Bericote plans 1.4m sq ft sheds scheme

Specialist distribution space developer Bericote Properties is preparing a planning application for 1.4m sq ft in two warehouses at Florida Farm North next to Haydock Industrial Estate.

The proposals are to develop a 900,000 sq ft unit and another of 500,000 sq ft. Bericote said occupiers will be named after planning is secured.

The scheme could create as many as 2,500 jobs and generate £2m a year in business rate revenue for St Helens Council. The development would include office space, car parking, and vastly improved access to the industrial estate.

A consultation event is due to take place next week to offer residents and businesses the chance to view the proposals.

Keith Wilson, development director for Bericote Properties, said: “Bericote Properties is proud to be bringing forward plans for a £150m employment development at Florida Farm, creating a lasting legacy of jobs and investment for St Helens.

“Our consultation event will give local people an opportunity to find out more about the scheme. We look forward to hearing the views of local people and to working closely with the community so they can help us shape the proposals.

“We very much believe that this is great news for St Helens and is a sign of growing investor confidence in the town.”

A public exhibition of the plans is being held at ibis STYLES hotel, Haydock, from 2pm – 7pm on Thursday 26 May to give residents information about the proposals. Planning consultant Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners and other members of the development team will be on hand to answer questions. Following the consultation a planning application will be finalised and submitted to St Helens Council.

Leamington Spa-based Bericote Properties was founded in 2006 and has a Manchester office in Chancery Place. The firm has developed space for Ocado, Tesco, Rolls-Royce, Sainsbury’s and Asda among others.

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Green belt land – hopefully no chance of development.

By Anonymous

Not happy if the proposal goes ahead; it would mean more pollution, congestion, noise. Also property prices will fall. I bet if the people who work in the planning office lived opposite the proposal it would be thrown out straight away.

By Anonymous

Thoroughly disgusted that the cheap option of building on environmentally priceless greenbelt land is proposed rather than developing existing wasteland areas! Plans to extend an industrial Park when 9 out of 34 units are already currently vacant! Madness. Frankly it all starts and ends with money, however they attempt to sugar coat it! AGAINST IT

By Anonymous

This will just set a precedent for building on green belt in the area….more jobs, more people, more houses= less green fields. We must protest against this in force.

By Linda Howe

To see if people are happy with this proposal, please go to the face book page.

Residents against the Florida farm development

See if people are happy? It is like the people of Haydock and the surrounding area are second class citizens to the rest of the St.Helens community. It is like the greenbelt (yes green belt) that these monstrosities are going to erase are worth less than the greenbelt in say …. Windle.. If it can happen in this part of the constituency it can happen anywhere as this will set a precedence. Join the fight we need to come together as a strong and supportive community across the all of St.Helens. It may be you one day asking for help when they come knocking on your back door and knock they will because where do they go after this?

By St.Helens resident

Not wanted, Haydock is still a village, children, families communities and schools it is not an industrial estate and with the size of these monsters it is all people will see or remember Haydock as being, an industrial estate. Green belt land should be protected, if it can be so easily be destroyed then green belt is meaningless everywhere. 2500 Jobs means 2500 travelling to work, how do they get there? they drive that’s potentially 2500 cars using the roads through the village past our schools, pollution, noise and congestion.We need to preserve the setting of our village, preserve the green belt and wildlife around it. Build it elsewhere where there is no impact on communities.

By Anon

No promise of any jobs being created at all, but a lot of money made for the developer with no thought given to residents, if this goes ahead Conor mc ginn will lose his seat.

By Anonymous

If this is such a wonderful opportunity for St.Helens and Haydock then take the lead Conor McGinn and buy a house opposite. Then you can enjoy the building works as it destroys the greenbelt. After it is built just think of the wonderful opportunity as then you can enjoy all the pollution and noise; oh and there is enough houses for all the councillors and planners that support this monstrosity to join you in the wonders that this warehouse building will bring to the area.

