Luqman asks for compassionate leave from prison

Shaid Luqman, the jailed head of collapsed Manchester property finance company Lexi Holdings, is seeking compassionate leave from prison.

In July 2007, Luqman was jailed for two years for contempt of court after failing to assist in the investigation of Lexi's administrator KPMG into the firm's collapse. He asked to be released from HMP Kirkham in Lancashire for five days to help his wife leave their Cheshire home, which is due to be repossessed.

The United National Bank of Pakistan has obtained an order that in view of arrears of mortgage payments on the property it may take possession of the property at the beginning of February.

Due to his conviction for contempt of court, Luqman last week had to ask for special permission from the High Court to request his release from the prison governor himself.

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Compassion is not a feeling that plenty of people who had dealings with this man will be feeling. His contempt was not reserved just for the court.

By smegheg

This scumbag has caused so much grief with complete contempt for the laws of this land. He has traded in lies and Professional Indemnity cover. He is a serial liar, a cheat and a thief and deserves everything he gets. Maybe he can use some of the £250m approx. he has salted away to help his wife move house.

By Bazman