Further departures from LSH

Two Lambert Smith Hampton directors in Manchester, Nick Davies and James Ogborn, have left the firm to form a new consultancy, Axis Property.

Davies, director and head of valuation, and Ogborn, head of the planning and development consultancy across the North, had both worked with LSH for over a decade.

In February LSH announced that associate director and head of office agency Mark Bamber would be leaving the firm for Knight Frank. The former head of the Manchester office Peter Skelton also left his consultancy role at LSH in March for a position with WHR. David Thwaites, also of office agency, departed in July 2013 for GVA.

LSH declined to comment.

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Who’s next?

By Fred

What’s this Axis all about?

By Mackam

Are they phasing out the Manchester office?

By MancLass

More leaving a sinking ship. Nice to see that the new management ‘style’ continues to retain the best performers…..

By Propertybloke

This is not looking good for their placing in the market, the percentage of staff that have left over the past 6-12 months is worrying – if I was at LSH, I’d be getting out of there sharpish!

By MancLass

Has the talented Ben Hey also joined the Axis? That’s the biggest blow for Lamberts

By Oggy Ogborn

As a former employee it is sad to see this once great Manchester firm deteriorate to such an extent.