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Andrew Knapp, left, and David Cadwallader are the directors and co-founders of MEES Solutions

COP26 | Five easy ways to improve your EPC rating

Julia Hatmaker

MEES Solutions shares tips on how you can boost your building’s energy proficiency certificate rating in this episode of Place North West‘s COP26 podcast series.

With government policy pushing for non-domestic rental properties to have an EPC rating of B or better by 2030, now is the time to act to get the best rating possible. So we turned to the experts.

David Cadwallader and Andrew Knapp are directors and co-founders of MEES Solutions, an energy consultancy helping landlords and property managers to get more from their buildings.

Their expertise in compliant, high performing, sustainable buildings helps clients save money and reduce their environmental impact for an altogether more sustainable property portfolio.

Listen to the podcast at the top of this article to hear their advice on how to boost your EPC rating.

This episode is part of Place North West’s COP26 podcast series, which looks at sustainability solutions within the property industry ahead of the UN Climate Change conference in Glasgow this November.

In each episode, guests will share actionable insights and essential evidence-based advice drawing on lessons learned from their work moving towards net zero carbon. Listen to more of our COP26 podcasts here.

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