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VIDEO + GALLERY | Manchester Airport’s £1bn transformation programme

Manchester Airport has released the latest artist’s impressions and a fly-through video of what the airport will look like following a a £1bn investment.

The project will see the demolition of Terminal 1, and a 900,000 sq ft extension to Terminal 2, alongside the construction of multi-storey car parks and new landing piers.

The Manchester Airport Transformation Programme is aiming to increase capacity from 20 million to 30 million annual passengers by 2025.



The programme is made up of 60 enhancements, including the expansion and reconfiguration of Terminal 2 to become the airport’s main terminal building, along with further improvements of Terminal 3 to cater for increased demand and an expanding flight schedule.

The architect is Pascall & Watson, Arcadis is project manager and Jacobs is the engineer. Laing O’Rourke is the contractor.

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The areas where there is a glass roof and lots of space appear to be a great improvement.

Not so sure about the rabbit warrens underneath though. They look like they are repeating the mistakes of the past. Small spaces, artificial light with low ceilings – no thanks

By Passenger

Not sure about that picnic area.It looks a bit dated.The rest looks pretty impressive.I have to admiit though I prefer Liverpool airport architecturally.

By Elephant

I can’t believe that the development could be as boring as the fly-through. When the scheme credits ‘architect’, does that mean the people who chose the hexagonal floor tiles? Or was there something else I missed? The scheme is entirely for the benefit of retail. It is utterly anonymous. Shame on Manchester Airport. Do these people never get on planes? I seriously recommend one of two things: either take these awful visualisations down, or appoint an architect with some vision and flare, who will reinstall the glorious Venetian chandeliers. Or both.

By Phil Griffin