Stockport Piccadilly Tower

Plans submitted for 22-storey Stockport tower

Developer Urbanize Homes has submitted a planning application for what will be one of Stockport’s tallest buildings, a tower of 185 apartments on the site of the former Greenhale House on Piccadilly in the town centre.

The proposals by architect Spazio is a for a mixed-level building reaching 22 storeys at its highest point, with a covered piazza along the lower end of Piccadilly, where a potential café or commercial unit will be housed.

Three-quarters of the apartments will be two-bed, with the remainder one-bedroom, and nine have been designated as affordable. There will also be 120 car parking spaces.

A number of significant proposals have been brought forward for the site, including a 23-storey mixed-use project of 155 apartments in 2008. More recently, Urbanize also lodged an outline application for a 155-apartments scheme over 20 storeys on the site, designed by Bowker Sadler Architecture.

Spazio said the “basic form” of the latest proposals follows the previous consent from 2008, but the development has been “rationalised to take advantage” of modular technology, which the developer said would help to “optimise construction costs” to make the project more deliverable.

The six-storey, 1970s Greenhale House was demolished for structural reasons in the early 2000s, and the site has been largely used as a surface car park since then.

The professional team also includes SCP as transport planner. Developer Urbanize Homes is based in Altrincham, and is headed up by developer Salar Arya.

Stockport Council has this year identified sites for up to 3,000 homes across the town centre, primarily focussed around its new transport interchange, along King Street West, and the Kwik-Fit site under the viaduct.

The largest site is around the railway station, which could support up to 790 homes nearby, while the existing Stagecoach depot and offices along King Street West could have the capacity for 700 new homes.

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Awful! Looks like an existing 70’s monstrosity with some vegetation growing out of it.

By Steve

There’s not a chance of this actually happening!

By Raj

I don’t want to lack vision or optimism , but is anyone ready to say we have reached the top of the market with this proposal .

By Tannoy

Strangely this looks like the old Greenhale House dismantled into a kit of parts and stuck back together at random. Could be the start of a new genre?

By Gene Walker

How can any ‘architect’ design something so ugly? Stockport kick this out NOW! Stockport deserves better.

By an ordinary architect

Did they forget to remove the platform for the tower crane? Or will it always look like that because it’ll never be finished?

By Edge

I like that the architect has already pre-installed what look a bit like phone masts on top, cleverly taking inspiration from the local Stockport 1960s architectural vernacular.

By Jason Faversham

What an ugly design! And shame on only nine out of 185 to be designated affordable.

By Fran Lewis-Morgan

What an absolute monstrosity – some of these so called architects need to study the areas concerned and produce something that will fit in with the rest of the buildings of this town. We have already got a disaster with the design of Red Rock and to admit that only nine of these apartments will be affordable is dreadful. It’s plain ugly and will be a blot on the landscape (which is bad enough anyway)

By Flossie Topping

As “Flossie Topping” mentioned Red Rocks looks like something from the 80s, this proposal will only confirm SMBC lack of vision tower blocks for Stockport ugly!! Have the designers been in dialogue with Manchester Airport as tier are two possibilities for this building either to close to the flight path or perfect for landing lights.


Why only 120 car parking spaces for 185 apartments?

By Anonymous

Because it’s in a town centre and there are excellent rail and bus links already. Not everything has to be so dependent on cars – time for people to start thinking about the environment and their own waistlines a bit more – walk and cycle people!

By Anonymous

Looks like a throwback to the 60s/70 build em high,build em cheap mentality. Absolutely awful design.

By lyn linay

Who would seriously want to live that high up???? Wouldn’t want the lift breaking down or some chumps getting in setting the bin chutes on fire like they do in other Stockport tower blocks!

By Debbie Morton

As though Stockport isn’t ugly enough – mind you it’s better than the 1960s warehouses that they call the new town centre.

By Joe

There is no pleasing people in Stockport the Red Rock one major road improvements throughout the town roads being tarmacked throughout the Stockport all people do is moan get a grip they’re trying to do the best needs a new lease of Life new buildings yes I agree Mersey Square Shopping Centre needs a bit of TLC it’s not their fault businesses are going bankrupt leaving empty spaces if you don’t like Stockport move out great place to live it’d be great to see new buildings being built in the town King Street stagecoach sheds new buildings going up there in time viaduct going to be cleaned up New Road being built alongside George’s Road of the A6 down to Travis Browne brilliant redrock brilliant you people stop looking at your iPads not working get behind your council support it moan moan moan

By Neil

Spot on what you just said the council are doing their best some of the people moaning about the Architects design these people haven’t been to Manchester because they think that they need a visa to get there Get a Grip you sad people Stockport Council doing their best things are moving on in life buildings change read some of the comments sad in the line of the flight path Manchester Airport wake up

By Mike