Stanley Park Golf Club 1
The 18-hole golf course and club were founded in 1926

Blackpool to decide on controversial Stanley Park sale

Dan Whelan

The council is to determine on Wednesday whether or not to sell part of Stanley Park Golf Club to leisure operator United Kingdom Adventure Parks, after an earlier decision to approve the disposal was overruled. 

UKAP’s plans would see the construction of an outlet of Adrenalin World, an entertainment centre brand headed up by tennis player-turned-leisure mogul, David Lloyd, as well as 250 holiday lodges on part of the land currently occupies by the golf course.

The development would result in the 18-hole golf course, founded in 1926, being cut in half. 

Blackpool Council’s executive in July voted to dispose of 39 acres to UKAP, a subsidiary of real estate investor Holmes Investment Properties. 

Cllr Neal Brooks spoke out in support of the land disposal at the time, but warned that the move could see the council “cast as villains” by some members of the public.   

Brooks argued that the council had been “propping up” the golf course for years and that allowing the land to be redeveloped provided the opportunity to progress a “viable venture” at the site. 

However, at a meeting of Blackpool’s tourism, economy and communities scrutiny committee following the initial approval of the land sale earlier in the summer, it was decided that there had been “inadequate consultation” over the plans and that the executive committee had failed to take into account local residents’ concerns.  

Committee chair Martin Mitchell said: “I am not convinced that the executive considered all of the relevant arguments. If [the decision] is referred to full council, it will enable full consideration of all the issues.” 

A decision on the land sale will be voted on by all 42 Blackpool councillors this week. A petition against the sale of the land garnered 8,000 signatures but was disregarded by the council last year. 

Liverpool-based architect Ryder Architecture and Manchester-based consultancy Hydrock are on the project team for the proposed leisure scheme, alongside planning consultant Iceni Projects. 

UKAP is expected to sign a lease of between 99 and 125 years, according to the council’s head of regeneration. 

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Disgraceful to even consider

By Belinda

Let it return to wild meadow. Blackpool needs neither Adrenalin World nor 250 holiday lodges. Let nature reclaim this land…

By D.A.G Wood

This is ridiculous. Outdoor activities like golf are now on the up. Our leisure activities should not be sold off for a holiday chalet park. The road congestion in that area every day is bad enough without introducing more vehicles. If the land were to be used by the hospital for expansion fair enough but not for this.

By Barry Kenyon

East Park drive is already very contested. HOSPITAL..ZOO..VILLAGE..STANLEY PARK. Can’t believe is even being considered!!

By Mrs. J Pedley

How can a petition of 8,000 be ‘disregarded’ by the council? Absolutely disgraceful.
The land is home to lots of wildlife and the traffic in the area is already busy without the further impact from this proposed development.

By Sarah Robinson

There has been enough green areas around Blackpool taken up for huge ugly building sites.
There are too many small hotel businesses suffering without any further competition. Grants should be made for improvements in these areas and eyesores and run down areas need demolishing to make any improvement in Blackpool plus any other building plans.
The area around East Park Drive can be gridlocked by the amount of traffic at certain times of the day. A road network, feeding a busy hospital, used by thousands if you include staff, outpatients, visitors and emergency services would be unsustainable and totally impracticable.
The extra pollution caused in that area would have a further detrimental effect on the environment, caused by noise, litter, fumes and misappropriation of land. Destruction of wild lofe on a massive scale.
Everyday we are being told of human actions causing damage and destruction to our planet. It’s time Blackpool council thought of it’s bread and butter….the rate payers, inhabitants, environment and wildlife.
This isn’t the Lake District and never will be!!! Blackpool’s holidaymakers come for the beach, the bars, the excitement. They are not campers, walkers or environmentalists!!!
Hands off our green space.
Besides, to bring in holidaymakers, you need to spend more time thinking about the roads. Or maybe the potholes. More potholes than tarmac!!!!

By Gwendoline Brown

Plant a million trees instead

By Philip garnsey

Theres not a lot of greenery left in blackpool leave well alone !!!!!!

By Graham ashworth

This is already a very congested area for traffic for most of the day. No consideration has been given to the local residents and the inconvenience this will cause. This is one of the few green spaces available for leisure for residents away from the tourist area. Salisbury Gardens and the path behind The Village hotel would be impacted by this development. Also need to consider the wildlife in the area. Blackpool Council need to think of the residents for once and not their pockets.

By Debbie Horn

Why is our council consistently ignores any consideration for local residents , they do what they want and overrule anything that stands in their way changing and making rules as they go along to suit themselves . We have a abundance of hotels in Blackpool we do not need more accommodation, we also have Ribbey Hall that cater for outside pursuits. Leave our golf course alone .

By Christine

If this goes ahead it will take years for the Blackpool Labour Party to recover.It is not true the golf course is losing money,Possible taking around £200000 this year. Blackpool Labours shame

By baz

Wildlife will be permanently destroyed the traffic round there is horrendous this is the worst idea ever leave it alone clowncil!

By Blackpool guy

Let the people decide. It is too big an issue for councillors to consider as on too many occasions they have failed to listen to to residents and show more allegiance to the council rather than residents .

By Tismeagain

No way do we want a noisy leisure park on our doorstep. All the green spaces around Blackpool have almost gone. Blackpool is becoming the most built up area in Lancashire and Blackpool residents love the peace and quiet of the golf course. 8,000 signatures were against it and it was disregarded. You should listen to Blackpool residents and not try and make decisions without any regards as to what we want # angry.

By Anonymous

Why should the council decide on this project, it should be the residents, but then again our council have a habit of ignoring what local residents think

By Kevin

This sale of beuitiful green belt as been very underhanded Blackpool residence have hardly been consulted . This venture is going to have an impact on the surrounding nature and forna . Also traffic build up


It should be put to a democratic vote by the residents.I’m completely against as are every person I’ve spoken to about this.why don’t we knock the tower down as well??go full on and flatten the grand theatre and the winter gardens?reeks of greed.

By Will sullivan

An absolute disgrace, yet again blackpool council not considering the welfare of its residents, wildlife and environment.

By Susan

I hope the councilors voting next week will, for a change, listen to the residents of Blackpool. They should vote for the wishes of the people who elected them.

By Lesley

Can the peoples names be given on this committee who decided whats good for the council tax payers . If it down to councillors we have a right to know or no matter who make these decisions we still should know .

By P Bell

Shame on the council for even considering it.

By Stan Lyon

Blackpool golf club should stay as a whole club and if it is not making any money then the council needs to find a body of people who can turn tge club around . A prime site such as that ought to be more than viable

By Anne Scanes

Loss of green space is not a good thing. There are lots of alternative sites that could be developed equally as well. This is not just for golfers, but all kinds of exercise enjoying this beautiful open space.

By Eric McMullan

this cannot happen!! The area is a conservation area which has been allowed to be abused by our council. The Adrenalin Centre and its LODGES should be on the outskirts of Blackpool. Some golfers can’t afford to join a club. Many i am sure agree the project should not even have been considered. What are our council thinking!!!!!

By J.pedley.