Deeds matter

It’s been a strange old month at Luma Towers.

We are working with excellent clients, playing to all our strengths and delivering brilliant work that will create better businesses all round. Luma has been shortlisted for two awards, by Prolific North and Downtown in Business, and is in a better position than at the beginning of the year.

But. We are achieving this in an unpredictable world. The pandemic has caused heartbreak for everyone in one way or another, whether that’s loved ones lost or opportunities missed. Real life continues alongside the drama of Covid-19, with births, deaths and everything in between.

This month, I have lost my beloved mother-in-law, marked my 15th wedding anniversary, celebrated business success and cared for loved ones going through hard times of their own. Life is a rollercoaster. Hold on tight.

People’s responses have been striking. We’ve received support, celebration and sympathy from the most unexpected places. As they say, it’s the hard times that reveal the true measure of a person.


We’ve talked about it before – what you do matters. There’s more to the business world than growth, market share and profit. Reputation, impact and legacy matter too.

When you move on from your business or your current role, what do you want to leave behind? Are you aiming to have a deliberate, tangible impact? Take some time to consider what that might be.

Use your expertise to leave the world better than you found it. Whether that’s environmentally, stylistically, economically or in terms of equality of opportunity. Instil your goals in the culture and values of your business and your team. And remember to be kind to others along the way.

Deliberately considering your legacy is more than just a nice thing to do. Setting goals that drive innovation, sustainability, diversity, collaboration… will drive a better business.


Behaviour is an individual thing – and the kind of people that a company hires reflects the company culture.

We’re having great conversations with two clients right now about how to embed their values into business culture.

For one, it’s about being explicit about their expectations: in this kind of situation, you should use this value as a decision-making tool to guide you.

For the other, it’s about leadership: if this value is true, we need to let that client go or no longer accept this form of behaviour from our suppliers.

By instilling your values and legacy goals into every part of your business, your people – from the boardroom right through the supply chain – understand what’s expected of them.

Having a lasting positive impact means that we can’t just do less bad, but must find ways to do more good. This is about more than just doing the right thing. It’s about building a better business.

Now more than ever, leaders are considering the impact they can have to ensure business longevity and sustainability, while deliberately creating a better world for those that come next.

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