Stanley Park Golf Club Plans
The adventure park would occupy the shaded area and holiday homes to the north

Holmes progresses £45m Blackpool leisure scheme

Dan Whelan

A subsidiary of the real estate investor is moving ahead with plans to redevelop Stanley Park Golf Club into 250 holiday homes and an Adrenalin World adventure park, requesting a site study to be undertaken. 

Planning consultant Iceni Projects has lodged a request to the local council for an environmental impact assessment of the 39-acre plot to the east of East Park Drive in Blackpool. 

Proposals from United Kingdom Adventure Parks, part of leisure specialist Holmes Investment Properties, include the development of an adventure park from former tennis player David Lloyd’s Adrenalin World brand, plus 250 holiday lodges. Holmes struck a deal with Lloyd last September for his company to operate the park. 

The planning application for the scheme would be divided into two parts, detailed and outlined. 

The detailed part of the proposal includes plans for Adrenalin World and the holiday lodges, while the outline plans are for landscaping and the redevelopment of the existing golf clubhouse.

The golf club, which opened in 1926, would be reduced in size from 18 holes to nine under the proposals. The course currently totals 91 acres across two plots but the development site comprises a smaller, roughly L-shaped, plot. 

Liverpool-based architect Ryder Architecture and Manchester-based consultant Hydrock are on the project team. 

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Absolutely disgraceful. Should never have been allowed to progress in the first place. Yet another green space our local counsellors want to destroy and once again they disregard
the residents objections. They should be ashamed of themselves.

By Karen Taylor

In an already congested residential area, miles from Blackpool’s core tourist facilities and accommodation, let’s build even more accommodation on the town’s little remaining public space. This in a town already reported as depressed, poor, over developed and with the least green space per head in the whole UK. Makes me wonder if any of our council actually live in the town!?

By JasH

I am very concerned about reducing the golf club to one of only 9 holes. This municipal golf course is extremely well patronised, particularly by locals and is often regarded as one of the finest municipal courses in the country. The residents’ and players’ comments seem to have been completely disregarded in typical Blackpool BC style. I hope we get the opportunity to appeal against this development.

By Lance Fogg

So in the middle of the biggest pandemic in a 100 years with hotels shut in the town the council is considering reducing one of the finest municipal courses in the north west to 9 holes. To open a caravan park and a set of rope slides. Hurrah we all need this of course. The caravan parks we already have are struggling. A similar adrenalin park at Knowsley safari park is barely used and once this idiotic idea has gone belly up we will have an eyesore similar to Camelot. Great idea get the developers to look at a different site and save Blackpool from another idiotic failure. As to the environmental issues try getting from one side of the park at any time other than early in the morning or late at night. But wait let’s sell off the Zoo and build a bypass what’s a few animals to get in the way of a quick short lived buck.

By Mal

Absolute disgrace!!!! Blackpool has so little green space! It should be protected at all costs!

By Anonymous

I know this area very well because my dad retired to Blackpool next to Stanley park 15 years ago.. Golf clubs are shutting down or shrinking in size all other the country.

By Darren born and bred in Salford

Has the recent lockdown taught us nothing? Are we just going to plough on as before? This development isn’t needed, reducing green spaces which are so sorely needed by local residents. Keep tourism out of the residential areas, stop the plundering of our green and wonderful land at the expense of capital. Blackpool is deprived of green space, all around we see more and more land being taken from us. Shame on Blackpool council and those who approved this. It’s another “Derby Baths” scandal in the making. How can the planning committee allow this to happen? Disgusting.

By Chris Turner

This is an utter disgrace. Nobody wants this – apart from the Council it would seem – and the location with it’s only viable access onto an already gridlocked road must surely contravene the council’s own planning regulations. Also, an ‘adrenaline park’ with all the noise that brings, next to a hospital? It is so wrong it makes you wonder why it is being driven through. There is a big lump of land at Whindyke Farm next to the M55 which is surely more appropriate.

By Peter Seddon

What a well thought out carefully considered idea this has been. A built up area a stones through from A&E and a busy route. Oh and the town already has the Pleasure Beach. Idiotic, unecessary idea that will inconvenience and cost the locals no end

By Spoons62

This is an outrageous proposal, not only will it impact the wildlife habitat, it will also add significant problems with traffic congestion to an already busy area. The town will also lose an area of natural beauty. This project should be built in a more suitable area of the town designated to the tourism industry.

By Anonymous

Should not be allowed !