Abingdon Street Blackpool, Daniel Berko, P.Nissen Richards

Amended Blackpool resi returns for consideration  

Dan Whelan

Plans for a block of 18 apartments on a prominent site close to the Winter Gardens have been tipped for approval next week after the developer tweaked the proposals at the request of officers. 

Fleetwood Market CGI, Wyre Council, C. Prepared By IBI Group On Behalf Of Wyre Council

Wyre submits £8.6m Levelling Up bid

Julia Hatmaker

Funds would go towards building a creative business workspace next Fleetwood Market, developing Fleetwood Port and creating a new visitor centre for Fleetwood Museum.

Grange Park Resi 1

Grange Park housing approved

Sarah Townsend

Blackpool Council’s executive has signed off plans for 131 social homes as part of its Grange Park Estate regeneration project.