Eric Morecambe Towers Thing


ANDRE PREVIN PROPERTIES… Look closely at this photograph of Grove House, an office-to-resi conversion and extension in a back street of Old Trafford, and you will see a perfect tribute to the famous Morecambe & Wise sketch with conductor Andre Previn, where Eric Morecambe plays “all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.” Goodwin Developments are clearly fans of Seventies TV gold, building all the right floors but not necessarily in the right order. Could we see a name change to Morecambe Towers when the remodelled building is finished?


Thing Heart

ROMANTIC GESTURE… Love was in the air this week, with Valentine’s Day on Tuesday ensuring that card shops were rammed with people trying to find a unique way to express their feelings, amongst hundreds of thousands of other shoppers. For those who might have failed to find a way to combine their two great passions, property and their other half, have no fear as as a variety of planning-themed romantic puns, just for you.


MARKET PEAK… You know you’re reaching the top of the market when both colourful personalities, and colourful nicknames, are prevalent. Our favourite this week for an emerging player in Liverpool property, who will remain nameless, the glamourous title of “The Wolf of West Kirkby”. Looking forward to our invitation to one of their office parties.


Mural Life

HIDDEN GEM… Much of Manchester’s Northern Quarter appears to have had a paint job over the last year, with some very dramatic new street art joining old favourites such as the Space Invaders, and replacing the various gems of public art in that part of town with shiny new resi blocks. Mural Life, best known for the detailed Manchester bees appearing across the city, don’t have all their best work on public show though. This latest piece is in a private courtyard, for residents’ eyes only. How much for a lick of paint on my house please?


St Michael's Student Suggestion

ARCHITECTURE AMBITION… The debate around Neville and Giggs’ proposed towers in Manchester is hotting up, with Historic England wading in this week. Rather than just sitting back and complaining, a group of students at the Manchester School of Architecture have made an analysis of the site the centrepiece of a course project, proposing a range of ambitious, perhaps unlikely, but undeniably creative alternatives to the 20-storey and 30-storey spikes proposed by Make. See the proposals at

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A petrol station??

By Yoda's Twin Brother

Sign those guys up. I hope those young architects don’t get their ideas dumbed down by the greedy money people.

By .

I think the developers need to take note from the new EU headquarters, a great piece of architecture, and old facade with a modern extension.

By Tofu