Mottram Bypass
Residents have been lobbying for a solution to local traffic congestion for almost 50 years

Balfour Beatty wins £108m Mottram bypass job

Dan Whelan

The contractor, in partnership with consultant Atkins, has been appointed to deliver the long-awaited dual-carriageway aimed at reducing congestion in Tameside village and speeding up journey times between Manchester and Sheffield.

Early design work on the £200m link road between the M57 and the A57 is due to start this summer and construction is scheduled to begin by spring 2023, according to Balfour Beatty.

The relief road would run north-east from junction four of the M67 to a newly created underpass in Mottram. The road would then join the A57 east of the junction with the A6018. 

The A57, which runs through Mottram, is notoriously congested and talks to create a bypass have been ongoing for many years. Residents have been lobbying for a solution to the traffic problem since the 1970s. 

The Mottram bypass is part of a wider £242m project to reduce congestion on the 25-mile route connecting the M67 in the North West across the Pennines, to the M1 in South Yorkshire. 

Phil Clifton, managing director of Balfour Beatty’s highways business, said: “Balfour Beatty and our design partner Atkins are proud to be delivering this critical project to support economic growth in the North of England. 

“We are[contributing] to the development of the local area by connecting communities and bringing additional social value through the use of local suppliers and supporting employment opportunities.”

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when you go past roadworkers like the regent road roadworks last year and the roadworkers on ancoats street at the moment, the roadworkers are doing mostly nothing all day. You might see one worker working and around 8 workers stood around him watching him.

By Darren born bred.

This bypass is sorely needed and can’t come soon enough

By Dan

This will just move the problem. More traffic from the M60 to destinations across South/East Yorkshire and the East Midlands will be drawn to the improved journey time. This will mean more traffic through Glossop/Snake and Tintwhistle/Woodhead. I imagine there will be snarl ups at the western end of the M67 and Stalybridge. We never learn our lessons!

By Induced Demand

I hope they perform better than in Herefordshire as they are woeful inadequate in their application of works. The phrase too many chiefs springs to mind

By Nigel

Can’t wait to sit in traffic on this new road

By Anonymous

Your new proposal actually puts more traffic on Mottram moor, all the HGVs that travel up Woodley lane and turn right will now,have to come up the link road and turn right at the round about then travel down Mottram moor.also that traffic turning right will have right of way over the traffic coming from the 67. Wood head was no designed to take the volume of traffic it carries,the road is not fit for purpose,all the repairs that are being carried out at present are proof of that proof of that, wall damage subsidence, the people that approve these plans should have to live in the area, or Sacrifice their pension when there plans don’t work, as much as I hate the queues on the moor the only benefit from them is it keeps the speed down when you remove the volume of traffic as in it’s just happened in covid the speeds are horrendous we have a camera system that’s not functional, and all the media sites tell you it doesn’t issue tickets anyway why spend money on it in the first place.I’ve travelled on a bus going down Mottram moor at 50 miles an hour when I pointed it out to the driver he reminded me that it was an offence to talk to the driver whilst he was I’ve attended an accident on Mottram moor when the police officer who had been called out to it it told me was a 40 mile an hour speed limit. put a weight restriction on woodhead and speed bump it all the way to keep the cars going at a reasonable speed and your resolve quite a lot of problems

By Barry Darwin

But will this bypass put more vehicles on to the woodhead causing a back up .it just seems like a problem is being.moved to another location and somebody at the highways has indicated privately traffic will be backed up to mottram roundabout at times and residents will have to put up with thundering trucks .but lets see what happens.

By Jordan daldry

It’s a start.

By ChesneyT

2023?! Why not make it 2100. The pathetic timescales in this country are palpable.

By Richard

About bloody time, believe it when iam driving along it


When is the long awaited by pass from Hazel Grove to Bredbury (blue route) going to happen? The heavy lorries and through traffic here is terrible.

By Hazel Bennett

Why is there no motorway over the moors to S. Yorks, N. Notts, Lincolnshire also joining the M1 and A1? Because the UK, a poor second-rate economy cannot afford a modern infrastrucute, or because necessary economic infrastructure investment is decided by Tory civil servants and politicians in London who think public capital investment is a waste of ‘taxpayers money’ i.e. ‘their’ money. Often the simple answer is the right answer: Occam’s Law. No number of office blocks or buy-to-rent towers in Manchester will power 21st century economic growth with a 19th century public infrastructure.

By James Yates

Yet again another public consultation.
Who decided that the roe cross junction was not to be built. The road is to be moved away from homes on old hall lane.How far away and presumably nearer to other homes.Mottram village will benefit but the traffic j is just being moved a mile away to the junction on the A57.
Residents of Hoiling worth and Tintwistle do not beneifit .

By David leigh Mottram.

A lot of tunnels underground, why not this one?

By Phil

Its about time this started

By Howard

What a half hearted load of rubbish. All its going to do is create more traffic.

By Anonymous

Robbing Peter to pay Paul….just moving the problem on instead of a bypass that takes in Tintwistle & Hollingworth……absolutely ridiculous proposal.

By Maggie

Oh great now 3 lots of roundabouts. There could have been one road from the m67 to woolley Bridge for the glossop traffic and a decent bypass for mottram hollingworth and tintwistle

By Steve Watts

Just restrict use of these roads to 7.5 ton and less vehicles. All runs fine when the Snake and the Woodhead close due to snow. It only adds 20 mins to a journey from Manchester to Sheffield by using the m62 as an alternative.

By Lisa

Why Spring 2023? Surely the plans have all been drawn up and all the decisions made now. Why does it take decades to get anything done in this country. This should be starting Spring 2021. Does anyone know why it is going to take almost 3 years to make a start on this?

By Lee

About time

By Stephen corbett

2023 start date this has been put back 3 years why the worst bottle neck in England

By Peter Fraser

What about all the wagons and lorries that come throw glossop town centre and along Sheffield road to the Snake pass

By Queenie

We don’t need the bypass or a link rd .stop all HGVS from accessing the m1 from the snake pass and the woodhead pass .make them.use the M62 simple !!!!

By Dr procter

Please explain what the £108m covers. Locals have been told the Mottram Moor link road (it ISN’T a bypass) would cost well over £200m. The map looks out of date too in that the link to Roe Cross Road has been removed.

By Steve U