on local area where people can see it like the library so people can comment on

By José

Hello what about Middleton and Heywood are we left to rot while Rochdale scam all the money what a disgrace

By Gary Kiernan

We desperately need better links to Manchester from Heywood. 7 miles and it takes an hour on a bus Scandalous.

By Diane

What about Milnrow / Newhey

By Mal

More debt more council tax increases. Wasting money on projects and summer parties that hardly anyone attends.

By Bobby

How are people meant to get access to the church? We have disabled parishioners who come by Ring and Ride; will they have to be dropped off on Maclure Rd and try to avoid the tram to get to us?

By Spikey58

What a joke spend some money on towns near by Rochdale get it all what about Middleton / heywood

By John

Some sad comments here. Rochdale station is a real asset being on a key transpennine route, but so poorly integrated with the town centre, and presents so poorly as a gateway.This is not a zero sum game, Middleton is now seen as priority for Metrolink, Heywood for a Bury/Rochdale rail link.

By Rich X

I like to put a complaint about last night I was stuck for 3 hours because they locked up rochdale train station platform. I had gone to the bathroom and when I got out every was locked up and I no way of getting out.
I had to call the police and took over 3 hours because nobody checked if everyone was out of the train station before locking up.

By Charlotte