By St.helens resident

NO,NO,NO This proposed development must be stopped! Liverpool Road, Pewfall is a norrow country lane, not suitable for the masses of heavy juggernauts that plough their way along it everyday and night. If this proposal of two enormous warehouses is allowed to procede imagine the increase in the volume of traffic along this already noisy, polluted, congested and dangerous thoroughfare. Liverpool Road, Haydock side was bypassed by Stanley Bank Way because of the amount of traffic using it so what about the wellbeing of the residents on the Pewfall side? This is Green Belt land, not to be blighted and contaminated by this unwanted development. What about building these elsewhere, like wasteland at Parkside Colliery or other sites where residential property will not be affected.

By Haydock Resident

Why is this even being considered. This us greenbelt land, in Vista Rd as in other locations around Haydock we have put up with 14 years of a landfill Site, this was originally given permission for 5 years, this new development is permanent will not go away, and if like many other developments end up going great unoccupied. The traffic congestion during the development and then after will be horrific. Haydock Island is already over congested and impossible during rush hour. This development will just add massive vehicles onto an already congested road system. Property prices in the area are already way below the national average, and will suffer even more. The answer has got be no.

By Anne Swift

There is a lot of could and should in this …. could create 2500 jobs etc etc. Not one single ought to though …. ought to be built elsewhere, such as on land designated for building. This is one of the few remaining green areas left in this location, the rest sadly lost over the years to other industrial sites. Let’s ask our local councillors and our elected officials (who depend on mine and your votes!) how they would feel living with this as a view? with the noise and construction as a constant? with the lack of open space for them and theirs to enjoy? with the pollution? It disgusts me to think that my taxes and vote pay for others quality of life to be improved (by the way, rest of St Helens … you’re welcome!) when residents of Haydock are repeatedly treated as the poor relations.

By Angela Redmond

I’m born and bred in Haydock and have had to watch all the changes going on throughout my life. Not one person that I speak to about this proposal supports it and if it goes ahead it will be a clear indication that the council are not interested in what the residents feel and are only interested in the money they can get out of it. There isn’t enough parking in Haydock for residents as it is and the roads are too congested. To add more vehicles creating more noise and congestion 24hrs a day is totally wrong. There is a site available in St. Helens owned by piling tons with its own railway access aleafy in place that is equally suitable so why is this not being proposed instead of building on greenbelt land that people want to enjoy.

By .

I and every local resident that I have spoken to are 100 percent AGAINST this! A blatent grab for money by St Helens Council at the cost and disregard of the people of Haydock. They think that we are second class citizens, that our right to green areas is less than others, that we should put up with the congestion, the noise and the pollution. They think we will simply accept the harm this will cause longer term to our children’s health and wellbeing… WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS! WE HAVE A VOICE AND WE WILL BE HEARD! WE WILL OPPOSE AND WE WILL FIGHT THIS!

By Anonymous

The current road infrastructure will not support such a large development and it is not possible to redesign any further to facilitate the additional hvg traffic. The a580 is currently at a stand still during peak hours and any incident from the m6 motorway grid locks Haydock and Newton le Willows to an extent that no traffic management plan could address. suggest the developers look at the Parkside development that has purpose built rail networks already in place and is able to meet the additional warehouse demands without a detrimental impact to both greenbelt land and the residents of both Haydock and Newton le Willows.

By St Helens resident. SB.

There are already vacant units nearby. Why build on green belt land? The roads cant cope with the traffic now! AGAINST THE BUILD
Newton le Willows

By Mrs Bird

Dear Mr Bericote as your dear friend let me tell you that you have got this proposed proposel so wrong. I know that you have the interests of all the residents of Haydock and St. Helens at the forefront of your thoughts, they know it is not just about money and profit. I can see how you think that this massive warehouse and the noise and pollution will add to the character of the area. However St.Helens council failed to mention that the green belt and he area is not suitable to accommodate such a building. Also the people of Haydock and St. Helens are so ungrateful when as they will try to protest when it comes to you adversely impact on their lives. I am not sure why they are prepared to fight you when you offer them increasing pollution that will help them develop emphesema, noise pollution that will adversely effect their mental health and of course you are so ethical in your actions that you want to do them a favour and reduce the value of their property. The A 580 was not designed to take the haulage that you envisage that is needed to make the warehouse viable, but ever considerate you will make arrangements for them to circle or park on roads or estates nearby as they wait for their timed slots to load an unload. Sometimes it takes a friend to tell you when you are wrong and you are this time.

