Uni announces £200m Fallowfield proposal

The University of Manchester has submitted a draft Fallowfield Campus Development Framework to Manchester City Council, outlining an estimated £200m redevelopment of the campus.

The framework proposes the delivery of 3,000 bedrooms on the 70-acre Owens Park site. The plans include the demolition and rebuilding of the 2,200 bedrooms currently available and the provision of a further 800 bedrooms. This will compensate for the 800 rooms being demolished as part of the development of a new engineering campus on Booth Street.

The project will be the latest phase in a £1.8bn investment programme in new facilities by the university across Manchester.

The framework said: "It is an imperative for the university that an enhanced student experience is created at the Fallowfield Campus. Today much of the site is in poor condition and does not meet the expectations of students, or indeed their parents. It is in need of major investment and regeneration for a number of reasons."

A spokesman for the University of Manchester said: "The regeneration of the Owens Park campus is the first phase of our overall residential estates strategy. The Strategic Development Framework submitted to Manchester City Council is to obtain agreement in principle to the concept.

"The next stage will be to develop detailed plans. In the meantime, this popular student accommodation campus will continue to be operated and maintained as usual."

Owens Park is the university's main residential site and is dominated by a 1960s-built tower block. Under the masterplan the tower, along with neighbouring residential halls Oak House and Ladybarn House will be cleared.

There would also be upgraded sports facilities and improved student support services.

The university also wants to sell off part of the site for redevelopment.

The draft masterplan will enter a period of public consultation from spring 2014, with a final plan expected to be submitted in early summer 2014.

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By Rik

The redevelopment sounds great but the additional 800 student places will add an overwhelming burden on the area and this part of the proposal is not wanted by permanent residents.


‘LR’ is absolutely right. The already large student ‘presence’in Fallowfield makes a significant contribution to alcohol-fuelled ASB in the area which blights this neighbourhood. 800 more students in Owen’s Park will only make an awful situation worse. Apart from this aspect, the proposal will probably be welcomed by most local residents

By Dr. Peter Bowers

NIMBY’s in Fallowfield, of all places. Whatever next….

By Gerrof Myland