Brackley Golf Course
Outline consent for the project was granted in 2019

Little Hulton homes get go-ahead

The development of 677 homes on the 64-acre former Brackley Golf Course, straddling the boundary between Salford and Bolton, has received consent.

Salford City Council signed off the outline application for the Little Hulton homes at a meeting in March, while confirmation from Bolton’s planning committee was received last week.

The applicant is MHE Investments, the leasehold owner of the land. Salford City Council owns the freehold.

Jon Suckley, partner in Avison Young’s Manchester planning team said: “Alongside the mix of houses and apartments, we have proposed extensive open space on this site, with associated landscaping and an ecological corridor. There will also be designated play areas on the north and west of the site for children and families to help create a sense of community.

“Both Salford and Bolton are experiencing significant periods of regeneration and investment so developments of this scale are essential to facilitate that growth and provide homes for the growing numbers wanting to live and work in these areas.”

Avison Young provided planning and environmental impact assessment advice; Baldwin Design were the masterplanners; and CBO Transport, transport consultants.

The homes are set to be delivered over a six-year period.

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Little Hulton? Presumably a renaming ceremony is now in the pipeline, subject to planning, of course..

By Rodrigo de Triano

‘The Fairways’ at Brackley Meadows (nowhere near Little Hulton).

By UnaPlanner

677 homes is potentially 1300+ cars. No information on road improvements despite the location. How long are our councils going to keep building on anything green and failing to consider the infrastructure that is needed to support thousands of extra people. Doctors, dentists, schools, shops, etc.? With every application like this I become more and more cynical about how these applications have been found acceptable.

By D

Another disaster destroying whats left of our green space council has no thought for the enviroment or anything else to many people live here already

By Terry

So are the roads being taken into account schools hospitals all these homes. I now believe that all these homes being built. The people must be rising from the earth. Why all of a sudden for all these homes. The carbon footprint will increase. A joke government hypocrisy telling us to use cars less and yet 600 plus houses. All I know is councils will get wealthy council tax. And yet they allways put it up. But heay my comments on here utterly useless as no one takes any notice. Its all about money if a developer has money u get everything. 50years from now money won’t make any difference as the planet will die. Nature will sort all of us out. And councils won’t then have a say. Climate change is here and un reversible

By Bod Skoczypec

This is a joke.

I can only echo the points posted by D below and further add how dissapointed I am to read of this planned development and the lack of consideration for a potential rewilding project amongst a fraction of the space available. Especially considering the councils and governments need to step up and contribute towards a greener society opposed to contribute further to the air pollution by essentially inviting more cars amongst this planned vast new estate. There’s already a new estate under construction on Old lane currently.

A public park? Peel park is already subject to massive neglect and is yet to have all failed and broken apparatuses restored to their functioning state. How about reflect into the investment really needed to renovate and economically improve the skip heap citizens are living in.


By Justanother

these houses are being built with no consideration at all to the traffic problems this will cause in an already over used and traffic jammed manchester road/Salford Rd..Again this is just about money with no thought of local peoples lives and the future impossible situation this will cause. Just like the local tip which causes horrendous traffic problems regularly…Why was this not built further away from the main Rd to allow traffic to filtrate properly…I am at a loss to understand why planners do not think of these things in advance after all thats what they are being paid a lot of money to do. Proper infrastructure should be put in place before any development is started and according to the plans this has no where near been planned for. Again it is the local people who pay council tax and try to get to work to pay their bills who will be let down again…No surprise there as long as someone else is getting richer…I despair at the outcome.

By Barbara

Have any of the people who have commented on here actually looked on the planning website which is available for public viewing?
How many planning documents do you need?

By L