Regent Road Aparthotel August 2018

Liverpool developer reveals plans for Salford aparthotel

Plans for a mixed hotel and aparthotel project stretching to nine storeys on Regent Road in Salford have been submitted by a Liverpool-based developer.

Acting on behalf of developer NW Build, which is headed up by Kerrie Baker, Liverpool-based architect Fold2 has outlined proposals for the hotel development, which sits on a vacant site to the north of Regent Road on the junction with Windsor Street, near the M602. The office currently on the site is no longer in use.

The proposals feature a mixed seven-and-nine storey building which will include 102 hotel rooms, 27 aparthotel suites, and 33 on-site car parking spaces.

There will be a curved façade to the building with a green wall at ground floor level, while a cantilevered section to the front will act as a “gateway” to the Regent Road area.

According to a planning statement filed with the application, the current office on the site “has no value for any new employment-related development” and added the new aparthotel would “generate both full and part-time jobs”.

Following pre-application meetings, Salford planning officers have said a Section 106 contribution of £273,000 towards improvements to Liverpool Street and Oldfield Road would be necessary if the scheme was to go ahead.

Other options looked at for the site before the hotel planning application included student accommodation. The application is currently at outline stage, with the architect also signalling that potential mixes could change, with apartments in place of aparthotel suites could be included.

Fold2 has also recently secured planning consent for another project with a company headed up by Kerrie Baker named Lunamay, which was given the go-ahead to develop a mixed-use, 375-home scheme on Ordsall Lane, designed by architect Purcell.

The professional team on the project also includes The Planning Studio, transport planner SCP, and air quality consultant REC.

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Bringing Liverpool style along the M62 ….. might inspire others to stop designing boring boxes

By Bo

If this is ‘Liverpool style’ then it can stay up on the other side of the M62

By Anonymous

Lovely. More boring architecture for Greater Manchester.

By Anonymous

What u mean like the carbuncle nominated signature living roof extension?

By @ByBo

ByBo – no, like the Grade II listed building that extension is attached to…

By Get Told La

A hotel in Salford ??????????? eeek.

By Ken

Hmmm. looks suspiciously like a giant LED billboard!

By UnaPlanner

It’s actually owned by Pervaiz Naviede owner of LPC living

By Anonymous

Clearly not making enough money in Liverpool.

By Tom

Let’s be honest guys if it wasn’t for the Liver Building Liverpool would just be a declining seaside resort

By Anonymous

Anything better been built in Manchester since… erm, ever?

The town hall is decent. The John Rylands library is nice but sad how they have to acknowledge it was built in filthy deprived surroundings. Manchester isn’t so much being “re”generated as “generated” – it never had a heyday like Liverpool. Its hayday is arguably now and we need to reflect carefully on the legacy those of us in this shallow industry are leaving.

This is a reasonable design at best – yet still better than anything else I can think of from the last 20 years.

By Get Told La

Get Told La – the fact that its on the top of a Grade II listed building kinda makes it even worse no?

By Loganberry

@ get told la – it’s not actually attached to the listed building it’s attached to the horrific modern building thus making it even more horrific – nice try tho….

By ByBo

STYLE??!! It looks cheap and awful

By Anonymous

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By Jessica Middleton-Pugh

30 Parking spaces for 102 rooms and 27 apartments and staff. there is zero parking available around there as it is.


Hi Jessica, can this policy also apply to ridiculous scouse conspiracy theories usually advanced by contributor, “Mike”?

By Moderate