Clippers Quay

SimpsonHaugh reveals 34-storey Clippers Quay tower

Developer Forshaw Land and Property and planner Lichfields have submitted an application for a £45m residential-led tower at the southern edge of Salford Quays, designed by architect SimpsonHaugh.

The tower includes 216 apartments, a ground floor commercial unit, a residents’ gym, roof terrace, and car parking.

The apartment mix will be split between 54 one-beds, 152 two-beds, and 10 three-beds.

Subject to planning approval, the scheme will take around two years to build, although a main contractor is yet to be appointed. An existing serviced office on the 12-acre site will be demolished to make way for the tower.

WSP is acting as building services consultant and structural engineer for the project.

Nathan Matta, planning director at Lichfields, said: “The scale and density of the current buildings in this part of the Salford Quays is changing, with low level buildings being replaced by a series of taller buildings.

“The development is of a high quality design which will result in an outstanding landmark development in this important part of the city. The site is located in a highly sustainable urban area and the development would have a positive impact on the waterside and a number of key viewpoints.”

The project is the latest proposal by Forshaw for the Ordsall and Clippers Quay area to be submitted to planners.

Plans were approved last year for a £40m development of 232 apartments on Worrall Street, facing the River Irwell. It includes three blocks of between seven and nine storeys in height, and there are plans to start work on the project early this year.

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Amazing stuff. Strike me down now.

By Dave

34 stories is far too large for this location, I feel very sorry for the people in the estates nearby who will be having their privacy infringed upon.

By QuaysMan

That type of structure would be better built on a city with a waterfront not a sewer canal .


Will never get built. Too expensive to build compared with values in that area. Simpson Haugh probably need to hire a valuation/viability surveyor to ensure what they’re designing is actually viable.

By The Old Faithful

I wish it was taller, the Quays is the perfect place to go tall.

By Cooper

NOT high enough..NIMBYs should CHILL…!

By Schwyz

wow thats an imaginative and responsive approach! Well done Simpson on another glass tower… yawn… tedious and unimaginative..

By manc

Manhattan Island this isnt… stop it with the boring glass towers Pleeeease!?

By new

Simpsons with another out of the box glass tower. They must be making an absolute fortune from all of these boring identikit towers.

By manc

More Buildings? What they building more buildings for? I’ve never been to a place with more buildings. Why don’t architects and developers not stop building?

By Mancunion

Not a fan.

By Big Bryn

I don’t understand all this critiscism of Simpsons. Everyone is using them so they must be the greatest Manc architects since Alfred Waterhouse. All the others should pack up and leave it to these cutting edge designers. Manchester’s Zaha Hadid or Frank Lloyd Wright

By King Notlob

I sort of agree with DOT. I think it would be better to build it there though than a place with a waterfront in front of a sewer

By Elephant

Well, that’s a whole lot of average packaged into 34 storeys!

By Really?

Classic Simpson…

By Anonymous

Hardly a sewer. Plenty of fish in there, seagulls, ducks and swans bobbing about, and you can swim in it which is more than you can say for the Thames. And people wonder where Mancs get their reputation for moaning from.

By Logenberry

Glass again?

By sad

this is horrid! generic boring architecture

By Anonymous