By Mr. Bericote's friend

Thank you Bericote, I have enjoyed your DRAWINGS of how you envisage the site to look. All orderly, peaceful an quiet. Your use of colour, neutral shades of the buildings (sainsburys prefer dark blue and orange, Morriston yellow.. Forget which companys logo is neutral white that blends with the sky..) blending with the sky and contrasting with the greenery of the grass and trees… Frankly an obvious attempt to make your plans seem more palatable than the stark, dirty, noisy, ugly monstrosity that in reality we will be left with staining our landscape. Polluting our air. Congesting our roads and making them ever more dangerous. Destroying the habitat of our wildlife such as bats, owls, hawks, buzzards… Lovely DRAWING though

By Haydock resident

Well said Mr Bericote’s friend. You have summed up the fury that has been generated in Haydock and neighbouring areas.

By A friend of Mr Bericote's friend

The chances of Conor McGinn MP for St Helens North being re- elected if this development goes ahead is NIL

By Anonymous

There is plenty space for development on the site of the old buttonwood air base that isn’t green belt we will fight for our open to remain open

By Chris Hughes

Has anyone actually done ANYTHING yet ? …. is there a active group petitioning against this ? … talks cheap and us yickers are good at talking with no action…

By Yicker

Yes we are taking action. Look on Haydock – who remembers? FB page and Residents against Florida Farm Development FB page. Almost 1300 members and growing daily. This development. Is a big worry to everyone in terms of health, safety, loss of green belt, loss of wild life habitats and not forgetting the extra HGVs on an already badly congested highway system.

By Friend of a friend of Mr Bericote

We WILL protest about this intended project. Your PR stuff is just that – PR! Haydock does not want you and your warehouses!! We are a proud industrial community but our infrastructure is not built to acomodate your warehouses and the traffic that it will generate. Our greenbelt area is prized and we will fight to keep it. Our children are precious and we dont want the pollution that your project will bring. Take your monstrous project to an industrial site amd stay out of Haydock

By Angry Liverpool Road resident

This land belongs to the land owner not you mr Davis . It’s the land owners green belt not yours . Save your penny’s mr Davis one day you might own some land of your own

By Ann from Garswood

Let’s hope this gets passed this is just what haydock needs . Thank god somebody wants to invest in haydock

By Ann from Garswood

This is the best thing to happen in sthelens since saints won the cup

By Ann m from Garswood

Hi mr Gareth Davis head of residents against Florida farm . You got double standards . You work for Eddie stobarts out of Warrington omega park which bericote help build . It’s ok for you to drive your big hgv round burtonwood but not on your door step shame on you !!!!!

By Ann m from Garswood

This scheme is proposed on Greenbelt land, next to a residential area and SSSI nature site. I would personally like to thank you for the wonderful opportunities that this scheme will not deliver. I am very disappointed with the lack of ethics from Bericote, a company associated with major companies. Are these companies aware that you are destroying the very fabric that holds towns together? That these towns are 99.9% against this type of development with specific reference to Florida Farm, St Helens. I have left the 0.1% for the landowner who is the soul person to gain anything after selling the farmland.

By Amy Deluce

I don’t understand why people believe Green belt is so sacred?
Has anyone looked into the actual purpose of designated GB?

By Popcorn

If this goes a head house prices will rise
If 2500 people get jobs they will want to better them selfs . So more people working more money to spend in haydock and sthelens will give a boost to the area . House prices will go up not down

By Ann m from Garswood

People have short memory’s when I move to garwood . A farmer called mr waterworth had sold the land for development . My house is on his field so everybody else is house in Garswood did we moan a but GREENBELT no . Think what was there before you lived in it . GREENBELT
It’s called progress

By Ann m from Garswood

This is hardly the Lake District.

By Elephant

As has been stated before this picture is not representative of what will be built on GREENBELT land. I don’t think for one minute these sheds would not be logoed up and a blot on the landscape. Jobs yes but realistically numbers being quoted are not likely in this type of development. What happened to Parkside where the council has invested a fortune? Not built yet – why not? Traffic – well air quality for local residents is already poor and traffic gridlocked some days. This is what needs considering alongside the potential for loss of priceless green land.

