Colour shows the way at Media City

Peel Media has published a colour-coded map for directing the way around Media City UK developed by design agency The Chase.

As the 36-acre first phase of Media City is completed in the coming months, street landmarks such as security bollards, cycle bays, plant holders and lighting columns will be coloured to match the route palette.

In addition, Peel said the the five-acre public square between the canal and the studio block will be named as two distinct areas: the Green and the Stage, with an event capacity of up to 6,500 people.

Royal Mail and Salford City Council have arranged for new postcodes to be created for the development. The last two letters of the postcodes have been selected to suit the nature of each building at Media City: for instance the studio block postcode is M50 2HQ and the Pie Factory will become M50 2PF.

Ben Casey, creative director, The Chase, said: "Media City UK allowed us to challenge the conventional way of naming streets. We developed a colour-coded system that will help people navigate around the area and gives flexibility when lighting the walkways. The simple idea of using individual postcodes was adopted, with the last two letters being the key identifiers stripping the address to its simplest and purest form."

Bryan Gray, chairman of Peel Media, said: "Our streetscape is a simple but effective way-finding tool to help Media City UK visitors, residents and workers identify where they are on site. As the city comes alive over the next few months, we look forward to rolling out the colour scheme across the entire campus."

Phase one includes 700,000 sq ft of offices in five buildings, a 250,000 sq ft studio block, 80,000 sq ft of retail and leisure, a 218-bed Holiday Inn hotel, 378 apartments, the public square, a footbridge over the canal, multi-storey car park with 2,200 spaces and a new tram terminal.

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