Horwich Gold Club
Northstone has had two previous planning applications for Horwich Golf Club refused

Northstone puts in plans for 260 Bolton homes 

Dan Whelan

The housebuilding arm of developer Peel L&P has submitted a pair of applications to Bolton Council – a scaled-back scheme of 150 homes at Horwich Golf Club, and 108 homes at Garnet Fold off St Helens Road.

Northstone’s latest proposals at Horwich Golf Club follow the council’s decision to refuse two previous applications, including one for 300 homes in 2018, and another for 276 homes earlier this year.

The developer has lodged an appeal against the most recent refusal and the tweaked 150-home application will run in parallel to the appeal, according to the developer.

By including significantly fewer homes than in previous applications, Northstone’s latest proposal is able to offer up a large portion of the site, around 15 acres, for community use, it added.

Peel L&P bought the golf club in 2012 and lodged the latest proposals following a public consultation. 

Jonathan England, development director at Northstone, said: “The feedback received [during the consultation] will help us with the development of detailed plans for this site, including a new community green.

“Given the apparent increase in people visiting local parks around the country following lockdown, I believe our plans to create a new community green space for Horwich can positively impact on residents’ health and wellbeing, while delivering benefits for ecology and the environment.”

Northstone, which elsewhere is on site to deliver the 150-home Silkash development in Westhoughton, also wants to build 108 homes on a 10-acre site off St Helens Road, close to Burns Animal Foods factory.

The site is allocated for housing under Bolton Council’s local plan.

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Its time planning said a big NO!!! Horwich to much well overbuilt now, traffic is shocking, its time they looked into the situations of to muchvoverbuild in Horwich.

By Patrina

Patrina – instead of complaining about traffic you could do your bit and cycle/walk/take public transport and encourage others to do the same. The solution to traffic problems is not to stop building houses. The cause of traffic congestion is people in cars.

By Anonymous

No to the Horwich golf club scheme, its been refused enough times. However I have no issue with the Garnet Fold scheme, that site for housing makes a lot more sense.


Bolton is not a nice place

By Dan

I agree with Patrina, there is too much building going on in Horwich as it is. Anonymous you clearly cannot read. Patrina said there is too much traffic and overdevelopment is the cause! Absolutely the planning department should say no!!

By Libra 6

@Libra, if there is already too much traffic, that is caused by people already living there. How many of those journeys are less than a mile by people who could walk or cycle? The answer is not to stop building houses or just build them somewhere else. Reducing traffic is a collective resposibility between existing and future residents. If you think there is too much building in Horwich you must have actually never been anywhere apart from Horwich.

By Anonymous