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THERE HE GOES AGAIN… It’s been a ministerial merry-go-round this week, with the resignation of Brexit secretary David Davis triggering a string of Government departures, followed by subsequent ‘promotions’ to fill those vacated shoes. Stepping into the Brexit brief, arguably swapping one poisoned chalice for another, was housing minister Dominic Raab, adding fuel to the fire that the housing department is just a holding pen for ambitious politicians who rarely have to stay there for longer than 12 months. If you’re losing track of how many housing ministers we’ve had in the last 20 years (18 now, to be exact), here’s a handy chart explaining it all.

Saints And Sinners

SAINTS & SINNERS… Last week saw CEG kick off the consultation for its redevelopment of the much maligned concrete block on Manchester’s High Street, revealing plans for a New York-style residential replacement with ground floor retail and leisure uses. The launch event was held in one of the existing building’s vacant units, though on visiting THING couldn’t tell whether the particular choice of shop was making a subtle statement about the development industry, or commenting on the passers-by in the less than auspicious part of town. CEG’s consultation is ongoing, at https://www.highstreetmanchester.co.uk/ 

Gawthorpe Ghost Garden

GRASS IS GREENER… The recent heatwave has had its downsides, as we’ve seen the palette of our gardens and parks go from green to a scorched yellowy-brown. The parched earth isn’t all bad though, as in this particular National Trust property it’s revealing some of the site’s forgotten history; the ghost of a garden from the 1850s which has since been grassed over. Visit Gawthorpe Hall near Burnley on what is set to be yet another hot weekend to see for yourself.

Kampus Shoes

GUESS WHO… Certain developers have gained a name for themselves with their perpetually dressed-down style, no matter the occasion. Just in case you hadn’t come to identify them by their hoodies and Converse, and needed a reminder of what they’re actually building, these bespoke-branded shoes may come in handy to jog your memory…

OBLIGATORY FOOTBALL ITEM… Well it was fun while it lasted. Gareth Southgate’s England team exited the World Cup at the semi-final stage, somehow failing to be inspired by folk back home kitting themselves out for day with a nod to #waistcoatwednesday. But if nothing else, sales of those garments may keep a legendary high street name from announcing further store closures, so well done lads. A popular meme on social media saw items listed that didn’t exist when England last reached the semis in 1990, predictably including Facebook, AirBnB, Uber and so on, but omitting the Castlefield Bowl – feels like it’s been there forever, but was built in 1993 – where 8,000 Mancunians gathered for Wednesday’s game.  Yes, Gazza’s tears were a really, really long time ago.

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