Edge Hill student blocks come forward in Ormskirk

Plans have been submitted for three accommodation blocks in the centre of Ormskirk, reaching between four and five storeys, for Edge Hill University students.

The developer, J Waring & Sons, has put forward proposals for three blocks featuring 101 student flats; these include a mix of 48 cluster-style bedrooms, along with 53 studio flats.

The studios are split across two blocks, while the cluster flats are in a four-storey building. Another block, which also reaches four storeys, will have a 1,000 sq ft commercial unit on the ground floor. All the buildings are proposed to be brick-clad, and will be arranged around a central courtyard.

The developer’s planner, Emery, has argued there is currently “insufficient” numbers of student beds for Edge Hill University, with the proposed development designed to provide spaces for students in the town centre, particularly for second and third-year students. Edge Hill currently has just shy of 2,500 be d spaces on its campus.

The site, which is currently vacant, sits to the rear of Church Street and has had a lengthy planning history stretching back over a decade.

A mixed-use commercial development including 17 apartments was approved in 2008, and although an extension of time was granted in 2013, the scheme has not yet been progressed.

The site is allocated for development under West Lancashire’s Local Plan.  Barclay + Phillips is the architect.

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In character and on a backland site. Excellent! Just what Ormskirk needs to animate the centre in the evening. More please, and apartments for younger people too. This is the way to go. Ormskirk has the advantage of a student population to kick things off.

By Roscoe

Isnt this already on site?
The site has been vaccant for years, and whilst development is needed I am not sure student studios is the answer. Ormskirk is a small town relative to its student population. What is needed in Ormskirk is starter family homes (perhaps not this site).

By Billy

Town centres are different Billy, they can bring a whole area to life and create confidence. Clearly you can’t get family homes in the town’s central streets. Ormskirk was once one of the biggest towns in the north west. It has a lot more potential than people realise.
This site is to the rear of the one you’re referring to I think. It’s near the underused little arcade that needs more businesses. More people in the centre will help achieve this.

By Roscoe

I did some cost planning for a similar scheme in the town centre about 10 years and it wasn’t viable then, good to see this one moving forward

By D

Whilst I understand this site isnt best for family housing; and if it is behind the one I am thinking of, that means the loss of a car park. Ormskirk is oversubscribed with student units, in the town centre; so much so that it effects the housing market. The students will shop at the new Lidl, slightly out of the town centre for 30 weeks of the year and not bijou zone A little shopping arcades. Retail is just about hanging on and Ormskirk has much going for it, but too many students isnt whats needed.

By Billy

This is not needed Student numbers down and projected less.
Plenty of HMO vacant this blight not needed.
Build on campus.

By Ian Davis

Why not continue with an Olde World style and have the blocks clad in stone on the walls facing the court yard. Add cobbles and wrought iron lamp standards and it could enhance the area visually. Where will the students park their cars?

By Bill not Billy

There is enough student accommodation in Ormskirk already and quite a lot of it is empty. Try filling these first.

By Tricia Ball

It would be good to see this area revitalised, but will this reduce the number of parking spaces on the public car park? Where will the occupants of the flats park? Seems similar to proposals for Bus Station Car Park which will also reduce the number of town centre car parking spsces.

By Alan

There are to many students as it is the university can’t even fill the rooms on campus with over 500 students leaving in the first month of semester

By Colin mills

There are enough student places, it does not need any more your driving people out of this small town.

By Susan howarth

We are a market town. Not an extended campus for edgehill University. I am fed up of local people not having a voice as a pensioner and council tax payer.i object to students or money grabbing landlords not contributing to local taxes. Who pays for bins to be emptied? What about housing for young couples. The council is a disgrace if it allows this to go ahead. Edgehill should cut its number of students if it can’t house them on uni land.

By Gill Thompson

Edgehill is enough of an issue just set outside of the town the impact being increasingly centralised on the community is significantly wavered by the council who should state more honestly their financial renumeration from such activity

By Kirsti

More purpose-built accommodation for students frees up family homes and notably reduces the negative effect of HMOs that can ruin an area when it reaches saturation point. Students always bring more life, and town centres are a very good place for them. Restaurants and cafés with an ‘alternative’ vibe are encouraged. This can attract young creatives which can create a whole new economy and additional wealth.

By Roscoe

One wonders what vested interests are posting some of these negative comments; HMO landlords???

By Roscoe

Roscoe; whilst I agree with lots of what you say on other subjects I think you are well off the mark on this. Ormskirk is a small town. and the ‘university’ population is too large as it is now. Many of the students dont live in the town, they come from the wider area and dont support the town economically; and those who live here you wont see in restaurants and cafes. The subject might have been highjacked; and this site has been vaccant for years so its difficult to see what else could go on it. However the structure of the housing market in Ormskirk is damaged because of the university. Just because students are the only ones who can afford to live in the town isnt reason only to develop for them. The lack of social housing and lo-cost family housing is chronic.

By Billy

The developers cannot be serious with this surely. The picture makes the development look spacious but anyone should go down to the proposed site on Styles Car park and imagine just what it will look like. Right by a pay and display car park in the Centre of Ormskirk too which would cause chaos for employees in the town, shoppers and visitors. This is practically an extension of the University accommodation blocks. The developers are clueless too. Numbers are dropping at Edge Hill, student houses are not being filled nor are the apartment blocks that are already in the town. Edge hill is getting most of their numbers through mature students who already own their own homes or have no need for accommodation. These developers are 10 years too late they think they are tapping into a profitable market because of all the press the University puts out about its expansion oblivious to the truth on student numbers. The town centre is slowly dying a slow death. The council may as well close every business in Ormskirk and allow developers to change every building to student accommodation. They dont give a damn about any of the residents.

By Ben

The University has recently built a new apartment block called Woodland Court for 3rd year students. This was completed last September and is in full use. This has taken a lot of the senior students out of the town centre and back on campus. Added to the falling numbers, fact that most students the University are now getting are health and teaching students who dont require accommodation, this is why I state in my previous message that the developers are building this apartment blocks on a false pretense that it is a cash cow. This company who has made the proposal are not one of the well known developers around her like McCombs or NSW. That should tell people everything. Why have they not looked at the site because they know the market isn’t what it was back in 2007-2010. The council though dont want to put any effort into regeneration and just approve every proposal tabled to them

By Ben

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