Deansgate Travelodge
There are currently five Travelodge hotels in Manchester city centre

Application in for Deansgate Travelodge

Dan Whelan

Aberdeen Asset Management has submitted plans to redevelop a site opposite Deansgate Locks on Whitworth Street West to bring forward a 152-bedroom Travelodge hotel.

The site is occupied by two red brick warehouses, known as Whitworth House and Wrendal House, which are separated by Rowendale Street. The buildings are currently vacant and would be demolished as part of the proposals.

The seven-storey building would feature 6,000 sq ft of ground floor space earmarked for retail or restaurants with the hotel rooms on the upper floors. The building would sit next to the proposed 35-storey Mercer Tower.

If plans are approved, the hotel would become the sixth under the Travelodge brand, which has over 500 hotels across the UK, Ireland and Spain, in Manchester city centre.

The architect for the scheme is Glenn Howells Architects, while JLL is acting as project manager and planning consultant.

The professional team also includes cost consultant Gardiner & Theobold; RoC Consulting as structural engineer; Crookes Walker Consulting; acoustics engineer Hilson Moran; Synergy as sustainability consultant; Curtins on highways and Kathryn Sather & Associates on heritage.

Earlier this week, Place North West reported on plans for a nearby hotel scheme which could provide 300-bedrooms. The proposed Staycity hotel would sit on a site between the Castlefield Viaduct and The Deansgate pub.

Developers are awaiting clarity from local planning authorities on the development process amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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How grim, demolish two old buildings for that utter dross. How is it possible to have all this investment coming into Manchester and it end up looking uglier than it did in the 1970’s.

By Loganberry

The two warehouses on the site deserved to be saved, especially as this is just some off the shelf design.

By Aaron

Absolutely terrible, dull architecture

By Anonymous

I’m usually a fan of Glen Howells’ work, but this looks dismal. Can only assume they were hamstrung by a unimaginative client, or one that didn’t have eyes.

By Anonymous

Perhaps these wise commenters need to look at the street facing facade rather than the unadorned end?

By Roll eyes

Manchester’s red brick industrial architecture bites the dust once more, as we become the next Croydon/Frankfurt/Birmingham.

By Wrecking Ball

Oh look! Another shoe box!! It really is rather dull and uninspiring. The sort of building you walk past and it’s so bland that you don’t even notice that it’s there.


By Liver lad

Tacky architecture replacing two beautiful red brick warehouses. There will be mass objections over this.

By Acelius

Good to have a hotel use in place of vacancies but shame to replace historic buildings with some character with a generic bland building

By urbanista

Unfortunately its a travelodge so no need to be inspiring just functional. When is Manchester City Council going to start consider the aesthetic of buildings rather than depressing this area even more.


This cannot be allowed to happen. Removing even more character from the city centre for an utterly boring box!

By Anon

We only get dull buildings in the North West

By Dan

what a terrible design, really out of place with the area

By Jon P

What’s happened to Architects pledge to retrofit first. Also can Place North West please choose a better view to showcase the scheme. Whilst it looks depressing there must be a better angle.

By Tom the Yorkshire Squirrel

Surely we could do something better along Deansgate?

By Anonymous


By Claire


By Sad

I rarely comment on here but feel the need to. Baffled that something incredible cannot be done with the heritage buildings. This new design is pretty uninspiring and also looks like it will shut a street. If you’re going to flatten these buildings, at least give us an elegant tower instead :)

By Calum McGowan

Look at the state of that – looks just as bad as the premier inn they are pulling down on Medlock St

By Anonymous

Good to see the proposal is to remove car litter by using tree planting in place of the parking spaces. Wouldn’t hurt for Highways to have a looks at the street design as well – at that width, the 20mph speed limit signage is pretty futile. Narrow down the lanes and make it a bicycle priority street.

By Active Travel Trev

Two archetypal Mancunian red brick warehouses being raised for a cheap, tacky building that could literally be anywhere in the world.

Awful building. Disgraceful that meek MCC allow this sort of thing to be so common place. Shame on all of you involved.

By .

You can’t honestly want to swap decent Manc architecture for this crap.
I actually like most things being built in Manc these days despite the rubbish comments on here, but given the prime location this is not a suitable replacement.

By Anonymous

I am not opposed to the demolition of victorian buildings provided they are replaced with something better. Unfortunately this design is the worst I have since Red Rock in Stockport was built. Shockingly bad.

By Monty

this is an atrocity, what a terrible design

By Anonymous

At the very least, the facades of the original buildings could be conserved. What’s proposed is unbelievably hideous.

By Mancunian

So sad to see two relativity interesting ‘historic’ buildings demolished for another piece of characterless development. The Manchester cityscape really is becoming diminished in the race for profit. Architects really need to up their game!

By Pete

Anonymous “rubbish comments” is that why you are always on this communication link making useless points & statements.

By cba

Is it made of Lego?

By Kid A

Whitworth House and Wrendal House replaced by shoe box. Looks like the cheapest class B engineering brick they could find for the CGI. At least have the decency to give us a fake good looking CGI that you will VE the pants off later on. This is not right.

By Not Sarah

Very fitting

By Anonymous


By Anonymous

You do wonder if this is a good site for a hotel – on a weekend night this has to be one of the noisiest streets in the country.

By Manc Man

Roll out of Deansgate Locks with your be-lashed, be-wigged, artfully eye-browed beau on your arm, roll over the road to this new Travelodge and roll around with said beau in a fug of booze and mild nausea. Rinse and repeat.

The architecture is perfectly suited to its purpose.

By Beau-tiful

If MCC approve this then they are officially useless

By Anonymous

An utter disgrace!..I’ll be shocked if this gets through Planning………then again

By Steve

Build a hospital instead, we desperately need more hospitals in densely populated areas

By jabjabjab

Hideous. Plus directly opposite the nightclubs of deansgate locks so guests shouldn’t expect a quiet nights sleep.

By Frank

I suppose we should be grateful that it’s not another black or grey building. That’s about the only positive thing going for it.

By Keith H

No, No, No, enough is enough. Not another boring, lifeless, building to add to the rest. No respect for the city and its heritage. Stop demolishing well built, aesthetically pleasing buildings. This is Manchester council who has no dignity left when it comes to saving these type of buildings of course it will be approved, Horrible!

By Anonymous

Stop demolishing historic well-made buildings for this cheap pop-up design which will fall apart in 15 years. The reason people enjoying coming to Manchester and staying in hotels is because the city has authentic old building such as these, so renovate don’t demolish.

By Neik