Kempston Street Apartments
The vacant office sits between Islington and London Road

Knowledge Quarter flats mooted

Dan Whelan

Urban Develop, a developer based in the Old Swan area of Liverpool, hopes to convert a three-storey office building in the city’s Fabric District into 12 studio apartments. 

Designed by Davenport Architecture, the project would feature four apartments per floor, ranging from 287 sq ft to 570 sq ft.

The scheme is located on Kempston Street in the emerging Knowledge Quarter, a new science and enterprise hub for the city centre being developed under a £1bn masterplan. 

The apartments scheme will “revitalise a long-standing vacant building, while invigorating and incentivising further investment elsewhere within the Fabric Quarter,” the project’s planner, Planning Conditions, said in the application. 

The Tapestry, a 25,000 sq ft creative hub comprising studios and workshops plus a bar and events space, sits opposite the vacant building.

The Fabric District takes its name from the area’s historic associations with the fashion and textile industries and is located between Islington and London Road at the top end of the Knowledge Quarter.

In 2018, Liverpool City Council backed plans to designate the Fabric District as a standalone regeneration zone


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I think they mean bedsits, rather than flats

By Bill

@Bill no it’s flats

By Anonymous

Offices into drab beds it’s. it’s just another backward move that is holding us back. A total lack of inspiration, inferiority complex, and acceptance of the dormitory town we’ve become. Sigh

By Michael McDonut

287 sqft? thats a hotel room , not an apartment

By biledujour

12 tiny “flats” in this thing, in this part of town, clearly is a product only suited to house a certain demographic for whom HMG picks up the tab (while the rest of us pick up needles).

That should boost the attractiveness of the area as a place to work no end. Assuming you work in the fruitless field of drug and alcohol “rehabilitation”, that is.

By Mike

Fyi this isn’t in the knowledge quarter (if that’s even really a thing anyway), but in the London Road district.

By Mike

The whole street needs an appointment with the wrecking ball

By Anon

287 sq ft?? Tiny. 570 sq ft? Hardly generous.


What a fugly building.


By Liver lad