By Haydock Resident

Hi Ann, do you have a vested interest in the greenbelt land, it certainly sounds like you do? attacking individuals is so so tacky and unnecessary. Why are you so frustrated? Are the proposed plans that are supposedly so good for Haydock and the residents being looked at again? Are Bericote getting cold feet? However, I would like thank you for your comments, and guess what Ann warehousing is being planned at this very moment on the greenbelt in Garswood. That should make your day according to what you have posted; but if it doesn’t the people of Haydock will be able to help you. No the land I am led to believe is owned by a farmer and most people opposing the build don’t blame him for selling to the highest bidder. Yet you cannot blame people for protecting their interests either. I think that you will soon be trying to protect yours or would you want this monstrosity to devalue your home and your quality of life? This is happening to people now they are living with the real threat of noise and pollution being thrust upon them. I know a few nice houses that will be effected by the build and I am sure the owners would be open to offers from you. Please post if you are interested in buying one of the effected houses.

By St.Helens resident

you don’t even have to live close by to this monstrous development to be affected!.traffic, Noise, pollution in an already congested Haydock. As for Jobs?? You mean Zero hour contracts for agency workers or worse empty buildings and those who are responsible long gone. Yeah just what we need, Ann from garswood.

By Haydock resident

Hi Ann M from Garswood, does the M by any chance stand for Moore, the surname of the person selling the land? Or are you just a friend and neighbour?

I note what you say about where your house is situated. Two points:

1 It is a house, not a warehouse 22 metres high,

2 when your house was built the land was a green field, not Green Belt.

You make a point about Omega, at Burtonwood, which was never in the Green Belt, it is a former RAF station and was designated for development over 25 years ago. It also has direct access to the M62 and is not surrounded by houses.

We all know that hundreds of the jobs mentioned will be in the construction of the site, short term.
The remainder are likely to be Zero hours minimum wage jobs, the Sainsbury’s and Bookers sites haven’t lead to an increase in house prices.

You say that the Green Belt is owned by the farmer, quite true, but it isn’t called Mr Moore’s Green Belt, it is the St Helens Green Belt to be enjoyed by all the residents.

Can you actually see this from where you live? It’s hardly likely that the HGV’s will be driving up side streets in Garswood is it?

By Disgusted Resident

Hi Ann from Garswood. Thank you for your comments. Everyone’s views are important. Sadly your wrong on several points. I’m not a leader of the Residents Against Florida Farm Development Facebook group (but thank you for bringing attention to it) you are definitely wrong about the nature of my employment.. I’ve never driven any kind of wagon and never even been employed in the industry (a completely fictitious lie that one) whether your wrong on the other points is debatable though, as everyone is, you are more than entitled to an opinion You are correct on one point Ann. It is the farmers land. I have never criticised the farmer in any way for selling the land nor would I. It is an extremely tough job for which I expect their isn’t huge financial reward. If being offered millions of pounds to the betterment of himself and his family, I understand why he would sell. Not in any way related to the farmer are you Ann…?

By Gareth

Hi Ann M from Garswood,

Great thinking on the house price rising point!

We are planning our adverts right now! Expected to go something like this..

House for sale! Used to have terrible views of green fields, now enjoys beautiful improved vista’s of the side of an 80ft warehouse! Within easy commuting distance of the motorway network, enjoy the views of the back of a truck while waiting in a luxurious line of traffic. Local to schools where many more children enjoy fantastic respiratory problems to a much higher national degree! Struggle to sleep at night? Not a problem in Haydock! Be entertained by the wonderful 24 hour operational warehousing! Providing free light and noise all round the clock! Fantastic aspirational job opportunities, some new zero hour contracts are now available!

Ann, this is fantastic, Alderley edge and Knutsford are begging for this warehousing in their back gardens!

… Really strange how more houses have come up for sale on Liverpool road recently.. And sales have already fallen through since these plans came out..

People just can’t see this fantastic financial opportunity! the fools can’t predict the housing boom this warehouse will generate like me and you Ann!

Shame it’s not a nuclear power plant eh Ann? Now that would be Ace!!

