The Queen’s Speech

The first Queen’s Speech prepared by a wholly Conservative Government since 1996 contained what the Prime Minister has called a “programme for working people.” Key measures put forward include guarantees against high-profile tax increases, additional childcare, new devolution settlements across the UK, and reductions in household benefits cap. In a surprise move, there was no immediate commitment to repeal the Human Rights Act; a consultation will take place on a British Bill of Rights to replace it.

In planning and development, many of the key headlines come from the proposed Housing Bill, which will:

  • Provide a framework for Starter Homes that will be sold to first-time buyers at a discount
  • Introduce a statutory register for brownfield land
  • Require local authorities to identify suitable plots for self-build homes
  • Simplify and speed up the neighbourhood planning process

In the long term, it is likely that anyone in business will be affected by the Government’s impact on the preservation of the United Kingdom and the European Union in their current forms. Business loves stability, and a prolonged period of uncertainty over the futures of the UK and the EU would not suit anyone, regardless of their views on either union.

Remarkable has prepared a fuller analysis of the new Government’s programme. If you’re interested in receiving a copy, or would like to talk to us about what you the Conservative Government will mean for your business, drop me a line.

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