New Brighton plans launched under ‘Left Bank’ vision

Wirral Council is inviting the public to shape a 15-year masterplan for New Brighton, which proposes an outdoor swimming pool and other developments to regenerate the seaside town.

The ‘Our Lido’ proposal is a key plank of the masterplan and would see an outdoor swimming pool and associated health, wellbeing and community facilities built in New Brighton.

The council wants to hear suggestions from local residents and businesses on where the lido could be located, and also proposals for “an important feature that is special to New Brighton”; an “enhancement opportunity” – for example, a redevelopment of a building or public space – and an “issue” the masterplan should consider, for example environmental or transport challenges the town faces.

“New Brighton has undergone a renaissance in recent years and has once again become a hugely popular destination, but further regeneration, based on inspiration from the community, will help to maximise the potential of the resort,” Wirral Council said in a statement.

The council has commissioned advisory firm Building Design Partnership to consult with the local community from today until 16 November, to develop a framework to inform future investment and planning decisions for New Brighton.

The plans are part of the council’s 20-year vision to regenerate a stretch of land along the Wirral Peninsula, taking in areas such as New Brighton, Liscard, Seacombe, Birkenhead, New Ferry and Bromborough and called the ‘Left Bank’ development framework.

Earlier this month, Wirral launched a consultation on proposals to reinvigorate Liscard town centre, one of Wirral’s main shopping areas, including a remodelling of the Cherry Tree shopping centre as well as new apartments, shops, a multistorey car park and a raft of public realm improvements.

Anita Leech, chair of Wirral Council’s Economy, Regeneration and Development Committee, said: “Even before the development of Marine Point and the rebuilding of the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton was a hugely popular place to visit, with beautiful beaches and seaside attractions.

“Now we are looking ahead to the next 15 years and what the future holds for the town. We want to hear from you on what you would like to see change or be developed.

“This is your chance to tell us what you think of New Brighton… and what you think will help make it an even better place to live, work and visit.”

Following the consultation, the council will draw up options and present them to the public in early 2021. It aims to complete the masterplan by next spring.


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Being a talented producer of fantasy computer generated images, I always envisage a new bridge and a new opera house on the Wirral so it can extend Liverpool and break the status quo. I dont mean the old rock group by the way..

By Mad Michael

Aah, La Rive Gauche! Anyone would be forgiven for mistaking Birkenhead prom for a stroll down the Seine.

By Liverpool Bromance

We shouldn’t be trying to copy Paris with this left bank nonsense, Paris should be trying to copy the Wirral. Nobody is going to eat frogs legs in Birkenhead.

By Hedda

Pool could go by the Derby pool restaurant.

By Pam Dobbins

Having lived on coastal drive for 18 years and spending all my childhood in wallasey I am 65 now and welcome positive regeneration to new Brighton especially a lido and if planned and executed in a proper manner then I am all for it but we’re will you place it and also we could well do with a bus service along the prom especially in the winter

By Mrs kearns

Bring back New Brighton Tower! Not as mad an idea as it might seem… Go for an iconic modern tower, with a modern function, on the site of the old tower, in the existing Tower Gardens. This would be seen right across Liverpool Bay, would mark the entrance to the Mersey and would put New Brighton back on the map, raising its profile as part of the Liverpool destination, and building on Rockpoint’s success. The apartments ), with views to die for, would pay for the tower, and a new restaurant, like ‘The Panoramic’, on the top, would surely attract Liverpool & Wirral’s fine diners. The Panoramic is usually booked 3 months ahead.
Create a new trolley bus along the prom through Egremont to Seacombe and on to Birkenhead. Those are the two projects that would transform New Brighton and that whole stretch of the Mersey the most! New Brighton can be much bigger than Crosby is, with our Anthony Gormley statues.

By Red Squirrel

Oh…!, and the ferry, bring back the ferry!

By Red Squirrel.

The ‘West Bank’ is/was a term used to describe an occupied territory in the middle east. There is a certain irony here given that this phrase has been applied to Wirral which has been subsumed into the Liverpool City Region……having been previously translocated from Cheshire on 01 April 1974. No-one was fooled then…..were they?

By Moggy Meols

Brilliant idea! I have the best childhood memories of the old pool and I think the younger generation now are missing out on such fantastic memories and opportunities to experience this! Please bring a pool back to new brighton! I know very few that would object to this proposal for a new pool!

By Emma

Delighted to see this happening. Yes yes yes to the outdoor pool – maybe with w facility to close it over in the winter for sllnyear round use ? So possible ly the idea of it located at Harrison Drive end is a good one
Free parking please in designated areas to avoid street congestion
Noone I suspect wants to see the end of “the dips”
Maybe an enticement to all this regeneration, particularly in respect of Liscard, would be a reduction in the Business Rates suggest it makes economic sense to have more units filled paying a lower rate than few (or none) attempting to pay a high one. Simply a thought for the melting pot chaps. But all power to you. Lests see the glory days back and people wanting staycations in New Brighton

By Dee Nelson

It is a great shame that the lovely facility of the pitch and putt near Harrison Drive is not publicised. There is no signage promoting the course, and it is now rarely open. More should be made of this important leisure facility in order for it to generate more income.

By Stephanie Hilton

An outdoor pool was a condition of the previous regeneration of New Brighton, however the Developers did as they pleased with the backing of the politicians, I wonder why.

By Moneytalks

Wirral has massive regeneration potential, I wish them well.

By Mark Gilbertson

I think a icerink on the water front over christmas (something like the rockefella centre in new York) would be a big hit, space for a Christmas Market aswell.

By Jacob

Restore a tram system, from the existing Woodside tram stop, incorporate the promenade to New Brighton (trams used to run down Victoria Road if my memory serves me) via Seacombe and along the front to Harrison Drive. Rail lines remain around the docks area – perhaps a variety of routes could be used. An induction system could power the trams old and/or new. Many areas could be joined up. Scheduled ferry services could be incorporated as in the past.
An indoor pool/outdoir pool combination could be built – perhaps using one of the ‘dips’ which save on excavation costs and keep the elevations down to a sensuble height. Plenty of glass and child friendly as well as adult friendly facilities.
Derby and NB open pools of the past were great facilities for local residents as well as visitors.
Greater and innovative use of the current marine pool would be welcome too – little used – except for sea birds.

By over the water

I nearly bought a house in New Brighton because it does have amazing potential and I love heading down to the beach on a sunny day. For me, where it falls down is the lack of quality development along that waterfront/promenade. Huge sheds with their backs/car parks facing the sea combined with ageing buildings that have had their day. I think the lido money would be better served building quality amenities for locals and beyond as a destination. I would have thought developers would be all over the area also as the potential for generous apartments with sea views is clear! I think the spirit of New Brighton can be retained with quality place making and public realm.

By Clark

The coastal towns in the NW are very disappointing, not a lot going on in them.

By Floyd

Main problem in new brighton is car parking all roads there should be resident parking and multistorey car parking on the front.

By D caine

New Brighton has to have the ferry service resumed – it does not need an expensive new pier, just a serviceable jetty into the Mersey, then the throngs of tourists and visitors will be happy. The place also needs trees, eg some small pine trees, maybe not on the seafront due to the wind, but along the shopping parade. So yes: get some more apartments built, another large hotel, and smarten up the Victorian buildings and the area has a bright future.

By Anonymous

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