I’ll expect you in the sales office in the morning Ann!?! To buy several properties as near to the warehouses as possible then?!?!

By Haydock estate agent

Hi Gareth and everybody
Mr Moore the farmer is in his late 80s and still working . I have full respect for him . I can understand your comments but times move on
Sthelens and haydock need this . And mr Moore needs to retire and enjoy his life . Let’s see the plans when there submitted and give them some thought . If anything happens to mr Moore is there anybody to take over . Or will the farm be sold and how will buy it ? Farmer or a developer it will happen one day . So let’s see the plans . Thank you

By Ann m from Garswood

I think we need to make it clear that this land is Greenbelt…

By Popcorn

No m does not stand for Moore
I used to be a milk customer of the moores when they delivered milk

By Ann m from Garswood

I can understand the farmer wanting to retire. But not at the cost of the destruction of all this beautiful green belt and quality of life for local residents. Not to mention congestion and upheaval as this goes ahead all in the name of warehouses Haydock certainly does NOT need.

By Haydock resident

Ann. As per my message posted earlier, I have no ill feeling whatsoever towards the farmer or his family. I have never posted anything even mentioning the farmer let alone anything derogatory! In none of the posts that I have seen on the Residents Against Florida Farm Development Facebook group has the farmer been criticised in any way. As you say, an elderly gentleman having worked so hard for so many years deserves respect and courtesy. I’d like to stress again, no one can find fault in the farmers actions.
However, any proposal of this scale will naturally generate great concern, worry, debate and opposition. These concerns and expected detrimental impacts have been aired enough without my repeating them now.
I was a little saddened that you felt the need to lie about me in order to stress a point that doesn’t exist. I’m not a Hgv driver, never have been, I don’t work for any transport company and never have.
In conclusion I would like to point out that many residents are very much against the proposed development. I don’t know of anyone who is against the farmer as a person or indeed has issue with him selling his own land.

By Gareth

Ann m from Garswood, Haydock does not need this. We already have a huge industrial estate. They may yet decide that this development would be better suited to an area with fewer houses somewhere like Garswood for instance.

By Haydock Lass

Looking to buy a house on Liverpool Road and just learnt of this proposed development. This will absolutely ruin the view of current residents. More and more houses are being put up for sale in this area for these reasons. Housing prices will fall, traffic and noise will increase. The A580 is already busy enough as it is. and on Green Belt land? When it’s gone…it’s gone

By Anonymous

Hi everybody
I think most of these comments are buy the same person
You have to think of the future . Kids grandkids great grandkids they will all need jobs . They would have to move away to find work . Haydock and sthelens was a industrial town coal pits, pilkingtons glass, beechams , what’s left none , LET GIVE OUR KIDS A FUTURE , if you asked them good job or small bit of green belt , they all say jobs . The people who are zero hour contracts are just trying to scare people . We don’t no . At the meeting the mr Wilson said full time office staff and full time warehouse work all jobs in local job centres . The some body said 2500 polish workers . But I was at that meeting mr Wilson said all jobs for local people is there 2500 polish people in haydock no there not .let put haydock on the map .i have Google Bericote they are a very big developer with clients like rolls Royce . Come on it it was in port Tolbert . Would the people say no to it there. Lets protect land round like car-mill . It’s already a industrial estate . It’s just a extension of what’s allready there . If there are empty units there . They will soon have a knock on affect . If this gets built . There no empty units in warrington near omega park . Let’s do what warrington have done and GROW

By Ann m from Garswood

I have live in pewfall all my life and a big sthelens fan go to all matches .when I go to Wigan I have a drink in Wigan before the match and after When I go to warrington I do the same . But when I go to home matches . I don’t . Why sthelens is full of drunken yobs. The town center is tied and luckily the council are now revamping it .new pubs .new places to eat . If the council pump the money from this into sthelens i will support this . Better shops better pubs . There’s nothing in sthelens to attract people . When it’s done I will shop there again and drink there again . When I say I am going to town I will mean I am going to sthelens not Wigan or warrington . I support councilor grunewald plan for the future of sthelens ,and if this helps . Let’s get it built ..

