Mansion House Urban Splash March 2020
The units will be built off-site and then delivered to New Islington

Go-ahead for modular homes at New Islington

House by Urban Splash has secured planning approval to build 94 modular homes in what its chairman describes as the “final piece of the New Islington jigsaw”.

The developer intends to build 34 three-storey ‘town houses’ and two ‘mansion house’ apartment blocks, under its modular House brand. The blocks contain a total of 60 apartments and a commercial element at ground floor, and will face onto the New Islington marina and Cotton Field Park.

Chaired by Tom Bloxham, Urban Splash became lead developer for the area in Ancoats, Manchester, after it was identified as of the seven ‘millennium community’ development projects in 2002.

The site has since been developed in collaboration with Great Places, Grant Associates and the late architect Will Alsop, among other parties, with earlier phases including Cotton Fields park, the nine-storey Chips apartment building, and New Islington Free School.

The latest phase of town houses are 1,500 sq ft each in size and configured to customer specifications. The units are built off-site at the House by Urban Splash factory in the East Midlands and then delivered to the site.

House by Urban Splash was granted approval for the scheme under delegated powers this week.

Bloxham said: “The [New Islington] community benefits from a school, park, its very own marina, plus the popular Pollen Bakery and Cask bar. We are happy to have received planning for further House by Urban Splash town houses and Mansion House apartments, which are the final piece in the New Islington jigsaw.”

New Islington Aerial Incl New Phases Urban Splash House March 2020

The New Islington site including Mansion House in the middle

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Nice to see the canal arms haven’t been extended as planned and there are useless bridges that only bridge the stub that was to be extended… this land is shown occupied by the town houses.

Money grabbing in favour of place making again.

Also, if you’ve lived around here for any length of time, you’d know how unsafe it still feels.

For all the PR, this Millenium Community is really a missed opportunity.

The Chips building is shoddy and falling apart – reflective of US’s new-build output unfortunately… Hopefully these ones are better.

By Urban Trash

I’ve lived in this area for years. It’s very safe. It’s also very pretty and a great outdoor space.


MB – the quiet success of ASBOs / CRASBOs / GANGBos, intelligence-led policing and gangbuster units plus partner agencies has led to the safer feel to these places.

This of us who remember the Gunchester years know just how wild west it was.

By North by North-West

Still can’t believe how awful the MCC-subsidised Manchester Life blocks are, particularly Weavers Quay. Seriously ugly and absolutely ruins what should’ve been a vibrant, animated high street at Old Mill Street, connecting New Islington and the existing community beyond. What a missed opportunity. Absolutely cretinous planning and design.

By Mcr Life is the pits



Why is there no rental options available with the town houses?
Specifically rentals via Social housing groups !
It seems to be geared towards private sector and NOT THE COMMUNITY

By Jools