Tesco Kirkby site clearance begins

Construction work is under way on the first stage of development to pave way for the new Tesco store in Kirkby's £200m town centre regeneration.

Contractor Keepmoat is on site at St Kevin's Drive to build 71 new homes for Plus Dane Group and Cherryfield Co-operative residents who currently live on Cherryfield Drive.

Once the St Kevin's Drive development has been completed, the residents' former homes on Cherryfield Drive will be demolished. This will allow construction work to start on the new 146,000 sq ft superstore and retail units in the town centre.

Cllr Dave Lonergan, Knowsley Council's cabinet member for regeneration, economy and skills, said: "It is fantastic to see construction work under way on St Kevin's Drive and I'm really pleased that residents can now look forward to being in their new homes. The council and our partners have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to drive the regeneration programme forward despite the ongoing national economic difficulties, and I'm delighted that residents can now see visible signs of the great progress we are making in Kirkby."

A spokesman for Tesco said: "This is a huge step forward for the Kirkby town centre regeneration programme. Once the new properties have been built, the vacant houses will be demolished to make way for the new Tesco store and other retail facilities. It is great news for residents that we are about to take such a significant step forward. This is a key milestone in the delivery of the new town centre for Kirkby."

Tesco's plans were approved at the second attempt in 2011. Earlier plans were dismissed after a public inquiry in 2009. The scheme was reduced by 40% from 500,700 sq ft to 300,400 sq ft and a proposed stadium for Everton FC removed.

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So the relocation of residents is underway (incidentally building over some of the last remaining scraps of St. Kevin’s field) – but has Tesco actually confirmed they are going to build the redevelopment? All the indications are that they won’t be building any new retail developments anywhere after their recent fall in profits and withdrawal from the USA

By Matt Donnelly

When tesco decided to move the people from cherryfield drive, to st kevins drive did they not realise the people on st kevins drive estate would lose money on their homes? all for tesco! No compensation for them!

By my space

They are not building on the scraps that’s left they are building on a really nice part of the field that is used my many football teams under 10s familys having a play with children and so on, there is a big piece of land at the back of st kevins bordering on roughwood drive but unsuitable for playing on. So come on Knowsley Council put in something for the children to do! Play park football pitch, your taking all and giving nothing back!.

By my space

Matt Tesco have given money to Dane Plus for them to replace the housing, How much we don’t know!

By my space

KMBC,Tesco & Plus Dane should be ashamed of themselves for forcing the residence who do not want to move to St Kevin,s Drive. Demolishing houses that are twenty five years old is disgraceful in the name of regeneration.They shouldn’t be allowed to do this. Kirkby will be lucky if they get a Tesco Extra

By Alan

Knowsley council have sold st kevins residents down the swanny, some people there paid £200k + for their houses, they are worth a fraction of this now Cherryfield Drive residents are moving in…as you said, there is no compensation for established residents of Park Meadows estate who are losing money hand over fist thanks to KBC and the ridiculous George Howarth, who supports this bright idea…residents of Park Meadows were lied to for years about these plans, I was a former resident who went to many meetings, these plans were denied over and over again. Shame on you KBC, hope the money you’ve made on this scheme makes all your lies worth while…you have failed Park Meadows residents who have PAID for their houses, and were striving to build a good solid community which will be ruined when the Cherryfield residents move in..another nail in the coffin for Kirkby.well Done George and co…hope you feel proud of this cock up.

By Co

We have the wright to live in are homes just like anyone else ,I have rent from Dane plus and k h t for along time ,we are losing are homes that we have looked after well and loved living here ,we have a really nice community here on are estate .tesco have taken are homes ,and yes I can understand your anger at kirkby council ,the people of st Kevin’s should leave us from cherry field alone as we need some were to live and may I just add we are nearly all elderly or middle aged and need some were to go ,live and let live ,I bet all u lot came from council homes ,

By Nell Hayes