By Clifford of pewfall

For once I agree with Ann M from Garswood, there are no empty units at Omega, that is because they are built for an end user, not spec build liked this. There’s plenty of land there for more units to be built, not in the greenbelt and not close to homes.

By Disgusted Resident

I think this is brill for all of us how is looking for a job and a future

By Tom haydock

Most people of haydock want this don’t spoil it for all of us . Please build this and give us all jobs

By Josh sthelens

Will they be building any houses or is it Just industrial units . We are all so short of houses

By Josh sthelens

Just heard a whisper .rolls royce Are looking for a new site between Manchester and Liverpool . And this site was mentioned . Just thought I would give everybody the heads up .

By Robert of London

Not great news for the area – everyone knows that.

There would be more real value for everyone if the numerous half-deserted industrial estates around Haydock were remodelled and re-lifed.

Surely there is a social duty to regenerate these existing business estates which for years have been used as the main switch-point for Manchester / Salford drug gangs supplying Liverpool / Merseyside criminals.

By Nev Pilkington

There are several comments on here that are nonsense. There are actually 2 men named cliff in pewfall and both have residents against florida farm posters in their front windows. Draw your own conclusions. Rolls Royce do not require Warehousing in Haydock or anywhere else at the size of these proposals. Only supermarkets or large retail companies could utilise 1.4 million Sq footage of warehouse space.

By Charlotte of pewfall

Interesting that you report the size of the warehouse in feet and the size of the woodland in acres. So if we compare like for like. Acres – Warehouse 32.13 Woodland 6. Sq Feet – Warehouse 1,400,000 Woodland 261,360 Now I am not an environmental expert but I am going to take a punt here and say that destroying over 38 acres of farmland to replace with a 32 acre warehouse and a 6 acre woodland, is not going to be good for the environment. I will also take a guess that the 6 acre woodland will not be able to effectively combat the pollution from this development so that the residents that live near the proposed development are not affected. Another idea that does not appear to be well thought through, an industrial development in a residential area. The what seems to be a lack of thinking also extends to rainfall which causes floods. This greenbelt land is a floodplain. Where will the water go? To Blackbrook? An area that had already flooded and cannot handle the current downpours. Or will you simply be erecting ‘Ford’ signs to all the surrounding roads for when they flood. Shall the residents of Garswood invest in canoes, or do you plan to fix the roads that already flood on Tithebarn and Millfield so they are not affected by loss of floodplain and additional water? Keith Wilson I see you are confident the plans will not create traffic congestion. Really? How are your 2500 workers going to travel to and from work? Is there teleportation room in your 32 acre warehouse? Are you actually aware of the current congested roads in the area you are planning to build? If there is already congestion, surely no congestion is an impossibility? Perhaps the huge scale of this development is to incorporate a runway and deliveries will be via cargo plane? Or will your lorries be joining the long queues to exit and join the M6 at junction 23, and add to the even longer queues on the A580 which cannot be avoided if travelling to your development. Are there plans to turn the A580 into a 4 lane motorway? No? Are there plans to close Junction 24 and divert even more traffic to Junction 23? Yes? Whilst I admire your confidence, it is misguided. Congestion is inevitable. I am afraid I missed the extensive public consultation, as did the majority of residents in all surrounding areas due to a lack of proper publication of the event. Had I been aware of it I am not sure that I would have been able to take time off work to attend as it was held during the day midweek. I am inclined to think that you did not really want to see many people that day. Perhaps just local council representatives, from the council that are set to gain 2 million in business rate revenue from your development? I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt however, and believe that you are keen to know what the residents actually think and that they should email you directly and that they can find your direct email, telephone and mobile number by typing your name and Bericote into google. Keith I would also advise you brush up on employment law. It is pretty admirable that you intend to make sure that borough residents get the first shot at securing new jobs, but it is also illegal. Also are you aware that your proposed development is in an area of low unemployment? I would also be very interested to know exactly what the 2500 jobs are, you specialise in highly automated warehouses, so can you expand on what jobs will be available so it can be ascertained if that skill set is in the local area? If you do have to go further afield to recruit staff, please ensure that they also have a teleport devise at home so they do not add to the road congestion you are confident will not happen. Rachel Rogers is correct there is enough unused space for development without destroying green belt land. Have you travelled further towards Liverpool, where this warehouse is set to service, there are several huge industrial estates there with space. I am sure you would get a good deal on the abandoned car craft site and it would cost less to develop than farmers fields. Would this also save on logistical costs, less distance to travel from warehouse to port? I understand Mr Wilson that you are passionate about this project and your misguided opinion of the benefits it would bring to local residents, perhaps you should look at areas in your own back yard, I am sure you will be the local hero where you live and you can all rejoice in the success of building an industrial warehouse the size of a small town in a residential area destroying acres of greenbelt.

