Bovis Macclesfield December 2018

Bovis brings forward 330 homes in Macclesfield

Cheshire East is set to give Bovis Homes the go-ahead to build up to 330 houses on a former green belt site to the south of Macclesfield, near Lyme Green Business Park.

The site, roughly 57 acres, wraps itself around the council’s Lyme Green Highways Depot while Rayswood Nature Reserve sits to the south, with the Macclesfield Canal to the west. The area has been allocated for housing under Cheshire East’s Local Plan.

The housebuilder’s outline application is for 330 houses with more details of scale to come forward at a later date. There is also provision for around 300,000 sq ft of public open space, a children’s play area, and a community building within the application. Access is to be via London Road and the homes will be served by a new internal network of roads.

Green buffers are factored in to separate the site from the Macclesfield Canal and the nature reserve to the south.

Around 30% of the houses have been put forward as affordable, amounting to circa 90 homes, with a 65%-35% split between social rent and 35 as intermediate tenure.

Cheshire East’s planning officers have backed the scheme by recommending it for approval ahead of it going before the council’s strategic planning board on Wednesday 19 December.

The planners’ report said the proposals would provide the required amount of affordable housing and would not have an impact on highways, subject to a Section 106 contribution. Planners also recommended limiting the number of homes on the site to 310, rather than the application’s proposed 330, to “safeguard the future amenity of occupants” from the Lyme Green Depot.

The plans have been recommended for approval subject to a Section 106 agreement; this is to including a £1.7m education contribution featuring £800,000 towards secondary and £670,000 towards primary. There will also be £333,000 towards healthcare provision, along with £726,000 for highways.

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I think there are too many houses being built around Macclesfield now and not enough infrastructure put in to cope with it all! The old drains will not cope either causing flooding!

By G Whalley

Listen to Dire Straits ‘Telegraph Road’.

By Palawan

why is this council hell bent on destroying macclesfield and its country side, none of these people live in the town, driving in the town is terrible its just one big traffic jam. we don’t need anymore house’s, I would like to know what they get out of it? When they were campaigning they didn’t tell people of there in tensions to destroy macclesfield, people should remember this for next local elections

By S rolo

I wonder if anything will ever happen in Cheshire East that will meet with local approval?

By 4thought

Macclesfield doesnt need anymore houses? How curious, did the people of macclesfield stop giving birth a few decades ago? Do you have no children and teenagers that will grow up and need homes? No youngsters living with families that would like a home?

How curious…

By Anonymous

Right next to the Site of Special Scientific Interest.
Cheshire East are not fit for purpose.

By Ron Massie

Next to a SSSI, but not in it… what’s your point?

By Mon Rassie