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Falconer Chester Hall is the architect behind the Dock 5 scheme at Ordsall

Plans in for 400 homes at Ordsall Lane

Dan Whelan

ForViva’s housing arm, ForHousing, has submitted a full planning application to build 394 homes on a 2.8-acre site on Ordsall Lane and Fairbrother Street in Salford.

The application, which was first submitted in 2017 with designs from Purcell, has since been revised.  The initial application sought 375 apartments in three blocks reaching up to ten storeys but the revised scheme details plans for an additional 19 homes at a maximum of nine storeys.

The development will be situated on the site of former warehouses next to the Manchester Ship Canal, in a £48m project named Dock 5.

The residential component includes a mix of studio flats, one-bed, two-bed and three-bedroom apartments, and townhouses.

The scheme also comprises 3,272 sq ft of commercial space on the ground floor, intended for a variety of uses including shops, bars and restaurants and offices.

In addition, the application details plans for an onsite car park with 96 spaces, as well as cycle storage for 188 bicycles. The project is expected to complete by 2023.

The architect is Falconer Chester Hall and the planning consultant is Zerum. The parties have been contacted for further information.

Dock 5 will sit alongside developer Fortis’s 375-apartment development, Bridgewater Wharf, and close to Eutopia Homes’s proposed 500-apartment Ordsall Road scheme, for which plans were submitted at the end of last year.

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Nice to see some ground floor commercial space being included. Should help to improve vibrancy and natural surveillance.


Its hard enough some days to get to and from work on Ordsall road in a morning and an evening with the traffic, its bad even when United arent playing never mind nearly a 1000 new flats and parking for 96 cars…..great planning which ever pillock decided on that!!!

By Michael

Michael – jump on a bus, bicycle, or train. Quite frankly the planning department don’t care about your commute stuck in traffic. The days where priority consideration was given to private car users is long gone… thank goodness.

By Anonymous

Michael – it’s council policy to provide much much fewer parking spaces than there are apartments. All the apartment blocks I’ve lived in in Manchester have had too many spaces, with large areas of the car park left empty. They’re a waste of money when most residents will walk/cycle/take public transport to work.

By Anonymous

395 flats and 96 carpark spaces! Dear peasant taxpayers, kindly pay for road space for our residents to place their cars. We and you can not expect them to rent non-existent garages. We need that carparking space for the children playground we will shortly announce.

By James Yates

I used to live on Ordsall lane 14 years ago and was just right. Yeah it had its rough and ready nights full of thugs, scallys and violent thieves.
But this is now making it worse and better opportunities for more crime. This isn’t affordable living because half of the normal working class people don’t have deposits and savings because their money is flushed down the drain with never ending rent payments, travel costs or car costs.
Traffic will be horrendous, and pollution, but the millionaire developments and land owners don’t care, they really don’t care.
Let’s just destroy land by building on it and not creating open space, safe environments for under privileged families to go to escape. They do not care because the rich get richer and the poor and working class just get poorer. Mortgages IF anyone gets one to live here will no doubt need a lodger or house share to make ends meet. It’s a never ending sad state of affairs of building more isn’t always the answer to a never ending class struggle of reality.

By Stephen McNulty