Tritax Symmetry plans to develop a 1.4m sq ft business park in Winstanley

Symmetry Park set for approval in Wigan

Chloé Vaughan

Logistics developer Tritax Symmetry’s hybrid application for a 1.4m sq ft business park in Winstanley has been recommended for approval by Wigan Council.

The application for Symmetry Park includes detailed proposals for 300,000 sq ft of employment space across 134 acres, and seeks outline consent for up to 1.14m sq ft of additional employment space at the business park.

Exact designs for the park are to be set in a later application, and access to the site is proposed from the A49 roundabout, according to the documents to be considered at the council’s planning committee next week.

The site falls within the Green Belt, but was identified in the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework as part of a proposed employment site allocation.

The land is bound by the M6 slip road and A49 Warrington Road to the east, by the M6 to the west, and farmland to the north.

The site was formerly a colliery until the early 1980s and currently houses farmland and associated buildings, including Highbrook Stables to the south-west corner of the site.

If approved, Symmetry Park has the potential to employ up to 1,653 people, Tritax Symmetry said. The plans represent a construction investment by the firm of £73m into Wigan plus £3m a year in business rates payments, it added.

Tritax Symmetry was created through logistics investor Tritax Big Box REIT’s acquisition of 85% of developer DB Symmetry last February, after the REIT raised £250m through a share issue to fund the acquisition.

Andrew Dickman, director of Tritax Symmetry, said: “New employment sites like Symmetry Park Wigan will mean that the town gets its share of Greater Manchester’s economic growth and can provide jobs for people closer to home.

“We have chosen this site due to its direct access to the M6, meaning logistics vehicles do not need to pass through residential areas.”

The scheme was designed by AEW Architects and Enzygo is the environmental consultant. CBRE is the agent.

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The facts stated related to employment figure is rubbish. The construction / builders will their own staff. The finished site will probably be a semi automated hub employing possibly 100 staff max., most being part time.
The additional heavy goods traffic on Warrington Road A49 will cause grid lock on an already busy junction. Access from the M6 is North bound only and to the M6 South Bound only. The loss of Green Belt is ridiculous and will simply isolate islands of greenbelt until they to are useless and then consumed in the same way. Greenbelt is precious and when it’s gone it’s gone forever.
The proposed site to have 27.871sq metres equivalent to 4 football pitches us additional 1.4m so metres. Its too late when we have been lied to and they have built it.
Attend the Planning Committee meeting 14th January 2020 at the town hall Hewlett Street Wigan. Although just like the witches of Pendle you probably won’t be able to speak or hand out objection material as evidence during the meeting. Another fine example of the public being railroaded into submission. Go stick your head in the sand until it’s over….

By Peter Balshaw

Thanks wigan council. Another vast area of greenbelt land gone forever. Where next?

By Leslie curran

If it’s not more houses that people can’t afford it’s more bloody warehouses ruining the landscape.
I didn’t think you were supposed to build on green belt land, but more of it is disappearing. I used to love the fact that Manchester and Liverpool were just half hr or so away but at the same time I could go out for a walk through fields and woods away from all the noise and vehicles. Soon there won’t be anyway left to go

By Veronica

Wigan council won’t listen to residents who this will effects it’s all down to business rates which they will get.All the green belt that will be lost,the wild life that will be effected the impact it will have on the roads.To get on north bound M6 the trucks will have to go to Orrell on the A49 to the new bypass when it opens or go to Ashton.The air pollution will increase.I have submitted my objections to wigan council but think it will be on deaf ears.

By Marus bridge resident

Agree that these warehouse developments could be much better designed. Having a ‘screen’ of housing around the perimeter would cover up the ugly blank facades whilst also helping towards fixing the housing crisis and providing a mix of uses on these large sites, instead of just warehousing. I wonder if a lot of these warehouses could also be underground as well?

By Anonymous