By St.Helens resident

Any body that says that this will bring much needed jobs and that they need a job. If you sign up with an agency you will get work. perhaps zero hours and none of the security that goes with a permanent post but that will be no different to the jobs that will be on offer from this new spec ( so they don’t even have anyone to go into it yet)
This is what I got this morning doing a two second google

“236 Logistics Jobs in Haydock Industrial Estate”. This is the link so you can apply and look what is already available. Good luck, the job that you want are there already.

By St.Helens resident

Here is another link for people wanting to work in the warehouse industry

By St.Helens resident

I do not want to see this monstrosity built on this green and pleasant land, to quote Prince Charles – it will be a carbuncle on the landscape.

By Born&Bred Yicker

I now see that Bericote have updated their web site. 2500 jobs still the headline number but not yet signed anyone up to use them so number plucked from thin air. Residents will get the first shot at these jobs. Ha! 25,000 “trees” to be planted, for trees read sticks. Higher mounds covered in trees to screen warehouses from Liverpool Road – the view from Liverpool Road will be mound, stocks, top of warehouse, sky. Where in Haydock will the new sports pitches be? They really do not have a clue. Just go away and build somewhere else instead of trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

By Devil's Advocate

For Gods Sake have you seen the traffic already around Haydock between the hours of 7am – 9am and 430pm -6pm its a joke!!! This will increase the traffic and make a 20 min jorney which take 40 mins now way over an hour ….what a stupid idea unless ur going to feed the traffic away from Haydock Island via an alternative route otherwise u will have a lot more RTA’s than already happen since the new lights system has been put in place …are they willing to put peoples lives at risk????????

By Xxxx

I am dismayed at the planned building of 2 warehouses on green belt land. my main concern is that this land is currently being farmed, so how can this land be used to build on. the UK imports wheat, if every farmer who has wheat fields sells for building, how much harm will that do, not only to the economy, but our land, our history. if a farmer wants to sell agricultural land it should be to another farmer, we should not allow the sale of food producing land for a non productive project. if this land is sold and warehouses built this will set a precedence for further crop producing land to be sold, how long before our farming industry beings to suffer. this is more than the loss of a view, it is about our heritage and our ability to produce food to feed this country. where will it end. there are many sites more suitable in the area, sites that need regeneration, areas that would benefit from the proposal and welcome it. but to build on farm land is unacceptable. I can only hope that St Helens council can see past the £ signs and see what a detriment this project would be in this area. offer them alternative’s in areas like the Cowley hill plant, Ravenhead works and many other places. there are a vast number of empty warehouses in St Helens, make these companies use them instead of destroying the countryside.

By resident liverpool road

In this area we are literally drowing in unused, unsold warehouse and offices. There is NO justification in this development on green belt land. We need MORE green spaces NOT less. There are enough brown sites to satisfy developers. I would also beg to differ on the job numbers that are being touted around.

By debbie gaynor

The Florida farm development is a total disgrace and should not be allowed on a green belt area. If Merseyside Council want this development why not use park land in Liverpool, closer to the docks and the containers. There is a huge area opposite where Rolls Royce used to be but then again that is mostly a golf course and maybe the council members belong to it. Would save a fortune in transport, use their green belt areas not Haydocks. There is also planning permission sought for areas off Vista Road between the so called temporary road for the tip and penny Lane plus the other side of Lodge Lane around the old Leathers farm and on the opposite side of the East Lance Road up to the Racecourse if all this goes ahead what will happen to house prices and road conditions, NO WAY LETS STOP THEM.

By Keith Partington

Yeah, “Merseyside Council”, cuz that’s still a thing.

By zebith

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